Sunday, August 24, 2008

R.I.P Tigger

After much searching, we have unfourtablty concluded that Tigger has passed away. Alex got her when she was 6 months old from a local humane society. He had her and Gizmo for several years. When we began dating in 2001 I was immediatly rushed down to Augusta for not his families approval, but Tigger and Gizmos. The one thing that bonded Alex and I from the beginning was out love for cats. I had Lacey and he had his 2. Of coarse Tigger and Gizmo instantly loved me :) Once Alex got settled he brought them home to his apartments. At one point i moved Lacey in. Tigger always hated Lacey. Hoping they made amenze before she left.

Tigger was a wonderful cat. As much as she was not fond of the kids, she never scratched. She would just kindly walk away. She was very excepting of all the other cats that moved in. She had such a unique personality. Our home will not be the same without her. Nor do we expect it to. There is still some hope she may turn up. Unfourtantly though, this time it seems like her allerigies to fleas got the best of her.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A little Friday update

Ethan had a better week. He has actually had a great week. So, that is great. I have not been walking him in. He absolutly is LOVING walking himself in. It is so cute. And he was so excited to bring his own lunch thursday. I may have to look at sending it is more often. I did volunteer in his class wednesday. He seems fine and is adjusting well. I really like his main teacher who is his "nice" teacher. Mainly i think the "mean" teacher just has not bonded with him. But it is her loss, not Ethan's.

Brooklynn has been sick all week! She was sick the first part of last week. And she has been sick since Monday i think. today is the first day she is starting to feel better even though she was up all night coughing. I put her down for an early nap. We had a busy morning of grocery shopping.

One of our kitties Tigger is missing. She is going to be 9 in October. Alex has had her since before we got together. She has always been in indoor kitty. Rarely went outside. She is allerigic to fleas. We were not able to get her midicine right now. We got some temporary relief stuff for her. But, i guess it was not working. She was ripping all her hair out. We are afraid she caused an infection and has gone off somewhere and passed away. We just keep hoping we will find her hiding place. However, at this time she has not eaten in 4-5 days. So, that does not look good. We hope though that she is ok and she turns up.

I am off to do some more cleaning before I have to go pick up Ethan. He is so excited his Aunt KK is coming tomorrow. Hoping it goes ok. She is brining Aaron with her. But for some reason Ethan will not expcept that she is no longer with her ex Randy. Last time he sat there and called Aaron Randy the whole time. I have been working on it all weekend. Right now he says that Randy always went to Grammys when he was there but Aaron doesn't. Aaron is in the Navy with his Aunt KK i have tried to explain so he can't go to grammys. Oh well, my thoughts are with Aaron being able to make it through the Ethan torture. Whatever Randy did, he somehow made an impression on Ethan. Hopefully somehow we can get Ethan to forget it for Aarons sake.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lots of Pictures!

i love painting with water on the aqua doodle! Oh and watching Blue's Clues!

He said, mommy did you get my picture going WHOA! Goofy boy

Odie and Lacey....caught red handed hanging out!

She might be sick, but she is happy :)

this one defiently screams out Alex Jr!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This week

This week has been a crazy week and i am so glad today is saturday and tomorrow starts a new week. I am exhausted. (random pics going to be placed throughout the entry for your enjoyment) I met with Ethan's principal on Friday to try and get things figured out. Ethan is just so unhappy at this school. I am going to start volunteering one day a week there. They want me to not walk him in and do car drop off to see if that will make a differance. Maybe he is pitching a fit b/c i am walking him in. I tried explaining that his fits are not just crying. They are full blown out tears and yelling "Mommy don't leave me here!" So we will see. If this does not help then the next step will have his class changed. Which they did not even give me as an option friday. I am trying to speak positivly about the school to him and about his teachers. Right now the only thing i can gather is that the "mean" teacher is not bonding with him maybe and she is just telling him what he needs to do. So we will see. Hoping that we are able to get to the bottom of this soon. Brooklynn is still potty training as you can see in the pic. She loves it! She always wants to wear her panties. I don't think she has yet to pee in the potty. It is still on herself but she knows that she does not like the feeling. She has atleast mastered the skill of putting on her panties and then taking them off. YAY! That is one of the first accomplishemnts!

