Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday slide show

We have had a good week so far. We have been taking it easy. Yesterday we had to re register Ethan for Pre-k. I kept waiting on a letter about school and never got it. Finally got ahold of someone at the school and they had misplaced his application. Luckily they still let him enroll. So, it all worked out. They had remembered me coming up there and filling it out.

Brooklynn has been a little monster this week. She has really been testing her limits. She has me worn out. Even daddy is getting worn out by her! Alex keeps asking her to turn back into his sweet little girl. Ha ha!

Hopefully once Ethan starts school (August 8) i can start potty training. I am ready to be done with diapers.

This weekend we are headed down to Augusta to visit family. We have a date with Ethan's Papas and Nanny for cake! Saturday will be Ethan's offical birthday. He will be 4! he already says he is 4. He is such a cutie with all the stuff he tells us now. I was showing him pictures of me before i had them, and there was a picture of one of my old cats spiff in it. He was telling me all kinds of make belive stories about the adventures of him and spiff. It was cute.

Well, here is a slide show of Ethan's party. there were a lot of pictures so i thought this would be easier. Please leave comments. i set it up so anyone can leave a comment. Enjoy the slide show :)


Libby said...

CUTE cake :)
I hope you guys are well :)
Happy Birthday -Birthday Buddy!!
haha- I saw that you said his actual birthday is Saturday...and I thought...hmmm....no...thats not right....its Sunday...opps....didn't even know when my birthday is!! haha