Saturday, November 29, 2008

We are still here

For those who read us, we are still here. I either pulled a muscle in my back or had a kidney infection. the doctors treated me for both. So, i was stuck on the couch for over a week with tons of pain.

Thanksgiving was great. We went down to Alex's family in augusta. Friday morning Alex and i actually went out for our first time on black friday. We did get some great deals. We got a lot of movies and we only spent around $70! I was proud of us. We then went to my parents today and ate leftovers with them. My mom and i then went birthday shopping for Brooklynn. We had a small party for her in Augusta so Alex's sister could be there to help celebrate Brooke's birthday. We are then giving her the gift we got her on her actual birthday and then my parents are coming over that saturday after. Doing it a little different. I really wanted to get her a good gift instead of doing a party.

Tomorrow we have someone coming to look at the house. I am kinda excited and kinda not. I really don't want to move. Even though i know we need a bigger house, i am just comfortable where i am. this is my home. Even though it is small and not as fancy as others, i just like it. In a new home, i look foward to a play room! Maybe a more wide open floor plan. But, i am just as happy here.

Oh well, i will try to get a picture post of this week. The kids are changing so fast!

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. I am off to workout hopefully this week. As long as my back lets me :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This week has been pretty good. We have been spoiled by time with Alex. He had the weekend off. He then only worked Monday and was home Tuesday and Wednesday. I think we can all like being spoiled though by having him around.
I offically began christmas shopping today. I got Ethan a spiderman foam puzzle and Brooke some little princess dolls. I am going to stay on budget. $40 bucks a kid. Ethan wants Santa to get him a rocket. He wants the cheap foam ones. Then i want to get him the alligator game where you pull the teeth and wait for the tooth that makes the alligator chomp down. Brooklynn, no clue yet. Her birthday is the 12th of december. we are doing a mini party down in augusta at thanksgivning. Then on her birthday we are having a dinner. We are getting her a doll house. i found one for $30! Then i think my parents are coming up saturday to eat again and celebrate her birthday. After that i can figure her out for christmas.
Tomorrow night the kids are going to there Uncle Tom's and i am getting out of the house! I am going to see Twilgiht! I feel inlove with this series and everyone else i know who has read it, loves it. Alex is making fun of me b/c i will be in a theatre full of 12 year olds, but i don't care. I am super excited!
Hope your having a great week! I am hosting a small playgroup today with some kids from Ethan's class. I cleaned today...only to probably have it destroyed. LOL
have a great week and weekend!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hilarious ethan video!

I was trying to get Ethan to tell him Grammy to have a good and safe trip to Mississippi. However, the video defiently did NOT goes as planned.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a little irritated

two posts on one day! Helen slide show below:

After Ethan got out of school i had a meeting with there speech therapist and early intervention specialist. I figured i was just going to discuss Ethan's speech, but they threw a bit of a curve ball at me. We all agreed that a little speech therapy would be good for him. It won't hurt, it can only help. Then they tried to tell me he was delayed in his motor skills. Ilaughed at them. They try to tell me that about my child who rolled over at a week! Was sitting by at 3 months unsupported and was walking at 8 months. Ha Ha Ha! They told me he was not able to hop on one foot. WTF! I called Ethan over and he did it for them. Kids aren't always going to do things for people they don't know. Ethan was probably thinking, who are these crazy ladies and why do they want me to hop on one foot. They then quickly showed me a picture he drew and took it away before i could see it and said they were concerned because he could not draw. He is 4 and anyone who knows Ethan knows he is too busy to worry about drawing. He really doesn't have an interest in it. Ethan is hands on and physical. Is every 4 year old suppose to be able to draw like every other 4 year old??

Maybe i am over reacting, but i am not going to be told he has any problems in that area. I agreed with speech and that was it. Everything else he scored above average.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. They want to reevaluate him after thanksgiving. And if they feel he needs speech then it will start i guess in january. They are a little slow in my opinon. Oh well, just needed to get some frustration out!

PICs from Helen

Enjoy this slide show

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Helen, GA

The kids and i had orgianally planned on going down to augusta this weekend to visit family. We have been trying to stick to a budget and the gas to fill me up was not in it. So, a friend of mine knew how down i was since Alex would be gone ALL weekend. She invited me up to her familys cabin in Helen Ga, and said she would dirve and it would cost me nothing. We jumped aboard on that! It was so much fun. My camera was dead, so she is going to get me the pics. Ethan and Brooke has a blast playing with there friends. It was nice too b/c it was all women, so we all dressed comfy, no make-up and enjoyed ourselves. We played scrabble until 1 in the morning. That was a lot of fun. I want to get better at it. We took the kids today to see live bears. That was amazing. The bears were so friendly. There were so many bears too. Ethan and brooke laughed and enjoyed it.

Ethan had a taste test party at school this past friday. Brooke and i went. We made jello for everyone. It gave me an opportunity to talk more with his teachers and get to know the "mean" teacher better. Of which, Ethan no longer thinks is mean. From talking to her, she loves what she is doing and so on. Both his teachers really seem happy with where they are right now. So, that is good.

Brooke is doing wonderful with her potty training. She used it all weekend out of town. She pooped in the potty for her first time tonight!! yay. that is the one we were having problems with. I normally would put a diaper on and tell her to do her business. tonoght she threw the diaper and said no. So, we sat on the potty and read and she pooped! She was so happy too.

We are doing good for the most part. Link entry below from all the fall/halloween stuff. Will gets picks up soon from the weekend :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pic from the Fall season

please let me know if you can't seen them. There were to many to put on here. i was trying to figure out how to make a slide show on picassa but couldn't. So, enjoy.

Will try to update soon. just been busy and a slakcer. LOL