Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where art thou christmas spirit?

Christmas spirit...where are you? Santa's slay isn't going to move too fast this year with the lack of christmas spirit! Everyone i know just isn't into it this year. Poor Santa, and its his one day of the year.

I am done shopping minus Kainan, who when we get to VA beach i think we are going to take him shopping. 2 months old and we are going to let him pick out what he wants, lol. Hopefully his mommy will let us snatch him away for about an hour!  I still need to get Thomas and Jess's two sons a gift too. We won't see them though until after christmas. I have time!

Today kinda starts christmas for us. Alex's mom and grandma are coming to bring the kids there gifts and the kids have little gifts for them. Tomorrow the kids and i are heading to my parents and waiting on daddy to get there after work. Then we will have out 1st christmas feast (which i can barely unfair!) and open gifts. Wednesday we are getting up in the early morning hours and taking off to PA. I hope they still have snow! This is really our first christmas away from home. But, i know it will be good.  After PA we are going to stop by Karen's in VA Beach and spend some time with them and get my baby fix in with Kainan.

Last night i finally got a little christmas spirit while i wrapped Grammy and Nana's gifts. I am hoping while they are here today, i can get all my wrapping done.

This year, the house is barely decorated! Its so sad. Hopefully next year i will be feeling the spirit double time. Sadly....the kids and i made NO christmas craft and no baking! Wow.....Santa sure will be disappointed when he gets store bought cookie from us!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm steal my baby huh? We will have to see if he's ok with that! I'm sure he will gladly go with his Aunt DeeDee! Lol. Can't wait for you guys to come! I have to wrap gifts myself! Love you guys! ~Kk aka Karen