Thursday, December 31, 2009

5 christmas's and on to 6

Wow, the Wolfe kids had a kick a$$ christmas this year! LOL!

Christmas 1: Grammy and Nanna visit and Ethan gets a scooter, blocks, and a new helmet. Brooklynn gets a baby stroller, baby and slong, baby bed, my little pony puzzle book, and dora house. Plus Nanna got them two GIANT color pads.

Christmas 2: Nana and Papa's house and Ethan got Legos, and $25 gamestop gift card and some chapter books. Brooklynn got crayola color explosion, bedtime dora, and hair bows

Christmas 3: Grandpa's in Pennsylvania. Ethan got two new wii games, a hotwheel tractor trailer, and floor puzzle. Brooklynn got a princess castle, memory game, kids music CD. Oh and they both got lots of chocolate lolipops!

Christmas 4: Aunt KK's house in Virginia Beach! The kids together got a memory game and Don't break the ice. Ethan got some addition and subtraction flashcards, some books, and a kindergarten workbook. Brooklynn got my little pony movie, blues clues ABC flash cards, and a preschool workbook.

Christmas 5: HOME! From santa Ethan got a gameboy advance and games and Brooklynn got an art easel. From mommy and daddy Ethan got a new Camo shirt, a wii I SPY game, slippers, and a transfomer book. Brooklynn got slippers, little mermaid toy, and an etch a sketch.

SO! if i left anything sorry!!!! I did my best to remember it all! technically the kids are getting christmas 6 today when Uncle Tom and Aunt Jess come by to give them gifts!

Next year....we are staying home! the car was VERY packed by the time we got home. However, we really enjoyed christmas this year. It was a lot of fun! Even better.....i didn't have to cook! That is a gift in itself!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last years resolutions.

Before thinking about my new years resolution, i thought i would take the time to see if i have accomplished last years.

  • Have more me time out of the house away from kids
  • Stop stressing about housework
  • More patience with the kids
So, how did i do?

I accomplished getting out more. I normally take saturdays to go out with a friend or just me time. I will go to a book store and browse. I will grab lunch with a friend and so on. I felt like the kids were old enough that i could be away and daddy could handle it. He has and i feel more like me by getting away and doing what i want. I wished Alex and I had had more dates this year....i think we had maybe 5 tops!!! That isn't too good!

I have stopped stressing about housework. Not all the time, there will come a time when i start getting cranky and clean the house to the way i want it. But usually, there are clutter piles here and there. One thing though that has helped is we put the kids in the same room this year and made one room a play room. So, that has helped a lot with toys, which is mainly what bothered me. I hated having toys all over the living room. I will still yell about toys...hey, i am not perfect.

Patience with the kids.....that really depends on the day. Some days are good and some are bad. I think that is normal. At home i think i have better patience, but in public no. I have to high of expecations on the way i feel they need to act they are out. That my patience gets thin. So, that may be added to the list this year of things to still work on.

Overall, 2009 was a great year and i think 2010 is going to be an even better year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where art thou christmas spirit?

Christmas spirit...where are you? Santa's slay isn't going to move too fast this year with the lack of christmas spirit! Everyone i know just isn't into it this year. Poor Santa, and its his one day of the year.

I am done shopping minus Kainan, who when we get to VA beach i think we are going to take him shopping. 2 months old and we are going to let him pick out what he wants, lol. Hopefully his mommy will let us snatch him away for about an hour!  I still need to get Thomas and Jess's two sons a gift too. We won't see them though until after christmas. I have time!

Today kinda starts christmas for us. Alex's mom and grandma are coming to bring the kids there gifts and the kids have little gifts for them. Tomorrow the kids and i are heading to my parents and waiting on daddy to get there after work. Then we will have out 1st christmas feast (which i can barely unfair!) and open gifts. Wednesday we are getting up in the early morning hours and taking off to PA. I hope they still have snow! This is really our first christmas away from home. But, i know it will be good.  After PA we are going to stop by Karen's in VA Beach and spend some time with them and get my baby fix in with Kainan.

Last night i finally got a little christmas spirit while i wrapped Grammy and Nana's gifts. I am hoping while they are here today, i can get all my wrapping done.

This year, the house is barely decorated! Its so sad. Hopefully next year i will be feeling the spirit double time. Sadly....the kids and i made NO christmas craft and no baking! Wow.....Santa sure will be disappointed when he gets store bought cookie from us!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So we are heading to Pennsylvania for christmas. The kids needed boots. Brooke was easy being a girl. We found some nice hot pink boots at Target last week. Ethan though....that was more of a challenge. They make lace up boots we looked at today, but they would not hold up in snow. Do you know how difficult it was to find snow boots in Georgia?!

We went to the outlets and visited : Factory Brand Shoes, Rack Room Shoes, Osh kosh, and Stride Rite. boots. We were on our last leg and i thought, ok lets go to Children's Place. Maybe we will get lucky.

WE DID!!! A little more then i wanted to spend...but when it comes to boys shoes...good luck! So, Ethan has a great little pair of snow boots that i got a little big so they can last awhile.

So...there had better be some snow now. We are prepared all the way with hats and gloves and boots. All we need is the snow :o)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brooklynn's 3 yr check-up

Brooklynn had her 3 yr check up today. She did amazing. She was 32 pounds. Wow! She was so excited about getting shots. I know...weird, huh? Anyway normally at 3 they still do shots in the legs because kids hate them and freak out. Brooke told the doctor she was a big girl and she wanted them in her arm. So, when it was shot time Brooklynn told the nurse she wouldn't cry and she was a big girl.  She hopped right on the table and took her shirt off. She got a shot in each arm and didn't even tear up!!! The nurses and doctors were super impressed by how big she was. they couldn't believe she didn't even flinch. She got bandaides which was the best part in her book. She left the room after dressing laughing and happy!!! Such a big girl! I told her she had bragging rights all day and could laugh at her big brother today since he still cries with shots. gotta have fun at some point, right?

So, Brooke is healthy, and growing wonderfully. She is above average in height and weight. I think 75th percentile for height and 65th for weight. Kinda crazy i have one above average in that area and then Ethan who has fallen off the charts. I think he is in the 5th percentile last i checked, lol. The doctor was impressed though that Ethan had gained four pounds in 4 months.

