Thursday, December 31, 2009

5 christmas's and on to 6

Wow, the Wolfe kids had a kick a$$ christmas this year! LOL!

Christmas 1: Grammy and Nanna visit and Ethan gets a scooter, blocks, and a new helmet. Brooklynn gets a baby stroller, baby and slong, baby bed, my little pony puzzle book, and dora house. Plus Nanna got them two GIANT color pads.

Christmas 2: Nana and Papa's house and Ethan got Legos, and $25 gamestop gift card and some chapter books. Brooklynn got crayola color explosion, bedtime dora, and hair bows

Christmas 3: Grandpa's in Pennsylvania. Ethan got two new wii games, a hotwheel tractor trailer, and floor puzzle. Brooklynn got a princess castle, memory game, kids music CD. Oh and they both got lots of chocolate lolipops!

Christmas 4: Aunt KK's house in Virginia Beach! The kids together got a memory game and Don't break the ice. Ethan got some addition and subtraction flashcards, some books, and a kindergarten workbook. Brooklynn got my little pony movie, blues clues ABC flash cards, and a preschool workbook.

Christmas 5: HOME! From santa Ethan got a gameboy advance and games and Brooklynn got an art easel. From mommy and daddy Ethan got a new Camo shirt, a wii I SPY game, slippers, and a transfomer book. Brooklynn got slippers, little mermaid toy, and an etch a sketch.

SO! if i left anything sorry!!!! I did my best to remember it all! technically the kids are getting christmas 6 today when Uncle Tom and Aunt Jess come by to give them gifts!

Next year....we are staying home! the car was VERY packed by the time we got home. However, we really enjoyed christmas this year. It was a lot of fun! Even better.....i didn't have to cook! That is a gift in itself!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last years resolutions.

Before thinking about my new years resolution, i thought i would take the time to see if i have accomplished last years.

  • Have more me time out of the house away from kids
  • Stop stressing about housework
  • More patience with the kids
So, how did i do?

I accomplished getting out more. I normally take saturdays to go out with a friend or just me time. I will go to a book store and browse. I will grab lunch with a friend and so on. I felt like the kids were old enough that i could be away and daddy could handle it. He has and i feel more like me by getting away and doing what i want. I wished Alex and I had had more dates this year....i think we had maybe 5 tops!!! That isn't too good!

I have stopped stressing about housework. Not all the time, there will come a time when i start getting cranky and clean the house to the way i want it. But usually, there are clutter piles here and there. One thing though that has helped is we put the kids in the same room this year and made one room a play room. So, that has helped a lot with toys, which is mainly what bothered me. I hated having toys all over the living room. I will still yell about toys...hey, i am not perfect.

Patience with the kids.....that really depends on the day. Some days are good and some are bad. I think that is normal. At home i think i have better patience, but in public no. I have to high of expecations on the way i feel they need to act they are out. That my patience gets thin. So, that may be added to the list this year of things to still work on.

Overall, 2009 was a great year and i think 2010 is going to be an even better year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where art thou christmas spirit?

Christmas spirit...where are you? Santa's slay isn't going to move too fast this year with the lack of christmas spirit! Everyone i know just isn't into it this year. Poor Santa, and its his one day of the year.

I am done shopping minus Kainan, who when we get to VA beach i think we are going to take him shopping. 2 months old and we are going to let him pick out what he wants, lol. Hopefully his mommy will let us snatch him away for about an hour!  I still need to get Thomas and Jess's two sons a gift too. We won't see them though until after christmas. I have time!

Today kinda starts christmas for us. Alex's mom and grandma are coming to bring the kids there gifts and the kids have little gifts for them. Tomorrow the kids and i are heading to my parents and waiting on daddy to get there after work. Then we will have out 1st christmas feast (which i can barely unfair!) and open gifts. Wednesday we are getting up in the early morning hours and taking off to PA. I hope they still have snow! This is really our first christmas away from home. But, i know it will be good.  After PA we are going to stop by Karen's in VA Beach and spend some time with them and get my baby fix in with Kainan.

Last night i finally got a little christmas spirit while i wrapped Grammy and Nana's gifts. I am hoping while they are here today, i can get all my wrapping done.

This year, the house is barely decorated! Its so sad. Hopefully next year i will be feeling the spirit double time. Sadly....the kids and i made NO christmas craft and no baking! Wow.....Santa sure will be disappointed when he gets store bought cookie from us!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So we are heading to Pennsylvania for christmas. The kids needed boots. Brooke was easy being a girl. We found some nice hot pink boots at Target last week. Ethan though....that was more of a challenge. They make lace up boots we looked at today, but they would not hold up in snow. Do you know how difficult it was to find snow boots in Georgia?!

We went to the outlets and visited : Factory Brand Shoes, Rack Room Shoes, Osh kosh, and Stride Rite. boots. We were on our last leg and i thought, ok lets go to Children's Place. Maybe we will get lucky.

WE DID!!! A little more then i wanted to spend...but when it comes to boys shoes...good luck! So, Ethan has a great little pair of snow boots that i got a little big so they can last awhile.

So...there had better be some snow now. We are prepared all the way with hats and gloves and boots. All we need is the snow :o)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brooklynn's 3 yr check-up

Brooklynn had her 3 yr check up today. She did amazing. She was 32 pounds. Wow! She was so excited about getting shots. I know...weird, huh? Anyway normally at 3 they still do shots in the legs because kids hate them and freak out. Brooke told the doctor she was a big girl and she wanted them in her arm. So, when it was shot time Brooklynn told the nurse she wouldn't cry and she was a big girl.  She hopped right on the table and took her shirt off. She got a shot in each arm and didn't even tear up!!! The nurses and doctors were super impressed by how big she was. they couldn't believe she didn't even flinch. She got bandaides which was the best part in her book. She left the room after dressing laughing and happy!!! Such a big girl! I told her she had bragging rights all day and could laugh at her big brother today since he still cries with shots. gotta have fun at some point, right?

