Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you know the Muffin Man?

The muffin man made a trip to our house this morning. He made us 6 blueberry muffins and the kids were so happy. We all heard him this morning when he was here. There was a huge bang in the house. I wish he could have been a little quiter. So, we got to fill our bellies with the muffins.

Note to Muffin Man:
Next time make sure all the blueberries dont go to the bottom. The kids complained they were too gooey there. Other then that, you made some awesome muffins.

Happy Friday! (if youread this, please comment...i have had NO comment love lately. Anyone reading me?)


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to worry your letting strange men in the house now? lol I read it all the time just don't always have time to comment b/c I'm at work! :) Oops! Hope you guys have a great day miss you! ~kk

WolfeFamily said...

Ha ha! This strange man can visit whenever if it means i get muffins. Or atleast the kids feel that way

Chessa said...

I read sporadically...just like everything else in my life :)