Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pictures, b/c its all you really want, right?

The only picture of Ethan. He has been grumpy this week. Must be having girl problems. So, i put him first. Maybe next week he will give the camera some more love.

Our pumkins. Well, 2 out of 3. Alex didn't want to carve 3. Maybe we will do it when Grammy comes.

Yes, she is naked. That is the usual site around here :)

Odie posing in his Halloween gear.

Brooke thugging it in her brand new Elmo panites. LOL

Brooke bouncing, what she does best. Don't mind the mess, this week i have been reading and writing more of my book like crazy. Oh wait, Ethan is in the background. Ha, 2 pics this week :)

Monday, October 27, 2008


I have been supermom today. 4 loads of laundry now. i redid the kids rooms. Moved furniture from brooke's to ethans and vice versa. Brooke had a tall bookshelf in her room all her toys were always put on. Ethan had a toy box and small book shelf. Well, ethan loves puzzle, did a 100 piece one all by himself this weekend :) They are stacked up a wall, so i thought he could use the big bookshelf. Brooke has the toy box now. I also made room for a futon Alex's mom is bringing this weekend. That way guests have somewhere to sleep now. They just have to share a room with Brooke. Both rooms look great and clean. I really need to clean out toys, but decided to do that another day. Everything is organized and hopefully one day soon i can go in with a garbage bag and clean out and then freecycle them.

We really didn't do anything this weekend. I think we are going to go to the bike trail today after i pick ethan up. Get a little exercise in. Saturday night we carved pumpkins. that was fun. neither kid would put there hands in the pumpkin. Or alex. Geez, i feel like the man

oh well, promise to get some pics up soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We are still here

I promise we are still here. I have been searching for our camera that alex put in the car saturday after the pumpkin patch and have not found it. Hoping soon so i can get some pics up.

the week has been pretty good. Brooke has been amazing this week with the potty. No accident monday, 1 tuesday, and none today! I am the proud mommy of a 22 month old who is using the potty. I love to brag about her age, and i am aloud to :)

Ethan has had a good week so far too. He has been a little irritable this week. But, we have all been suffering this week with a little cold. Hopefully he will feel better soon. He had pictures at school tuesday. Hope they turn out good. He has not had his 4 year pics yet. We REALLY need to get Brooke's pictures done. they have not been done since 9 months.

Hoping to find the camera soon and get some pics up. We had a great weekend with family. it was nice to get everyone together and have a nice meal.

Hope your having a great week!

Friday, October 17, 2008


It has been a pretty good week.  Tonight Karen is coming for the weekend.  Both kids are VERY excited.  Tomorrow we are headed to the pumpkin patch.  Alex's mom and grandma are coming.  My parents are meeting us there.  Plus Tom and Jess with there kids.  And Karen with her boyfriend Aaron!  Big group! LOL.

This week Brooklynn's speech has changed a lot.  She is talking more words.  She loves to watch Super Why and she is saying letters now! YAY!  When you ask her to spell something, she makes little syllabal noises then claps and laughs.  It is cute!  She has been using the potty some still.  Not as good as it was last sunday.  But, she is trying.  One day she wants the big potty, the next day she wants her little potty.  She wears panties all day.  Or when daddy isn't home, she just does with nothing down there.  Nakedness doesn't bug me.

Ethan had a great week too.  He is being such a little helper.  He helps me with dishes, clean up.  He loves to dust. LOL.  He also loves to get onto Brooklynn for not cleaning up.  He is growing like a weed.  Oh, and he is not marrying Georgia Ann anymore.  Not sure what happened.  Georgia Ann saw me yesterday at school and she asked me why Ethan wasn't her friend anymore.  It broke my heart.  She is so cute!  He says he is now marrying Cheyanne.  Who knows.

Oh well, i need to get cleaned up.  i have company coming today.  Brooke's friends dominic and zoe are coming over to play!  Hoping the rains holds  off so we can have a picnic.  But, looking outside right now, not so sure that will happen!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cute Trail we found

We discovered a cute little walking trail/ bike trail yesterday.  Its back behind the horse arena here in homer.  It was gorgeous, quite and nothing near by.  Ethan was free to ride his bike.  Brooke was free to sit in the stroller or run along.  And i actually got a peaceful walk with no stress!  Normally when we walk the neighborhood i spend time worrying about big dogs trying to fight odie, getting onto ethan for running in the middle of the road and so on.  Never helps when i am walking to get rid of my stress.    Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Peaceful stream/creek

Ethan on the balancing beam

Brooklynn starring into the creek amazed

Ethan and i, me with no make-up! 

As i said, Brooklynn loved the stream :)

If you didn't see them, so cute shots of the kids from over the weekend under this entry!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend! Saturday we went down to my parents so they could see the kids while Alex and i took my car for its oil change. My parents had not seen the kids since Ethan's birthday party in July. So, They were all happy to see one another. While the car was getting it oil changed, our good friends Kevin and Jennifer picked us up from the dealership. We had a late lunch at Olive Garden. It was sooo good. I can't remember the last time i had olive garden. I forgot how much i love there salad. When we first went to the table i saw an old friend there Christen. I have not seen her since Brooklynn was a month old i think and we met for lunch. It has been way to long. It was so nice to see her though.

