Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Visit to Grovetown

We had a great weekend visiting with Alex's grandparents. It was so nice to have a weekend away and be with such great family. The kids had a blast playing on there Pop Pops bed being monkeys. And you could tell he really enjoyed having them there. We celebrated Ethan's birthday saturday with another cake. What a lucky boy. Brooke got into the cake before it was time to eat it. It was precious!

Ethan has open house tonight so he gets to meet his new teacher. He is excited about Friday but nervous too. We are back on the topic of why is mommy not going to school with him. He is not sure he wants to eat lunch there either. But, we all have to get there sometimes. I explained that mommy went to school, daddy went to school, even Pop Pops went to school once. And we ALL ate lunch there. I am wondering how nap time will go. He hardly ever naps. And it has not been a daily thing since he was 18 months. He will do great though. I think he is ready to have some time away from us.

We brought Odie home with us. He is doing great so far. The cats are not happy, but hopefully within a week they will all be adjusted. He seems happy to be here. He follows the kids everywhere. We brought him home to get him checked out at our vet since it is so much cheaper. he is 12, so we want to get the senior blood work done to make sure everything is functioning correctly for him. For being 12, he seems like he is in great condition the way he is running around with these kids. He has been hoping on the couches to sit with him. Having fun chasing the cats. He is finally conked out sleeping!

Well, i will try to update tomorrow to let everyone know how meeting the new teacher goes tonight. Have a great day!


girlstartingover said...

The picture of her licking the cake is WAY too cute!! :)