Oh well, off to get Ethan. We are going boot shopping for him today!

Monday, December 14, 2009

ODE to triaminic thin strips

I used to preach about the triaminic thin strips. Use nothing else i would say. These things rock!!! So...what did i do, for the past year i have not been using them. Geez! What in the world was i thinking? So, as most know the kids have been so sick here lately. The cough is HORRIBLE. Poor Brooke last night could not stop coughing and was getting no sleep. Which in turn means i have no sleep. I listen for her constantly. So, i finally got up around 1 am when i knew the other medicine had worn off and dug through the medicine cabinet and found 1 triminic thin strip. I broke it in half and popped it on her tongue while she is still sleeping. And never hear another peep! Ahhhhhh!

So...i am so sorry to my loyal triaminic thin strips that i abandoned you for almost a year. But, i am back and i will  be loyal this time.  Especially since none of that other crap works!!!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooklynn!!!

Happy Birthday my baby girl! You are 3! I don't know where this time went, but we are now entering your third year of life. I love you and cherish each day i have with you. You are blossoming into such a bright and beautiful little girl. You and your brother are blessings to you daddy and I's life.
Happy Birthday and we love you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ethan's weight

I ment to say before at Ethan's 5 year check-up he was weighing 34 pounds. That was August. Yesterday at the doctor (december now) he was 38 pounds! 4 pounds in 4 months! That is amazing! Between the ages of 2 and 4 he maybe gained 4 pounds. He still is tiny, but its pretty cool that he just might reach 40 pounds before he turns 6!

Brooke's 3 year check-up is next tuesday. I am guessing she will be roughly 28 pounds. that's what the wii fit said last time i weighed her a week ago.

A title....

Wow, it has been a week! Saturday and Sunday were packed with parties. Brooklynn's on saturday and she had a great time and Thomas and Jess's babyshower on Sunday. Since both parties were at my house, the kids and i had to be really good and keep the house clean. Needless to say,  it is Thursday now and i am just now starting to clean up. Monday Ethan was home sick. He wasn't really sick enough to be out of school, but he was really worn down from both the parties. So, we vegged out all day. Tuesday Alex was home. We got the christmas tree all set up. Not doing too much decorating since we plan on heading to Pensylvania for Christmas. Just the tree and stockings so it feels somewhat christmasy. Wednesday...Ethan went to school and then i picked  him up around 9:30 for a dr. apt. His cough wasn't sounding any better and a bit worse. He had/has croup. Today, Thursday, he is back at school. Brooke woke up with the croup cough! Ugh. So...i am finally getting things cleaned up. I did get all laundry done monday while Ethan was home. That was it.

So, hoping for next week to be better. I am feeling i am pasting the links to the albums on facebook for the babyshower and Brooke's bday party. Besides that Blogger changed how you post pics and my mind really isn't in the mood to be learning anything new right now, lol.

Click Here For Brooklynn's Party

Click Here For Thomas and Jess's Babyshower

Happy Thursday :o)

Friday, December 4, 2009


Yes, i am behind on my promise of pictures. I was sick and this antibiotic they put me on has made me miserable. It has the side effects of : headache, dizziness, nausea and STOMACH PAIN! Next time the doctor wants to give me this medicine, i am gonna laugh. What happend to just giving people ammoxicillan? Geez!

Brooklynn having her 3 yr old party at Grammy's

Ethan with his class at school.

Ethan and Brooklynn in there PJ's

Ethan and Daddy

Brooklynn holding her baby cousin Kainan

Kainan! He is so handsome

An attempt at the 3 of them. Ethan looks so thrilled, lol

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will try to get the pictures up today. All the family on my husbands side got together and we had a good time. We got to meet Kainan...FINALLY! He was a handsome little guy. He defiently keeps his mama on her toes! Brooke was so happy to finally meet him. Ethan's curiosity peaked a little too when seeing the baby. Ethan is in video game detox right now, lol. He defiently got his fill on video games while there and he was loving it.

Brooke had a small birthday party down there. She has the cutest little expressions she makes now. She gets all giggley and covers her mouth and does a little jump if she is standing. She is all girl. Ethan however seemes to think Brooke turned 3 at grammy's and her party this weekend at home will be making her 4. LOL. So, now since Brooke loves to argue, she has been arguing that she is already 3 and she will be 4 this weekend.

I am just about done christmas shopping for the kids. Surprisingly this year, i got everything from toys r us! I am an online shopper. Always have been. Brooke just needs one more thing. I got them a few more things then usual this year. But, we did stop buying the kids gifts in between there birthday and christmas (poor brooke, both fall in december). Every now and then we might let the kids get something, but it is rare now. So, i was having so much fun looking at things to get them. Brooke is getting an art easle...i know she will love it! I found an I spy wii game for Ethan. We play I spy all the time here at home, so now we can do it on the wii too!

Well, Brooke is whinning for breakfast. So, i guess i had better get her some. Look for picture later.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful Blog

I am thankful for my wonderful husband who puts up with me. I know i can be a bit of a handful at times, but he always knows how to deal with me. I am thankful that even becoming parents as young as we were, he gave me the opportunity to stay home and even in any financial situation we have been in, we have made it through with our love for each other and our children.  I honestly don't think that there is anyone else out there who was made for me.  He is the exact man i always thought i would marry and he has been better to me in ways then i could have imagined.
-----my only complaint....when we married i was under the impression he wasn't a sit on the couch all day saturday and watch football kind of guy.-----
I love you my sexy hubby!

I am thankful for Ethan with the wisdom he now has. He seems to get me so well. Which is a good thing! Ethan is starting to have all this understanding of how things work. It amazes me how he knows me. He will see me start to stress a little over something, and he is right there to help. In the end, somehow Ethan gets me calmed down. I am so thankful for the love he has for his sister. He is so sweet and helpful to her. I am so glad that we have been able to raise Ethan and Brooke to be as close as they are to each other. The bond they share will hopefully be with them through life.

