Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brooklynn's 3 yr check-up

Brooklynn had her 3 yr check up today. She did amazing. She was 32 pounds. Wow! She was so excited about getting shots. I know...weird, huh? Anyway normally at 3 they still do shots in the legs because kids hate them and freak out. Brooke told the doctor she was a big girl and she wanted them in her arm. So, when it was shot time Brooklynn told the nurse she wouldn't cry and she was a big girl.  She hopped right on the table and took her shirt off. She got a shot in each arm and didn't even tear up!!! The nurses and doctors were super impressed by how big she was. they couldn't believe she didn't even flinch. She got bandaides which was the best part in her book. She left the room after dressing laughing and happy!!! Such a big girl! I told her she had bragging rights all day and could laugh at her big brother today since he still cries with shots. Hey...you gotta have fun at some point, right?

So, Brooke is healthy, and growing wonderfully. She is above average in height and weight. I think 75th percentile for height and 65th for weight. Kinda crazy i have one above average in that area and then Ethan who has fallen off the charts. I think he is in the 5th percentile last i checked, lol. The doctor was impressed though that Ethan had gained four pounds in 4 months.

Oh well, off to get Ethan. We are going boot shopping for him today!


Anonymous said...

Kainan is in the 100% for his weight, and between 85-95% for height and head circumference! Atleast you don't have that! :) I love my fat boy tho! :) He misses his Aunt DeeDee come visit soon!:)Love you guys! ~kk