Thursday, December 10, 2009

A title....

Wow, it has been a week! Saturday and Sunday were packed with parties. Brooklynn's on saturday and she had a great time and Thomas and Jess's babyshower on Sunday. Since both parties were at my house, the kids and i had to be really good and keep the house clean. Needless to say,  it is Thursday now and i am just now starting to clean up. Monday Ethan was home sick. He wasn't really sick enough to be out of school, but he was really worn down from both the parties. So, we vegged out all day. Tuesday Alex was home. We got the christmas tree all set up. Not doing too much decorating since we plan on heading to Pensylvania for Christmas. Just the tree and stockings so it feels somewhat christmasy. Wednesday...Ethan went to school and then i picked  him up around 9:30 for a dr. apt. His cough wasn't sounding any better and a bit worse. He had/has croup. Today, Thursday, he is back at school. Brooke woke up with the croup cough! Ugh. So...i am finally getting things cleaned up. I did get all laundry done monday while Ethan was home. That was it.

So, hoping for next week to be better. I am feeling i am pasting the links to the albums on facebook for the babyshower and Brooke's bday party. Besides that Blogger changed how you post pics and my mind really isn't in the mood to be learning anything new right now, lol.

Click Here For Brooklynn's Party

Click Here For Thomas and Jess's Babyshower

Happy Thursday :o)