I am thankful for Brooklynn being Brooklynn. She is my over dramatic daughter, chatter box, with her little sassy and knows what she wants attitude. She keeps me on my toes and sometimes makes me feel  stress and anger like i have never felt.....but then brings me right out of it with a cute little smile and a big hug and kiss, the her famous words "i love you!". She keeps me on my toes for sure. I could not have asked for a better daughter. Even with her attitude and dramatic personality, she is going to be hell on wheels to anyone who just might piss her off. Between Ethan and her personality, she will not be walked all over. I am thankful to have a daughter with such a strong personality.

I am thankful for all my immediate family. The support system Alex and I have with our kids is just amazing. There is always someone there to step in and help. Whether it is dishing out advice or taking the kids for a few days. The love my children feel from all their aunts and uncles and grandparents and great grandparents is just amazing. They could not have been born into a better family then they have. Ethan and Brooke will always know the meaning of love.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! (oh....and i am thankful for my blog readers...without you, who would read me!)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Weekend and No School

We get an extra long break this year during thankgiving! YAY! So, today was Monday and NO SCHOOL! The kids even let me sleep after 8 this morning.

We had a good weekend. Saturday we just spent the day here at home. Alex and I were both tired from a late night so we had a cozy movie day, played some games, and just vegged out.  Sunday was rainy and the kids were remarkably good for being couped up in a dark dreary house while it poured rain outside.  Yesterday also was my first book club meeting that i started with a friend. The kids were great at the house we went too. Brooke might now offically always be scared of dogs! She met a great dane!!! Even i was a little nervous because that was my first time meeting a dog that big. They kept the dog up so it wouldn't bother Brooke.  This dog was so big. But he was a complete sweety!

So today i plan on doing laundry and hopefully mopping if the sun comes out. We had the carpets cleaned last wednesday. The new rule for the kids is NO FOOD or NO DRINK in the living room. These people cleaned it so well the carpets look white and they didn't look that good when we moved in!  So i am completely amazed since starting this rule that i have not had to vacuum now (which i did every day) or clean the coffee table(this was an every other day job). Who knew letting the kids have food all over my house was making my life have to clean so much more.

Have a happy Monday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keep Your Sick Kids Home!

Seriously!!! Common sense America! If your sick...stay home!

We had our crapets cleaned yesterday so while they dried, we took Brooke and the little boy i babysit (Charles) to burger king for lunch. They played and had fun. But, then these two kids came in running around playing and having fun. Then suddenly the boy (looked to be about 9 most likely home from school) is coughing and can't stop. A horrible cough too. His parents had him sit down. The snot started coming out of that kid like crazy. I was completly disgusted and got my two kiddos out of there and soaked them with anti bacterial wipes since both Brooke and Charles are thumb suckers! I can't stop the airborne germs...but i can hope just maybe we don't get sick.


Monday, November 16, 2009

I love my kids

Last week was a week where Ethan really vocalized, lol. One day i was told i wasn't cool. Then yesterday i was old. LOL. Gotta love it when they can talk! But besides that, they have also been learning to say "i love you." a lot more. Ethan will simply say, "Mom, i love you!" It melts your heart. Then last night after kissing the kids goodnight, i told them like usual that i loved them and to sleep good. Brooke said, "Mommy, i love you more!" I smiled and let her have the last word...i think i love her more though, lol.

So, for some reason last night Brooke had this idea they were going to cook and do the dishes. What in the heck has gotten into my kids?! Seriously?!

So they did cook me dinner. They smooshes biscuits, put tomatoe sauce on and cheese and i put them in the oven. They were pretty good. However, after eating, they decided they didn't want to do the dishes and i decided it was a leave all the dishes in the sink night. We then settled down with a handful of books and read.

So, thank you Brooke and Ethan. Whatever wild sweet hair you guys got up your butt! Keep it up. It just melts mommy's heart.

Friday, November 13, 2009

They do love one another

How sweet is this! brooke was sound asleep and ethan curled up with her to watch his movie.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i had my payback! My apology to my mom!


Ok, now that, that is off my chest...i got my payback the other night at McDonalds. The lights were out at home so we went to get dinner. It was just me and the kids. McDonalds currently has My Little Ponies so we had to go there. Brooke has been wanting the purple one "Star Song". That is her favorite pony. So while inside ordering i ask the lady to please give us the purple one. She can't find one and asks if there is another she would like. I say the orange one (Scootaloo) since we don't have that one. We get to the table Brooke opens her bag and that's it. She screamed bloody murder and the tears just started to pour out. You could not get her to be quite. She did not want that orange pony. The people all around just stopped and stared. I could not get her to calm down. This fantastic lady who works for McDonalds went into the stock room and found the purple one and gave it to Brooke. Brooke wanted to keep both ponies then, but i made her choose. So, we now have the McDonalds StarSong...from the temper tantrum from hell. Heck, a man even gave Brooke money that we didn't know so she would feel better.

So, i normally don't let my kids act like that and then let someone give them what they wanted. They need to know in life you don't always get what you want, but that girl was i let her have the pony.

It was quite embarressing though. And i do recall throwing hissy fits in the mall when my mom wouldn't buy me a shirt i wanted. So...once again, i am sorry mom!

(pictures one entry below)

Halloween pics..FINALLY

Enjoy :o)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the recent happenings i haven't blogged because my intent all week was to get picture on here. Well, as you can see that didn't happen!!! I am hoping November goes a little bit slower then October did. I don't even remember October...did we even have that month?

So, Halloween was nice. We went down to my parents house ate pizza and went trick or treating. We did every house (that gave out candy) in the neighborhood. Almost had the bucket filled to the top. However, i must say i am rather disappointed in trick or treating. No one hands it out anymore. Its like you get dressed, go walking and every 3 houses gives it out!!! Geez! Or those people who stick the bucket outside with the note "Please take one piece". ha ha! by the time we got there, there was no candy. But, the kids had a blast. This year we did it right. The neighborhood wasn't over crowded, there were sidewalks. The kids had a blast. Last year we did the neighborhood behind us (no sidewalks and just one road). It was crazy busy since its the only neighborhood in Homer. Vehicles was too much with little kids. So...i will get some pictures up soon.

Ethan's class is so far ahead the rest of the kindergarten classes! They have completed most of there work that takes them until february! They were featured at the school and the morning show. Even though his teacher is soooooo least they are doing something right.

