Saturday, November 29, 2008

We are still here

For those who read us, we are still here. I either pulled a muscle in my back or had a kidney infection. the doctors treated me for both. So, i was stuck on the couch for over a week with tons of pain.

Thanksgiving was great. We went down to Alex's family in augusta. Friday morning Alex and i actually went out for our first time on black friday. We did get some great deals. We got a lot of movies and we only spent around $70! I was proud of us. We then went to my parents today and ate leftovers with them. My mom and i then went birthday shopping for Brooklynn. We had a small party for her in Augusta so Alex's sister could be there to help celebrate Brooke's birthday. We are then giving her the gift we got her on her actual birthday and then my parents are coming over that saturday after. Doing it a little different. I really wanted to get her a good gift instead of doing a party.

Tomorrow we have someone coming to look at the house. I am kinda excited and kinda not. I really don't want to move. Even though i know we need a bigger house, i am just comfortable where i am. this is my home. Even though it is small and not as fancy as others, i just like it. In a new home, i look foward to a play room! Maybe a more wide open floor plan. But, i am just as happy here.

Oh well, i will try to get a picture post of this week. The kids are changing so fast!

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. I am off to workout hopefully this week. As long as my back lets me :)


Libby said...

I LOVE BLACK FRIDAY!! I love the deals!