Sunday, August 24, 2008

R.I.P Tigger

After much searching, we have unfourtablty concluded that Tigger has passed away. Alex got her when she was 6 months old from a local humane society. He had her and Gizmo for several years. When we began dating in 2001 I was immediatly rushed down to Augusta for not his families approval, but Tigger and Gizmos. The one thing that bonded Alex and I from the beginning was out love for cats. I had Lacey and he had his 2. Of coarse Tigger and Gizmo instantly loved me :) Once Alex got settled he brought them home to his apartments. At one point i moved Lacey in. Tigger always hated Lacey. Hoping they made amenze before she left.

Tigger was a wonderful cat. As much as she was not fond of the kids, she never scratched. She would just kindly walk away. She was very excepting of all the other cats that moved in. She had such a unique personality. Our home will not be the same without her. Nor do we expect it to. There is still some hope she may turn up. Unfourtantly though, this time it seems like her allerigies to fleas got the best of her.


RodriguezBunch said...

Im sorry to her that .. losing a pet is very tough