Well, i have been graced to be home alone this morning (kids at grammy's and hubby at work). So I am going to get in a workout. I have money i over paid on my gab i might go to old navy. Just enjoy my time. Alex and i had a great day yesterday just being together. We walked the outlets, had dinner out, and enjoyed a movie in the evening.

Friday, October 30, 2009

bad week!

This week has been a bad week! I said it, now its official! The kids have not been themselves. Ethan has been pretty emotional this week. The littlest things have been setting him off. Brooke is still pushing her limits. It was bound for this time to come with her. So with Brooke trying to see just how much she can get away with and Ethan crying at the drop of a dime, its been crazy in this house!!! I have been hitting the bed and going out! And still not feeling rested by morning. Hopefully , next week will be better. I guess we are all going to have our off times. At this point, i just want the kids to be happy. Watch TV all day and play video games. Just quit with the crying and attitudes! Next week we will get back to the discipline. I have had enough this week. That's ok, right?

So, to next week! It will all be better!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

accomplished :o)

i have made an accomplishment i am proud of...A DIRTY HOUSE!

To some people you think i am nutty, but i finally have days where i think, this place is a pig pen! It has been a goal of mine for years to let go of the stress of wanting everything clean and picked up and perfect. I still vaccuum everyday b/c i hate crumbs on the floor or seeing the dirt. I dont like things on the floor that i can step on. That hasn't changed, so you would still hear me yelling to get the toys off the floor.

So, what has changed? It might take me 2 weeks to go through Ethan's school work and during that time it piles up on the dining room table or counter. You have to push it out of the way to eat. The counters i always liked so organized, might be piled up with things needing somewhere to go. The top of the entertainment center is full of things that have been taken from the kids, movies, books i have read or need to read. Sometimes you can't even see the fish bowl up there. The playroom is alway a mess. And well, simply now my house looks very lived in. And i am proud!

If the house is a mess it means i have been playing with my kids more. Doing homework with Ethan. It also mean i read some good books that i just felt was more important then cleaning. So FINALLY my new years resolution for years which has been to just let go of wanting everything clean and perfect has been accomplished. And its been a good six months i have been this way now. YAY!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I did it, I did it, I did it YEAH! (dora theme)

I finished writing my book! :o)

268 pages! wooo! That was the easy part! Now comes editing, editing and more editing! I want to get it all done fairly quickly. But with the holidays i may get slowed down. I also need to find someone to edit it! I want to find someone i know who won't charge me a heck of a lot. Anyone out there into editing?!
I was joking with the kids yesterday that mommy was going to be a famous author and we would get to travel. Daddy would get to quit his job and be the stay at home daddy. They laughed at that part. That is a nice fantasy though!
My main goal is that people like it, and it gets published! If not this particular book, maybe another one.
Either way, i finished it! YAY! This is my celebration.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time is just flying by!

Wow....lately life just seems to be speeding by. Is there a slow down button somewhere? Each day that passes, these kids get older and do i! And to prove just how fast...i am only on my 6th book to read this month. I have been averaging 10-12. Today i am writing. I am coming to near the end of my book. After that...comes the fun stuff. LOL. I also have started a book club with a friend so that has been taking up some time too. Getting the group organized and so on.

Ethan has a soccer game almost every day now to make up for all the rain we have had. The boy is getting too smart. Currently, he is picking picture out of a magazine, glueing to a piece of paper. Then he draws a line from the features such as eyes and so on. Sounds it out and writes it. THEN turn the page over and writes a sentence!!!! Geez! He is also doing math! He is awesome at it. The teacher can write a probelm such as 5 + 4 = and he knows! The kids is 5 and probably already smarter then me. His class is up to about 50 site words now. He has also been into chapter books lately. No, he isn't readying those yet, but probably before long. He liked to read a chapter or 2 a night with me. And he doesn't mind they don't really have pictures.

Brooklynn is getting to big also. I can't belive we are less then 60 days before she is turning 3. This just blows me away! When did she get to be so big? Did i miss something. Its like i was telling a friend the other day. I get excited by each milestone and age Ethan hits. I guess b/c he is the first. Its exciting that he turns 5. But i guess with Brooke being the baby its like, slow down! Dont turn 3 yet! Brooke has been a handful lately. I think 3 is going to be a tough age with her. She has been very defiante latly. She is really pushing buttons and seeing what she can get away with it. Ethan is getting better in public now and walks with us. She is just going crazy with the new freedom of getting to walk in the stores some more. I actually lost her in walmart the other day! I thought she was standing next to me in toys, i look over and she is gone. I go to the next aisle, she isn't there. I should have known though she went one more aisle over to DORA! It did scare me for a moment though.

And Alex...what has he been doing? the same! lol. Working like crazy. He did clean the cushions yesterday. He took them all apart and washed them then restuffed them all. saturday brooke and i are going to a little girls party and Alex and Ethan are going to Funopolis to play putt putt and whatever else.

Will get some pics of soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The new nephew is here!

Kainan arrived here on saturday. He is 9 pounds and 8 ounces and a 21 inch long beautiful baby boy! I can not wait to meet him! I hope i don't have to wait until thanksgiving, but if i do, that's ok!

Mama, Baby and the Daddy are all doing well. Tired i am sure, but doing well.

Friday, October 16, 2009

No more thumb....i hope!

The new fireplace its time for them both to kick this thumb sucking...especially with all this sickness around. So, when the No Thumb sign is up there is no thumb. Kids get a sticker on the pink chart if they do it. There will be rewards every so many stickers. Hoping the gradual pace of time will help them stop. During the time the sign is up they will of coarse have to find things to soothe them instead of their thumb. Who knows if this will work...but its worth a try. Especially when its movie time...that is going to be the hardest time with the No Thumb sign. Best of luck to you

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the cats only like her when she sleeps

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ok, for those of you who are taking your sleep for granted, can i just slap you!? Seriously. Man do i miss those days of going to bed and sleeping so soundly and waking when my body felt it was ready to wake. And even then, if i wanted i could roll right over and just snooze. Oh, it sounds like heaven just thinking about it.