I went to a friends babyshower today. i have not seen her since sophomore year when we moved from Athens. It was great to see her. She was one of my "BFFs". We used to cause some trouble. LOL! She lived close to me. She is having her first baby. A baby girl. And it was so nice to get to see her. She is currently living in Savannah but will be moving back to Athens in December. I can't wait. As long as we are living here i will get to see her more. Then the trouble can start again. Ha ha! That is one thing i have loved about living here in Homer. I am so close to the people i knew for 16 years. We moved to Buford when i was 16 and i never got along too well with many of the gwinnett folks! Completly different then my folks from Athens. That is Brooke playing with another friend i see a lot from Athens. that is baby Zoe. Brooke LOVES babys. I left Ethan with my friend Alicia's husband so he could watch Transformers with Zoe's big brother Dominic. Ethan of coarse had a blast! He said on the way there "I am staying with the boys mommy while you go with the girls to shower the little baby." Ha ha! He is so funny! I am lucky to have 2 great kids!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Women make the world do round

Ethan's got a girlfriend :)
He said he is feeling better about school now.
See, without us women where would men be :)
Without us women how would men go on??

I am so glad though he had a better day. the past 2 days were better. Even though he was kicking and screaming today when i left him, he seemed to have a better day. Hopefully with time he will do better. I am volunteering for a few hours on wednesday in his class.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

nightmares and sickness

I am really concerned right now about Ethan. He is really not liking this school. I was worried about him all day yesterday and even more worried today. I am going to give it until the end of this week and then go speak to someone if things don't change. He tells me now he does not like that school. He wants to stay home. When i pick him up he does not seem happy there. I was chatting with some moms today as we were waiting on his always late teacher. I made the joke Ethan calls the skinny one nice and the bigger one mean. Another mom said her kid does the same thing and then another. One mom had said that there kids says she yells. What?? If a teacher is yelling in the first few days how will she be by the end of the year??? Today i am going to ask the "nice" teacher if Ethan is playing with the kids. He keeps telling me no. Which is very unlike him for those of us who know him. One mom said her boy came home crying b/c another little boy keeps shoving and hitting. I am not sure what is going on in this classroom, but anyone who knows me, knows i won't keep my mouth shut. If this concerns my kid i am going to get to the bottom of it. If anyone has any ideas please leave a comment on here and let me know. Also, when Ethan was asleep last night he kept crying and saying "i want to go home." And at one time he yelled get off of me.

On to sickness. Brooke was sick earlier this week. Alex is sick now. He is switching days off so he can stay home again today. Poor guy. Hope he gets to feeling better soon. It has been a crazy week. Brooke has been doing some potty training. She wears panties in the morning and diapers in the afternoon. She is now understanding. She crys when she pees on the floor now. So, she is getting the feeling and so on now. We are taking it one day at a time. Only doing it right now if she wants to.

Well, i have to run out to the store to get some more things for Alex. Have a great day! I will try to post some pics later this week :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brooklynn does look like me :)

This picture i think we look a lot alike. So....all the times i say "Brooklynn looks like me." I was right. Ethan is identical to his daddy....but atleast Brooklynn resembles me :) She is a good combination of both of us.

Just wanted to share the picture! brooklynn has begun potty training. just a little pee pee in the potty today. But, she is refusing diapers. I guess we will see how long that lasts. I hope for good. She loves her girly panties!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ethan is a cutie!

Ethan had a great 1st day! He really seemed to enjoy it. He even took a nap. Funny little conversation between us was:

Mommy :Ethan did you cry at all today?
Ethan: Yup
M: When did you cry and why?
E: In the bathroom
M: Why did you cry in the bathroom?
E: I couldn't get my wet clothes off (he had spilt milk on his clothes) and the nice teacher came and helped me
M: Is the other teacher nice?
E: One teacher is mean
M: Who is the mean teacher? Ms. Stephanie or Ms. Sheila?
M: Is one mean?
E: I will show you Monday
M: Is Ms. Stephanie nice?
E: Yes
M: Is Ms. Sheila nice?
E: Yes
M: Who is mean?

ha ha ha ha! he cracked me up with that. Did the same thing to his daddy when he asked him.

