Monday, March 29, 2010

four cousins. all boys have on here comes trouble shirts. can u tell they are related? lol

Friday, March 26, 2010

Letters of Intent...Dear Dryer


***This is being linked up to Foursons. A blogger i enjoy to follow***

Letters of Intent is a Friday blog in which i would write letters to get my frustration out to those of whom have frustrated me! This weeks letter...the dryer!

Dear Dryer,
I am leaving for spring break saturday. Yes, i was lazy and decided to wait on laundry until the end of the week. However, i felt like you were reliable to always be there. Yes, we had a rough start with you. When first recieving you, you produced air but no heat. So, we fixed you. In that time i learned that the outdoors was a great way to dry clothes and the tricks to make jeans not so stiff...kinda.  So, since it takes the hubby awhile to complete tasks...about 6 months later after recieving you, we fixed you. You have always been a little weaker since your older. We usually have to run you twice for clothes to dry, but that's ok. We don't mind. However, this week i am not happy with your performance. Like i said, i probably have about 6 loads of laundry to do. And you decided once again to give us air but no heat. I am very disappointed in you. So, due to this, laundry is a slow process and i have to resort to a differant dryer (see pictures below). 

So dryer, once i fix you this time, will you please cooperate or else we just might have to turn your old A$$ in for a newer model!

Your Truly,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got a blog award!

How exciting! A wonderful blogger i love to read Shhhhh....Mommy's Hiding has awarded me a blog award! She is an awesome blogger. Be sure to check her out. I think you will also enjoy reading her daily blogs.

The rules that go along with this award are that I have to tell you seven things about me and pass this on to seven Beautiful Bloggers!  So here we random facts about me :)

1.  I have never been one who likes artifical sweetners, however i have to use splenda in my coffee or i hate the way it tastes. 
2. I am hoping to have a book published one day! I love to write, as you can tell by my blog.
3. I am a southern girl. Warm weather is perfect for me.
4. Sometimes i think i am a closet dog lover. I don't know that i could ever really admit that i like dogs out load.
5. I cloth diapered Brooke. And if i had another baby....i would do it again! I can't belive i loved it and smelling clean warm diapers from the dryer was always the best smell. Weird...i know.
6. I realized that sometimes i think i only pay for the internet to blog and be on facebook. With all the other stuff out there, i never use it.
7.  Wishes i had the ability to figure out the whole coupon craze...but i just don't get it. Sure i save, but not like some people i know.

Giving this award to only 7 bloggers is hard!  Everyone I read is just so great.
Now the 7 bloggers I give this award to are:

1. hooey!critic  Her daily blogs crack me up! 
2. Pixi  She has great knitting projects she writes about
3. The Libsack Family Such a wonderful family to read about
4. Kalamazoo Mom of 2  Another mom who blogs about her life that always leaves me with a smile
5. The Christiansen Family Great blogs! especially when she talks about couponing. I then kinda feel like i understand!
6. Redefined Juilet  Her blogs are always inspirational and give me things to think about. 
7. Seeking the Skinny Midget Love this blog!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

how did the baby get in the belly?

Yesterday i decided I wanted to hear how the kids thought they got into my belly. Just curious...i knew this could open a discussion i didn't really wanna talk about but hey i was kinda curious what a 3 and 5 year old thought.

Brooke thinks that she was an itty bitty baby who was crawling around and decided to climb up my leg and through my nee nee (word for girls privates). She curled up in my belly and took a nap and then came back out my nee nee to drink milk from my boobies.

Ethan said that he was on a piece of food and i decided to eat him and he got stuck in my belly. Then he finally got out.

So....that's how they got in there :o)

Monday, March 22, 2010

at breakfast

This weekend we decided to go out to breakfast. We took the drive up to a Shoney's near us. Yes...they do still exist. And really more should. Seriously....all you can eat for 4.99. All the bacon you want and not just 3 pieces and then you have to pay for extra. Seriously...who the heck only wants 3 pieces of bacon? I think i ate at least 10 saturday!

So, as we are talking at breakfast and telling the kids how mommy and daddy met at a shoney's. How Ethan used to eat there all the time when daddy had his own shoneys. How much Brooke would have loved to eat at Shoney's weekly with her appetite and so on.

I look at the kids and said "Could they just stop growing up. Can we just stop time?"

Ethan's response, "Sorry mommy, its too late."

I laugh and Alex laughs. We are too late...he is growing like a weed and will be in 1st grade before long. Brooklynn is starting 3 day morning preschool next year.  Yes....the next time i blink, they will be teenagers!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

To the pack of dogs.......

We have a pack of dogs that like to roam around the street/ neighborhood behind us. We are babysitting two dogs this week. One is a female chihuhua who isn't fixed. So, i am guessing she must have this smell to her that is addicitve to male dogs. We have these huge dogs that won't go away. They are peeing on my porch. They are staring in our windows. Its like they are waiting for her. However...checking the dogs out from my eyes, they are fixed so it isn't like they could knock her up if they wanted too. Plus...they are huge!

When Maggie does get out there and the male dogs are there, she is quite fiesty with them. She really isn't appreciative of the attention she is getting in the neighborhood. She barks at them with fiercness and is obviously telling them they have no chance with her. But...seeing as though the dogs are men...they must think if they keep trying they will wear her down. Sorry boys....Maggie isn't interested! So please refrain from peeing all over my porch and driving Odie and PJ nuts and to the point that they too feel they need to pee on my porch. GO HOME PACK OF DOGS!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

little moment with the potty

So, being a mom and woman i guess that makes me a natural multi tasker. So, once you become a mom and your kid is mobile, never expect to go to the bathroom in any shape or form again alone. Unless you get lucky and the hubs is home and actually feels like entertaining them. Otherwise, the kids are still banging on the door.