Back to reality! So at approx. 1:30 AM we are awoken by someone screaming! Oh dear....did someone get a toe cut off?! NO NO NO! Little Miss Brooke decided that the bed she was sleeping in wasn't where she wanted to be sleeping. She wanted to go into the playroom and sleep on that bed. So, go. But no, in her mind, it means scream bloody murder until someone comes in hearing her making this demand and yells. And it wasn't me, it was daddy! She woke the Daddy!!!!!!! So, into the playroom she goes to sleep. She is happy, all is quite. Do i dare snuggle into the warmth of my hubbys back and go back to sleep? Sure, why not.

Just as i am about fall to sleep someone else comes in crying! Its Ethan. He's upset about a book or something. I try to reassure him, its ok. Nothing to worry about right now. He gets more upset because i dont want to get out of my warm bed to meet his demands. Finally i get him to listen that his book is fine, it is in a safe place and i will show him in the morning. Now go back to your bed! He does.

So, i try to go back to sleep. Its a light sleep after that. Then before i know it, the hubby's alarm is going off. Then after that, mine starts.

Aaaaah! i miss my days of sleep. Thank goodness coffee was invented!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Video of Ethan reading

Here is Ethan reading "I like Bugs." He has been practicing and was ready to get it on tape. turn the volume...i can hear it good on my phone that i recorded it on but its kinda quite here on the blog.

So Enjoy :o)

Friday, October 2, 2009

My recent conversation with Brooke

I am putting the dishes away, Brooke comes into the kitchen.

Me: "Hi Brooke."

Brooke laughing: "Hi Mommy!"

Me: "What's so funny?"

Brooke: "I like farting in the toilet!"

LMAO! ha ha ha ha!

Me: "Nice to know Brooke."

Brooke: "I am gonna go pee and fart now mommy!"

Seriously, could i have had any better of a conversation today????

Thursday, October 1, 2009

feeling blah

Dear Whomever,
I don't feel good today. I have a headache. My stomach hurts and for some strange reason i have heart burn BAD today and i just woke-up. Yesterday i had the hiccups for about 8 hours....NO lie. I just want to go to bed today and do nothing.
So, i am looking for the number to call to get the mommy substitute in. I am sure since i work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day i should have a good bit of sick leave stored up after 5 years and 2 months on this job. So, if anyone out there has the number in which i should call, please send it this way.

You help is much appreciated,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Update!

Its been awhile since i have updated about the two new babies coming into the family.

Its official...Thomas and Jess are having a boy! We have known a few weeks but waiting until todays appointment to announce when they knew for sure. I think Jess is about 19 weeks now. They are due in February. Baby boy is currently 10 oz.

Karen is due on the 14th of October. Its almost here. She has started having some contractions so her body is probably getting ready. The kids and I are leaving next friday to go visit her in Virginia Beach. We are hoping that Kainan will be there so we can meet him. Last weight i had for him was at 34 weeks he was 5 pounds and 10 ounces i think. Karen is in her 38th week now.

Monday, September 28, 2009


First let me say, I am LOVING this weather! Warm sun with a cool breeze...aaaaah! I was so happy Alex got the gazebo type thing all put together and up on the porch.

Memory....that seems to be the game of choice in the house right now. Ethan brings home a HUGE bag of homework every friday. There are books to read in it about the topic of the bag, games and so on. Two weeks ago there was a memory game in it. The kids really enjoyed it. So I bought our own memory game. They love it and are really good at it. Brooke cracks you up she will turn over a card, give you a little smirk and then point her index finger at you and say "Where's the last butteryfly, I think it maybe right here." It cracks me up each time. Both kids have great memories. Its pretty sad, but Ethan can find more then me. I think my mind starts to play tricks on me, lol.

Its fun and it great finding something to do to pass the time with a smile on everyones face.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to Finish!

A year ago i started to write a book. Most people who know me, know it has been my dream to be an author. A majority of people who read what i write, like it. Well, 200 pages into my book last year, i got stuck to where i wanted it to go from there. Then i started babysitting and Brooke got into a stage that made it impossible to write. I had planned on working on it this past summer, but then my laptop died. Now it is alive again. I want to get this book finished. It eats at me constantly that its just sitting there. I feel like my character needs to finish her story and get her happy ending. I know how i want it to end....just where i am right now i dont know how to get there. Of coarse, i have had a year to think about it, and i am beginning to know. So, my goal is not to pick up any books to read right now. I am going to re read what i have already written and have this book done. My goal is to have the 1st draft done by December 1st which i think is a very reasonable goal. After that, i plan on editing it and letting a select few people read it and let me know what they think. If i get good feedback...i will start looking into publishers. Who knows...i could be the next bestselling author...or i could be just some book on a book shelf that might have a nice cover so people buy it.

So, this blog may suffer some. I like to get on here a few times a week and write. Even if they are silly little entries.

Today starts my journey back to my goal in life. The dream i have had since my seventh grade english class when Ms. Crenshaw said she saw something in me. When i realized i could not write a short story...instead every week i turned in a new chapter to the story i was writing at that time.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GA rain

So, it has been raining non stop here. We have been fine where we live, at least for now. We live in a pretty good area. My parents are out in more of the atlanta area, so i am sure they have seen things worse then i have. Even Alex who has to drive that way to work. Schools have been closed, houses underwater. My heart goes out to all those.

But...i also want to poke some fun at some people. see the interstate is flooded....what do you do? Apparently these people think that there car will automatically turn into a boat. That they can get through.

Seriously....why weren't these roads closed sooner? Avoid the stupidity of some people who are going to attempt it, and avoid the backed up traffic. Now...there is a ton of cars stuck on this road.

