Friday, December 4, 2009


Yes, i am behind on my promise of pictures. I was sick and this antibiotic they put me on has made me miserable. It has the side effects of : headache, dizziness, nausea and STOMACH PAIN! Next time the doctor wants to give me this medicine, i am gonna laugh. What happend to just giving people ammoxicillan? Geez!

Brooklynn having her 3 yr old party at Grammy's

Ethan with his class at school.

Ethan and Brooklynn in there PJ's

Ethan and Daddy

Brooklynn holding her baby cousin Kainan

Kainan! He is so handsome

An attempt at the 3 of them. Ethan looks so thrilled, lol


Anonymous said...

The pic of Ethan n Brooke in their Pj's is priceless! Of course I love all the pics! Your right about the pic with Kainan and his Cousins, Ethan does not look happy at all! Lol! Guess I'll have to start a blog now to keep pics updated! :) Miss you guys! Love you! ~Kk