So, Brooke is healthy, and growing wonderfully. She is above average in height and weight. I think 75th percentile for height and 65th for weight. Kinda crazy i have one above average in that area and then Ethan who has fallen off the charts. I think he is in the 5th percentile last i checked, lol. The doctor was impressed though that Ethan had gained four pounds in 4 months.

Oh well, off to get Ethan. We are going boot shopping for him today!

Monday, December 14, 2009

ODE to triaminic thin strips

I used to preach about the triaminic thin strips. Use nothing else i would say. These things rock!!! So...what did i do, for the past year i have not been using them. Geez! What in the world was i thinking? So, as most know the kids have been so sick here lately. The cough is HORRIBLE. Poor Brooke last night could not stop coughing and was getting no sleep. Which in turn means i have no sleep. I listen for her constantly. So, i finally got up around 1 am when i knew the other medicine had worn off and dug through the medicine cabinet and found 1 triminic thin strip. I broke it in half and popped it on her tongue while she is still sleeping. And never hear another peep! Ahhhhhh!

So...i am so sorry to my loyal triaminic thin strips that i abandoned you for almost a year. But, i am back and i will  be loyal this time.  Especially since none of that other crap works!!!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooklynn!!!

Happy Birthday my baby girl! You are 3! I don't know where this time went, but we are now entering your third year of life. I love you and cherish each day i have with you. You are blossoming into such a bright and beautiful little girl. You and your brother are blessings to you daddy and I's life.
Happy Birthday and we love you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ethan's weight

I ment to say before at Ethan's 5 year check-up he was weighing 34 pounds. That was August. Yesterday at the doctor (december now) he was 38 pounds! 4 pounds in 4 months! That is amazing! Between the ages of 2 and 4 he maybe gained 4 pounds. He still is tiny, but its pretty cool that he just might reach 40 pounds before he turns 6!

Brooke's 3 year check-up is next tuesday. I am guessing she will be roughly 28 pounds. that's what the wii fit said last time i weighed her a week ago.

A title....

Wow, it has been a week! Saturday and Sunday were packed with parties. Brooklynn's on saturday and she had a great time and Thomas and Jess's babyshower on Sunday. Since both parties were at my house, the kids and i had to be really good and keep the house clean. Needless to say,  it is Thursday now and i am just now starting to clean up. Monday Ethan was home sick. He wasn't really sick enough to be out of school, but he was really worn down from both the parties. So, we vegged out all day. Tuesday Alex was home. We got the christmas tree all set up. Not doing too much decorating since we plan on heading to Pensylvania for Christmas. Just the tree and stockings so it feels somewhat christmasy. Wednesday...Ethan went to school and then i picked  him up around 9:30 for a dr. apt. His cough wasn't sounding any better and a bit worse. He had/has croup. Today, Thursday, he is back at school. Brooke woke up with the croup cough! Ugh. So...i am finally getting things cleaned up. I did get all laundry done monday while Ethan was home. That was it.

So, hoping for next week to be better. I am feeling i am pasting the links to the albums on facebook for the babyshower and Brooke's bday party. Besides that Blogger changed how you post pics and my mind really isn't in the mood to be learning anything new right now, lol.

Click Here For Brooklynn's Party

Click Here For Thomas and Jess's Babyshower

Happy Thursday :o)

Friday, December 4, 2009


Yes, i am behind on my promise of pictures. I was sick and this antibiotic they put me on has made me miserable. It has the side effects of : headache, dizziness, nausea and STOMACH PAIN! Next time the doctor wants to give me this medicine, i am gonna laugh. What happend to just giving people ammoxicillan? Geez!

Brooklynn having her 3 yr old party at Grammy's

Ethan with his class at school.

Ethan and Brooklynn in there PJ's

Ethan and Daddy

Brooklynn holding her baby cousin Kainan

Kainan! He is so handsome

An attempt at the 3 of them. Ethan looks so thrilled, lol

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will try to get the pictures up today. All the family on my husbands side got together and we had a good time. We got to meet Kainan...FINALLY! He was a handsome little guy. He defiently keeps his mama on her toes! Brooke was so happy to finally meet him. Ethan's curiosity peaked a little too when seeing the baby. Ethan is in video game detox right now, lol. He defiently got his fill on video games while there and he was loving it.

Brooke had a small birthday party down there. She has the cutest little expressions she makes now. She gets all giggley and covers her mouth and does a little jump if she is standing. She is all girl. Ethan however seemes to think Brooke turned 3 at grammy's and her party this weekend at home will be making her 4. LOL. So, now since Brooke loves to argue, she has been arguing that she is already 3 and she will be 4 this weekend.

I am just about done christmas shopping for the kids. Surprisingly this year, i got everything from toys r us! I am an online shopper. Always have been. Brooke just needs one more thing. I got them a few more things then usual this year. But, we did stop buying the kids gifts in between there birthday and christmas (poor brooke, both fall in december). Every now and then we might let the kids get something, but it is rare now. So, i was having so much fun looking at things to get them. Brooke is getting an art easle...i know she will love it! I found an I spy wii game for Ethan. We play I spy all the time here at home, so now we can do it on the wii too!

Well, Brooke is whinning for breakfast. So, i guess i had better get her some. Look for picture later.