Ok, thats my blog for today. For my GA readers, stay safe, remember your car is a car, not a boat. research your route before going out. And lets pray for some relief to come soon with all this rain.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Shack

The Shack was a wonderful book. I am so glad i decided to read it. This is a book in my opinon you have to want to read. I dont feel like it was something you can pass to someone and just tell them its a good book to read. I had been wanting to read this for months, but never picked it up to buy it. Then last week, i did. I felt ready to. The reason why this book to me is one you have to want to read is because this book has God all in it. Its easy to pass someone a romance novel you loved and know they will too. This book takes you through so many emotions. A father struggling with the loss of his daughter after she was kidnapped by a serial killer and his daughter is killed. The author really paints a a picture of the emotion. In this book, the main character meets God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He has it out with them as to why they took his daughter and let this happen. This book answered so many of my own questions. With answers giving in this book, i myself feel like i understand God and this world now so much better. I understand why things happen. I often wondered how if everyone has a time, how can someones time be something so horrible as being murdered. This book answered that for me and many other questions i had. If you are wanting to feel closer to God, as i have been wanting to do. This book is a great first step into understanding Him. I am so thankful i read it and that i was ready to read it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Use your imagination

We are headed down to Grammy's for the weekend. Ethan says he doesn't want mommy to come. So, i ask how he will get there.

Almost 2 years ago now, his Aunt KK bought him a powerwheels gray Ford truck. He says i need to charge his battery so after school he and Brooke can get in and meet their grammy at the Chicken place. (the chicken place is a place we meet halfway in ogelthorpe when giving her the kids and i run the other way for a quite weekend).

So, i find it so funny. I can just see in my head Ethan going down the road driving and Brooke sitting next to him. Her fiddeling with the radio (yes they put real FM radios in those things) and Ethan smiling as he drives to his Grammy's. I imagine if they left at 3:00 they could be at the chicken place by 7 since it moves at 5 mph.

Grammy......look for the little gray truck!

This photo is about a year old i think.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conferance

Ethan's conferance went pretty well. He is right now on track, and at this point with his pace of learning, she doesn't see any reason why he wont be ready for first grade. I know he is brillant. We are already reading! At home we sit with books that are very short right now. As we read i point to the words i know he knows and he reads them. He even repeats the ones i speak. So, he is learning. He's growing up WAY to fast!!!

A few things we need to work on are the numbers 13, 14, 15. He blends them together kinda. Also his name. He thinks his name is Ethan Wolfe. Not Ethan and then last name Wolfe. I explained to her though that in Pre-k, there were 2 Ethan's. So he was called everyday Ethan Wolfe. So, she understands now and its something to work on.

His behavior has been improving. We agreed that the sudden structure in kindergarten had a lot to do with it. the kindergarten in Banks county is different from a lot. There is no free time. They work all day. They want to make sure the kids are ready for 1st grade. So many kids have a hard time that they are trying to get them used to the structure now.

So, like i thought, my kid is smart! LOL.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes...i am one of those!

I seriously can't wait for this!!!!!! I will be there opening night again! I have not read these books in a year now and watching this wants me to pick them up again and read them all again. I dont know why, but i loved this series. Stephenie Meyer is an awesome writer. She can write chemistry between people like no one else i have read. And i did read 104 books in 1 year. So, the obsession with this series might come back temporarily.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

PiCtUrEs! Woooo hooooo!

(apparently we need to take more pictures of daddy! he doesn't have any)

Ethan and Brooke. He asked if he could hold her. lol

On a playdate to the Mayfield Creamery. We go to see milk being put into jugs!

Brooke looks great in her hair net. I see cafeteria lady written all over her.

Mommy and Brooke

Ethan and Zackary playing street fighter

Brooke and her Friend Natalie. Natalie is 1 month older then Brooke.

I love this picture

Ladies Man Ethan

Look at him kick! Go Ethan!

Friday, September 11, 2009

a week of sickness!

Wow, a whole week since i blogged. Jeez....and i dont even have the "Sorry i have been reading" excuse! Can i use the "my husband was home for 5 days and i was spending all my time with him" excuse?

This week has been nice. Like i just said, alex was home for 5 days! It was nice. The first 3 days he was in pain from his teeth. He has teeth issues, so he really didn't leave bed. Sunday we did go spend some time at my parents. It had been since Easter since we had really seen them! Geez! Alex started to feel better monday evening. Tuesday Brooke and I went to the Mayfield dairy creamery on a playdate to see how milk is jugged and so on. I will get some pics up hopefully later today. When we got back, Brooke was sleeping and Alex was watching a movie. So i left him with Brooke and took off for some "Me" time before picking Ethan up. Where did i go??? the used book store...that is a given and walmart. Ethan had a surprise soccer practice tuesday night so i got one of there pizzas that we LOVE. Wednesday i wasn't feeling well! So, alex let me nap on and off through out the day. So, Alex's 5 day off was really spent with one of us in bed the whole time. It would have been nice to get a day for he and I, but that just didn't happen this time.

Onto Thursday and Friday, Ethan has been home sick. His first 2 days of school he has missed. Really he could go back today...but according to the rule he has to be fever free 24 hours and it broke around 5 last night. He was really out of it yesterday, so he probably needs today to rest since he has PE on fridays. Plus, i guess the fever could come back. I keep hearing that kids have been getting a fever for a few days then it spikes a few days later to a high fever. Hoping we dont have that.

I am going to try to get a picture entry up today. Happy Friday! Good Weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Just a little update on how we are. The kids are doing great. Ethan has had a wonderful week at school. Finally behaving better. FINALLY! Hopefully we are on the right track now. He missed soccer on Monday. There isn't another practice for 2 weeks. He has loved it though when he has gone. He knows know 14 sight words at school. More b/c i taught him a lot this summer. When reading books he is beginning to reconize words. I can point to words he know and he gets so excited because he knows some of the words in the stories. I need to start sitting down every week and work on one of those early learning books with him and have him start memorizing them, since that is a key to reading too. He is learning new words at school too. His teachers like to teach them things like, instead of saying "I am special." They can use the word unique instead. We have noticed lots of new words when he speaks.

Brooklynn is still learning letters too. I need to work with her more. She is bright and loves learning. She draws so good. Her and Ethan literally draw on about the same level. The girl always has a marker in her hand and a pad of paper. I am constantly buying little notebooks for her. She colors in the lines with coloring books. We are working very hard on the 2 year old temper. Trying to get her to use her words more then crying or screaming. She really is a whiner. But, i guess thats what makes her special.

Alex is hopefully starting work in Athens in a few weeks. It will be such a relief to have him 30 minutes away from us then an hour! It will be nice for the bank account too. I am hoping that once he starts there he is happier. I hate seeing him so unhappy with what he does. He is taking the next few days off. It will be nice to have him around! Or i think it will be at least.