So this morning, i couldn't help but laugh. I was using the restroom and was on a tight schedule. So, i did what i sometimes do and kill two birds with one stone. While going potty i put on my make-up. And not only did i put on make-up but brooke sung to me and then asked if i would put make-up on her. Then i began, thinking of what i was doing at the moment...and everything that was going on around me. I couldn't help but laugh and think that if it was anyone else, this wouldn't be happening! How something such as going to the bathroom for me, really doesn't need to be private anymore.

Ok...maybe when they are teenagers i will get lucky! Then that time the hubs might be crazy and in there with me too.

Baseball time!

Last night was the first practice to baseball! Not T-ball, but baseball. Of coarse the kids hit a lot off the tee. But they are practicing hitting without the tee. I guess in a game they get 3 chances to hit the ball from the pitcher who is the coach and after that, they hit off the tee.  There was a lot more out field practice this year other then bending down and catching the ball. They worked with the kids in small groups of 5 each (10 boys on the team). Ethan learned the ways to squat down and follow the ball. The way to stand and twist his body to throw the ball. Of coarse, being a lefty...he kept throwing the ball over the fence! Then the coach figured out, Ethan was doing it on purpose. Crazy kid! So, there will be a lot more to work on with him this year at home. Last year was mostly hitting the ball from the tee, squating to catch the ball, and run the bases the right direction. This year, they are getting a little more into baseball and the ways to play it. It will hopefully be an exciting year. Ethan got his coach from last year, which we were happy about. He was very patient with the kids unlike some of the other coaches we saw.

Hoping for a great baseball season! (come on warm weather! it was freezing out there last night!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

photos from the week

Its been a pretty good week. Here some some photos to share things we did during the week.

Brooke went to visit her new cousin Grayson.

I snapped this photo of Brooke and i thought she looked beautiful! As if she isn't always though.

Ethan after a shower. He read daddy a couple stories instead of daddy reading to him.

With the beautiful weather we got out to walk. And we decided, lets bring Odie! It however was not a long walk. Odie was happy to go...but half a mile was a bit much for him. Good thing we didn't push the whole mile!

Hope you had a good week too :o)

Monday, March 8, 2010

sweet sweet brooke.........

I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I'm hungry. I'm thirsty.

Is she really that hungry and thirsty? Those two saying are always coming out of her mouth. ALWAYS! She wakes up from sleep saying one of them. She just ate a waffle and a whole cup of juice and a swiss cake roll. Don't judge me, lol. And she is throwing a fit she is still hungry. All day she complains with these two sayings. If you tell her to wait a minute or not right now, she is in full temper tantrum mode. However, hand her an apple when she is fussing. She will eat one bite, throw it away and then complain and whine again she is hungry. Give her a plate of food for dinner and she will take two bite say she is done and then cry in her bed before going to sleep that you have starved her and not fed her. Save her dinner and tell her to eat it then, and she tells you she is hungry but doesn't want that. Well sorry kiddo, you aren't going to live off a diet of cheetos and juice!

My sweet Brooke has never been easy. And well, i don't think she ever will. Bless her future husband and man do i hope he has lots of patience to deal with her!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


  This has not been a good year for anyone when it comes to being sick. I think it has been someone every week. Yesterday i woke up and just felt off. I was extremly dizzy and my stomach hurt so bad. I really had no energy. I got up and tried to go at it. But, i wasn't succeeding. I had to do everything in little spurts of energy. So,  finally right before my parents got here and Alex was off getting some gas for the grill i decided to check my temp. Yup....there is was. 99.8. My turn. However, wasn't it just my turn? How many times this year is it going to be my turn. Well frankly, it seems to either be Ethan or I! What is going on? One week its him, the next its me. Brooke has flown through this winter maybe being sick once. Though, she does keep getting a cough that won't go away. Alex...i don't think he has. Ethan...too many times. The amount of school he has missed has been crazy. Me....i wish had someone to come and relive me to stay in bed. So, today i am relaxing on the couch with this nausuas stomach, and dizzy head. The fever is broken for now (though i feel like that pesky thing will be back) and reading a book. My body feels so weak and lifeless.

Hoping spring will be here soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ethan interprets commercials and TV.

Ethan watches the new with me a lot now. Is this a good thing, i don't know. Its always fun seeing his reaction to commercials and programs. Here are a few examples to enlighten you on a 5 years olds mind

First up is the KY commercial to enhance the womans sexual experaince (really why do they air these during the day?)

Ethan: Mommy if you buy that, you might look happy like that lady. Its says it is for girls.
Me: you think so, huh?
Really...what can i say to that. The girl on the commercial is hair tosseled and is standing next to a ship horn as it blows with a look of exctasy on her face.

Watching the news today:
Ethan: You know, these people on there that are bad and are outside peoples home just want to be let in so they can have a family. You know mom, some people don't have homes.
Me: Your right.

Monday, March 1, 2010

babysitter milestone

Yesterday the kids stayed with their first non family babysitter. They did great and were practically pushing me out the door when she got there. They could not wait to watch movies with her and play board games. She said they were good and listened well. Made me feel like a good mommy since they were good for her. I was nervous though. As i headed to book club, i felt so strange. And i did kiss the kids about a million times. I am used to leaving them with Alex or any family. And it was like....are they going to be ok? Is she going to be ok? And you know what, it was ok!

And she has agreed to watch them again whenever we need her.  YAY!