Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday slide show

We have had a good week so far. We have been taking it easy. Yesterday we had to re register Ethan for Pre-k. I kept waiting on a letter about school and never got it. Finally got ahold of someone at the school and they had misplaced his application. Luckily they still let him enroll. So, it all worked out. They had remembered me coming up there and filling it out.

Brooklynn has been a little monster this week. She has really been testing her limits. She has me worn out. Even daddy is getting worn out by her! Alex keeps asking her to turn back into his sweet little girl. Ha ha!

Hopefully once Ethan starts school (August 8) i can start potty training. I am ready to be done with diapers.

This weekend we are headed down to Augusta to visit family. We have a date with Ethan's Papas and Nanny for cake! Saturday will be Ethan's offical birthday. He will be 4! he already says he is 4. He is such a cutie with all the stuff he tells us now. I was showing him pictures of me before i had them, and there was a picture of one of my old cats spiff in it. He was telling me all kinds of make belive stories about the adventures of him and spiff. It was cute.

Well, here is a slide show of Ethan's party. there were a lot of pictures so i thought this would be easier. Please leave comments. i set it up so anyone can leave a comment. Enjoy the slide show :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Party

Ethan had a great party! Thanks for all the great gifts. He has been playing non stop! I am going to try to work on this week a slide show of Ethan's first 4 years to post. I can't believe it has been that long! Hopefully we will have many more years of laughs with him. Brooke is loving the few little gifts she got too.

Hopefully this evening or tomorrow i will be able to post some pics from the party. But, we just wanted to tell everyone


Enjoy the weekend! We are having lazy/movie day Sunday!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ants and Reward Charts

We had a good day today. Ethan is still super excited about his party saturday. He is wanting to make his cake. But i let him know we are waiting until saturday morning. He is super excited his KK is coming from the navy. And for his bike and monster truck toy!

We enjoyed popsicles after dinner. Something we do quite often. Poor Brooklynn got into a pile of ants and they crawled up her so fast. She of coarse had popsicle dripped all down her leg. I rushed her in and rinsed her off and then applied Benedryl cream. We went back outside to get Ethan and bring him in for the night. In that time the mosquitos got her. poor baby. So, i called the bluecross nurse line....20 minutes of her finally telling me to call the pediatrician. I knew by this time Brooklynn was fine and was not having a reaction.

They are both now nestled in bed. We are working on the reward chart with Ethan. He has been fighting going to bed. There have been a few nights it has taken 2 hours! The excuses they come up with. Then at night he is wanting to get up and sleep with us. Really trying to break this habit. So, once he does 5 nights in bed all by himself it will be movie and popcorn, and once he does 5 night of no fighting us to go to sleep he gets double the story night. So far 2 for now for not fighting and none for sleeping in his bed.

Off for the night! Need to get my sleep for tomorrow!

Recent pictures of the kiddos

Here are some recent pics of the kids. They are growing up so fast! Enjoy :)









Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I decided to start a blog so everyone can keep up with us! I can post pics since i am SOOOO bad at e-mailing them out. Sorry Nana and Papa Reeve....i always forget you don' t have a myspace. Once i get this all figured out i will post pictures!

Can't wait to see everyone saturday for Ethan's party. He is super excited and can not wait. This seems to be the first year he really gets it. He called his grammy tonight and told her to wrap his bike, put it in a box, and put a bow on it. Such a cutie he is!

Well, i am off to watch baby borrowers. I love this show.....if i had seen it 4 years ago i might however not have a 4 year old. those pre teen years scare me!!!!!

More later! off to e-mail this site to everyone!