Me! September was my year to date mark in my journal from when i started writing down all the books i have read. 101 books in 1 year. How awesome is that! I am proud! I dont think i would have gotten there is i hadn't gotten sucked into this series a friend gave me. It was the Sons of Destiny Series by Jean Johnson. Very differant from anything i have read. It was 8 books. it was a very sci-fi kinda series. I ended up loving it...and had the 8 books read in a week and a half!

Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Santa Claus

So apparently Santa Claus is not suffering from this recession and has the ability to make absolutly whatever!

For fun yesterday (and so i can start thinking about christmas shopping to get it done!), i asked the kiddos what they were hoping Santa would bring them this year.

Ethan: "I want a XBox like Justin (KK's boyfriend) has!"

Brooke: "I want Tinkerbell wings so i can fly over the house!"

I am currently taking donations. Please Make checks payable to Rebecca Wolfe :o)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you know the Muffin Man?

The muffin man made a trip to our house this morning. He made us 6 blueberry muffins and the kids were so happy. We all heard him this morning when he was here. There was a huge bang in the house. I wish he could have been a little quiter. So, we got to fill our bellies with the muffins.

Note to Muffin Man:
Next time make sure all the blueberries dont go to the bottom. The kids complained they were too gooey there. Other then that, you made some awesome muffins.

Happy Friday! (if youread this, please comment...i have had NO comment love lately. Anyone reading me?)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Me to brooke: "ooo bad cough. where did u get that cough from Brooke?"

Brooke: "at walmart mommy"

i think we might visit there a little too much. :o)

The annoying kid

Thinking about my view on kids before having kids. Babies were always cute and smelled nice most of the time. Just dont spit it me...ick! Toddlers were always fun b/c they wobbled when walking. They were just learning to talk. Then you had ones brooke's age who were always so cute and funny. For the most part, both of these age groups just simply played a little and left you alone. Then there was the annoying kids. They usually started around 5. They were the ones who asked questions all day. Didnt know the word stop when you would play with them. You always waited for mom or dad to call them over to get away from you. The annoying kid was always up in whatever you were doing. Asking questions over and over and over. After awhile you just wanted to tell that kid to hush!

So, it dawned on my the other day. I have an annoying kid!!! Which i mean nothing mean by. I had yet to realize he was now offically in the annoying kid stage. I noticed b/c daddy has hooked a computer up to the TV. This excited Ethan to no end and question after question. Daddy starts getting snappy becuase he is trying to do something, and here is ethan aka annoying kid just sitting there all up in his buisness. Or anytime you do anything online, there is Ethan....wanting to ask 20 million questions. And sometimes when playing you can't get him to realize when enough is enough. Only...i dont have anyone to look around for and ask for HELP! Get the annoying kid away from me!!

However, really he doesn't annoy me. I am sure he could annoy others. But to me, he is in peak curiosity. He wants to know what anything and everything does. He is at a time of his life where his brain is a little sponge and he is learning so much. So when he stands in the kitchen asking questions while i cook such as why did you use that measuring cup and not that one? Why does this goes in the oven and that goes on the stove? I answer and hope it sinks in so tomorrow i dont have to asnwer the same question.

So, to those who kids i found annoying, sorry! But they were annoying, but now i understand why. :o)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet Ms. Spider

Meet ms. spider. She has become ethan and brookes newest friend. Every morning before school starts the kids take a moment to visit with her and see what bugs she has caught in her web. We have even been lucky enough to see her snacking on her buggy dinners.

However long Ms. Spider stays...the kids are enjoying there friendship with her.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There he is, my handsome soccer man. Monday night was the first soccer practice. the only pictures i got are these of him on his break taking a drink.

Note to self: buy chairs to sit in during practice. And...bring the real camera! The kids are so far away even with the zoom on my camera phone. Not getting anything but what looks like little ants dressed up in clothes.

So he loved it. Hoping he continues to love it. Brooke loved the dirt! Of coarse. it had been her favroite part of tball. I was glad to have a friend there whose little girl is playing too. watching kids run around with a ball is just as boring as sitting there watching kids hit a ball with a bat. I am not a sports mama. But thats ok. Brooke says she wants to play soccer too. too bad she has to wait to be 5. I think she'd have fun out there too.
So, we will see how soccer goes. Maybe he has found his sport or maybe not. The kids on his t-ball team from spring are all playing flag football. Ethan first didn't want to play football but now that his tball team is on there he does. We told him next year. one sport at a time. the crazy kid who is so short for his age wants to do basketball during that season. If its offered for his age, we will let him. atleast thats inside! No cold or heat! He is back to wanting to do tball again. After tball he was not wanting to do it again. But, i guess his friends at school talked him into it. And the peer pressure begins...and mommy and daddys checking account gets lowers. LOL

the clothed ants, he is the one in the gray shirt going with the ball through the cones.

Hanging on the sidelines :o)

Monday, August 17, 2009

The first cold on the school year & weekend

Brooke got the first cold. No symptoms...just a fever. She has been awfully cranky. Ethan is a healthy little bugger like usual.

What was fun this weekend?

  • destroying the playroom with barbies and cars!
  • Star Wars Lego Wii game!
  • Watching mommy place the ice age wii game and continously fall off the moutain!
  • Daddys not home for pancakes for dinner! Though...daddy would have enjoyed pancake night too :o)
  • It was a pajama all day weekend!
So, that was fun. We had a nice relaxing weekend. Mostly just played!
Tonight is Ethan's first soccer permitting.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The School Agenda

I have been meaning to write this blog all week, but i have been cleaning out like crazy. Anyway, Ethan has a school agenda book he brings home everyday. Inside she tells how is has done that day with a smiley face or a letter. Letters are bad. There will be a picture below of the letter scale. I am happy i took this picture on tuesday...he has had letters everyday but monday. Tuesday he had a smiley but it got crossed out. Yesterday he had been acting up so bad the teacher brought him out to the car. I guess i have a little trouble maker this year. Of coarse...that also means he hasn't had any video games this week.
After seeing the letter scale i highly doubt Ethan will get smiley faces everyday. I would like it, but kindergarten has changed. The teacher had a meeting last night with the parents. They have worked this week on getting behavior in order. Ethan will be reading by christmas! She said the only playtime is recess!!! So, while this is an adjustment and is probably a reason ethan has been getting in trouble. But, its still not an excuse...especially when she said Ethan is getting 3 warnings before he gets his letter. I think he is testing the waters to see what he can get away with. Other then the agenda with the letters, in class they are getting rewarded for good behavior too. They get a check chart then keep at there seat. The teacher will come around and when she see you doing what your suppose to, you get a check mark. There are 4 rows of 5 squares. Luckily Ethan has 2 and a half rows filled up. So he is being good too. Once they fill up a row they get a piece of candy.