The kids ended up staying at my parents over night. Yes, i have some cute pictures to post. This won't be another long entry with no pictures :)

Over all the weekend was good. Brooke is 22 months on the 12th, i guess that is today. And she has been using the potty all week! Today after getting home at around 1:30, she peed all day in her little potty! She did not wet her panties at all. She wore the same pair until bed. When she needs to pee she starts complainging a lot and whining. I then ask if she needs to pee and she says yes and then gets on her little potty. it is so cute. However, cleaning the little potty is not fun. I keep the lysol handy so it stay bacteria free even after washing it. Which is new to me, Ethan never used the small potty. He hated it.

Alright, now it is is time for the pictures. Enjoy :)

Ethan playing golf and Nana and Papas

Brooke trying to figure it out

Brooke set up all Nana's bears on her bed with there own pillows.

Brooke then layed herself down on Nana's pillow

Ethan was trying to patiently wait for half time so papa would take him outside

The turtle daddy found outside while it was raining. Ethan says this one bites BUT the greens ones dont. Don't even try to argue. He knows. And as he says, its because he is 4 and he is smart. :)

Have a great week! Tomorrow we are headed to a bike trail :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy week

This week has been CRAZY! Our house has suddedenly become the house to see! Today at 4 will be the 2nd time to have people come look at our house. my realtor has been getting lots of calls.

Lets see, we decide we r going to stay and alex is going to stay with his job. He is finally enjoying it.

Suddenly everyone wants our house! Well, not everyone, but we are getting people intrested so that is a plus.

Now Alex hopes it well sell so we can move to the other side of I-85. I still want to move to the Madison or Social Circle area. The homes in social circle are DIRT cheap. I was looking at then today and found a few i liked. One was 115,000 4 beds, 3 bath two story house. Not sure if it is a forclosure, but wow is that cheap!

We will see i guess :)

Today i cleaned my butt off. shampooed carpets and tons of other stuff. Tuesday someone came while i was dead sick. It was cleaned up, but most everything was thrown somewhere hidden. Such as the dirty dishes went into the refrigerator. I was given a 20 minute notice. The people i guess drove by, then called there realator and wanted to see it then. I had not unloaded the clean dishes yet, so i tossed the few bowls and cups in the fridge. LOL

Those people loved the house, but have not heard back yet on an offer. The people coming today also requested just to see this house.

God works in mysterious ways. It was like, we wanted the house to sell so we could move to augusta. We now decided that here is where we are suppose to be. And things are changing so much. I guess we weren't reading what God was telling us.

Alex is finally at the point in his job that he loves it. He is the go to person like when he was at Shoneys. He spends a lot of time helping out the head people and going to different stores. They are ready to move him to a high volume store where he can make huge bonuses. And if we did move, we could move closer to his new store. Right now he would have to take Athens where he might not make as much money then some other stores that are in his bosses area. So, it is exciting. I am having a great day!

And on (gotta check out that website. New deals on there everyday), i finally got my bluetooth headset i wanted for.........$9.99!!! I ordered 2. one for alex too. :)

Oh well, i am going to take my happy self to You Tube now. The new Twilight trailer came out yesterday and i gotta see it :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An announcment!

Ha Ha Ha................Well here it is...................

Ethan is getting married!!!!!!!!

Sorry, i am laughing so hard. Ethan came home and announced this yesterday. This boy of mine is really inlove with his girlfriend at school, Georgia Ann. He has always been a little girl crazy, but no other girl matters to him but her. And he is only 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just think, if both families stay in Banks County.........they might marry. He was even saying her name in his sleep last night.

Alex saw the love saturday at home depot for fathers day with ethan's school. He said once Ethan and Georgia Ann saw each other they held hands and did everything together. We are in trouble!

Hopefully the wedding won't happen for another 20 years, but just be ready :)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Live for today. because there might not be a tomorrow

Just a thought for the day :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall crafts

Its Fall and that means it is time for some fun crafts with the kids. Yesterday i picked up a bag of mini pumpkins while shopping so the kids could have some fun painting them. They had fun. I think it was Brooklynn's 1st time with paint. She normally uses the aqua doodle with water and a paint brush for her painting time. She covered herself with paint. Even her nose. Ethan of coarse was a neat freak about it and wipped off any paint that got on him. Like i say all the time, my kids are night and day! The neat freak verses the hurricane! I have about given up on trying to be a neat freak since Brooklynn is almost 2. I used to clean up all day after her and now wait until after dinner. I just try my best to close my eyes and not pay attention to the mess.
Before i post some more has been requested for me to post a funny story of while Ethan was at his grammys. 1st thing.......Alex's mom had a leak in her wall from the toilet. Both are connected but in seperate bathrooms. So, a hole was cut in the wall for now while fixing the leaking pipe.
Now the funny story. The kids were taking a bath saturday night in there grammy's bathroom. grammy sent Ethan to the hall bathroom to get the shampoo. He was already naked before going. So, his naked butt ran from the room and down to his bathroom. He came back screaming and crying MONSTER!!! He was so upset he got Brooklynn crying. So grammy had 2 naked kids screaming and crying that there was a monster. She was not sure what Ethan felt was a monster. After looking, the light coming from her bathroom was coming through the hole into the hall bathroom and it looked like a hairy monster! How funny. I think the funniest part is imagining 2 naked kids crying and her having to calm them down. LOL.
Ok, time for pics. Enjoy :)