Atleast he had a good day and enjoyed himself. He is such a cutie! He said he only played with the boys. The girls all played with babies and he did not want to play with those. Guess he gets enough of that at home with Brooklynn. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ethan's 1st day

Today was Ethan's 1st day of Pre-K! He had a rough night last time...go figure. He had to get up early and did not sleep well. LOL. And he was not up for having his picture taken either. The full length picture if at home and the one of his face is from school. You can see he is a little nervous. When arriving to the school we took Ethan to the gym. We had thought we would take him to his class, but we did not. I guess this year the kids are going to go the the gym for now in the mornings and then at 7:45 go to the classroom. The parking lot is so small, we had to park in the road. And this year we can not drive up to pick them up, we have to come inside. Not sure where we will all park! But, Ethan did a great job. He was so brave. We took him over to his teacher and he sat down and hugged us. We then told him bye. No tears! What a brave boy. He looked uneasy. You could tell he was feeling a little unsure of what was going on. But, he defiently acted like a grown 4 year old! We were so proud of him. It was of coarse harder on us then it was on him. Alex looked so nervous to leave him. Wanted to keep watching him and checking on him. But, it is now noon, so Ethan is having lunch and then nap time. Brooke, Odie, and I will go pick him up at 2:20.
the morning has just been Brooke and I. She is the sweet girl we remember now. LOL. When Ethan did the morning preschool i never had problems with her until you get them both together. She played for awhile in her room while i did some cleaning around the house. We then showered and watched Seseame Street. We colored and had lunch. And now she is laying down for a nap. It was such a nice peaceful morning. There were no fights!
Odie and the cats are beginning to live in harmony. We actually went to bed last night with Odie on his bed and 4 cats in our room. Odie still loves to chase them, but he is starting to let them walk around the house without chasing them. However, if he sees them while outside, he will get them! And of coarse, what kinda of entry would this be without a new picture of Bobby and Pattycake, the very loving male cats :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Visit to Grovetown

We had a great weekend visiting with Alex's grandparents. It was so nice to have a weekend away and be with such great family. The kids had a blast playing on there Pop Pops bed being monkeys. And you could tell he really enjoyed having them there. We celebrated Ethan's birthday saturday with another cake. What a lucky boy. Brooke got into the cake before it was time to eat it. It was precious!

Ethan has open house tonight so he gets to meet his new teacher. He is excited about Friday but nervous too. We are back on the topic of why is mommy not going to school with him. He is not sure he wants to eat lunch there either. But, we all have to get there sometimes. I explained that mommy went to school, daddy went to school, even Pop Pops went to school once. And we ALL ate lunch there. I am wondering how nap time will go. He hardly ever naps. And it has not been a daily thing since he was 18 months. He will do great though. I think he is ready to have some time away from us.

We brought Odie home with us. He is doing great so far. The cats are not happy, but hopefully within a week they will all be adjusted. He seems happy to be here. He follows the kids everywhere. We brought him home to get him checked out at our vet since it is so much cheaper. he is 12, so we want to get the senior blood work done to make sure everything is functioning correctly for him. For being 12, he seems like he is in great condition the way he is running around with these kids. He has been hoping on the couches to sit with him. Having fun chasing the cats. He is finally conked out sleeping!

Well, i will try to update tomorrow to let everyone know how meeting the new teacher goes tonight. Have a great day!

Friday, August 1, 2008

This week :)


That is Bobby (tabby) and Pattycake (orange and white), our 2 male cats that just love each other so much. I have never seen 2 other cats that love one another so much.

We had a pretty good week. Kids went to bed early. We are heading down to Augusta this weekend. We have a date to have some cake with Alex's grandparents. Our house was suppose to be shown today. And we were told the guy was very intrested. House was in the perfect location and he needed in fast. So, i cleaned my butt off yesterday and it was a no show! Go figure that would happen. He is a truck driver and works late i was told. So, hopefully he will still come this weekend to see it while we are gone. This process is defiently frustrating. 2 no shows now and no showings. Ugh.

Hopefully soon Alex will have his resume together and we will be on our way onto a new adventure. I think he is ready :)

Ethan is very ready for school and i am very ready for him to go. I am ready for a little time without 2 kids fighting. :) But will miss him very much too. I can't believe he won't be home for lunch. how strange!

Here is a picture of a rainbow we had here the other night


Ethan was very excited about it. Oh, and his hermit crab Carl who we have had almost a year now changed shells! Yay! Carly is next...but she seems like she still has plenty of room in hers.

Off for the weekend! Have a great weekend to all!