School is going well though. He is learning so much and having fun. He loves getting to go to PE, computer lab and all those places. He thinks he is hot stuff getting to walk through the school by himself and the bathroom. At lunch he said he has milk choices this year, white, chocolate, and strawberry.

So, he's surviving.

This is the letter chart.
We have been getting T's because he is learning personal boundaries. However, yesterday he thought it would be more fun to throw his pencils and make them fly. LOL. I know its not funny, but i can just see Ethan sitting there making his pencils fly.
Then H. He has been screaming for fun in the bathrooms. He likes the way it echos he says.
But, as you can see, Ethan would have to be an absolute perfect angel to NOT get a letter. They are pretty strict.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Because your the Mama!"

A phrase i hear so often in my household "because your the mama!" It seems like every little thing in here runs around me. No decision is made without my approval. If anything is lost in the house, i am always suppose to know where it is. Oh...and of coarse everything is my fault. Its even funny when someone discovers it was they who were in fault, but they always still decide it was mine. Mommy seems to keep the house together. Hence the phrase, 'If Mama ain't happy, aint't nobody happy.'

Many days i love my job. I vacuum up the food dropped on the floor by the kids. Clean the coffee table that always has yogurt crusted on it. Sweep the kitchen floor of cat food. Clean up all the stuff my husband seems to drag out in the few hours he is home in the evening. Scrub the white counters and curse at the builders that put them in. Seriously....what were they thinking putting white counter tops in a kitchen. Then again...according to the family...i am the mama who liked this house. LOL. I referee fights over cars and my little ponies. I cook a dinner only to hear that someone always doesn't like something i cooked or that i gave them the wrong color plate. The laundry is never ending, especaily with Brooke always decided to change her clothes. And Ethan...where did all his underwear go??? seriously kid...where is it?

While the paragraph above may sound like hell to some people. Its my life. And i love it. The day is going to come when the two kids will move out. I will then take on some new form as a Mama to them. The day will come when Brooke calls me and says she is so stressed and how does she handle all these demands made by everyone. And i will tell her, "You will figure it out, because your the mama."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

this baby is ready to go. Bottle, camera, phone, and glasses. Defiently a Diva in the making

Friday, August 7, 2009

Its official....

My little man headed off to school this morning. Yesterday he met his teacher. She seems really nice. His classroom had a great set up. He loved it there. We stayed awhile so he could play with some of the toys. He got upset when it was time to go. He was hoping to stay. So he was ready to go back this morning. Drop off went well. I had him lead us to the classroom since he will be on his own to find his way to the class after i drop him off. there are lots of turns and hallways, but he did pretty good. When getting to class he sat in his seat and got to color. He said bye to us. He was fine...which i figured. Brooke was a little upset about leaving him. She saw he was getting to color and she too wanted too. So she came home and painted 2 pictures of bunnies and 3 pictures of flowers. So, its official....Ethan is a kindergartener! Now i had hoped for a nice quite day, but i forgot Brooke was here. She is the noise maker! Atleast i shouldn't have to hear fighting until after 3:00.

Off to do house chores. Blah!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

'twas the day before kindergarden

Tomorrow is the big day....Kindergarden! By all means i am so excited. 1 kid to have in the house sounds great. But i am also excited for Ethan. He loves to socialize. Its his nature. He loves kids. He will play with anyone and loves everyone. We had a few playdates this summer with friends. But nothing is like school when he gets to be around those his age. He loves to be center of attention. He is a Leo after all. School is the perfect opportunity. From what we think, Ethan is a leader, not a follower. He loves to instigate and get others to do the things he wants done but hopes not to get into trouble for. It will be intresting to see how all this plays out as he gets older.

So, am i starting to get sappy about him starting Pre-k. Ugh....hating to admit it but yes. I dont think i will cry. But now that it is the day before i am starting to get a little sad. Not like when he started Pre-k and was gone all day, but just that he is growing up. Its still shocking that i have a 5 year old! So, hopefully if tears are shed tomorrow it will be just a few. But only after he is gone.

Tonight we meet his new teacher. We recieved a call from her, so that was pretty neat.

So, the agenda today is
  • Drs. apt at 10 (5 yr check up)
  • Ethan desperatly needs a hair cut
  • meeting ethan's teacher!
Be sure to come back tomorrow for that picture of him before school!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

May the Force be with you!

So, Ethan is 5! YAY! it like a little milestone. He's 5! This year we skipped the party. Ethan was ok with it. We went to spend a day at Funopolis! Go Karts, bumper boats, arcade, putt putt! Duh...that is so much more fun then a birthday party. We thought about letting him invite a friend to go, but with Brooke it might have been a little much. There wasn't a whole lot there for her to do. She enjoyed the bowling though. Grammy was able to make it up. Which worked out really good, 3 adults and 2 kids. I feel like we were prepared to take on the place. So after a few hours of fun there we headed through the Mcdonalds drive thru for some dinner. We then headed home to eat and then present time!!! We kinda got a theme this wars! Then Ethan got his first legos! And he loved them. So send all the legos this way....ok. :o) We got him the Star wars wii game and light sabers. then a small jeep lego. Grammy got him MEGATRON! (transformer) and a puzzle. Nana and Papa got him the Ice Age Wii game. Uncle Tom and Aunt Jess got him a green lego car. Ethan is a happy camper right about now. So now... we are on the count down to Kindergarden! Woooo hooo! I can't wait. He can't wait.