Monday, December 14, 2009

ODE to triaminic thin strips

I used to preach about the triaminic thin strips. Use nothing else i would say. These things rock!!! So...what did i do, for the past year i have not been using them. Geez! What in the world was i thinking? So, as most know the kids have been so sick here lately. The cough is HORRIBLE. Poor Brooke last night could not stop coughing and was getting no sleep. Which in turn means i have no sleep. I listen for her constantly. So, i finally got up around 1 am when i knew the other medicine had worn off and dug through the medicine cabinet and found 1 triminic thin strip. I broke it in half and popped it on her tongue while she is still sleeping. And never hear another peep! Ahhhhhh!

So...i am so sorry to my loyal triaminic thin strips that i abandoned you for almost a year. But, i am back and i will  be loyal this time.  Especially since none of that other crap works!!!