Friday, April 30, 2010

Picture/Letters of Intent/Friday Follow

It's friday, so its that time again!


So, this weeks letter is going to....ME

Dear Self,

I do believe Monday you promised pictures and yet, i don't see any pictures on this blog from the past few weeks! So, for my letters of Intent, I will be putting up PICTURES!

My beautiful Dumpling!

Dumpling and her friend having a popsicle for breakfast after their sleepover

This handsome man getting ready for baseball

Our nephew who is now apparently driving! Geez, do they grow up fast.

E-Man going down the slide

Bumper cars!

E-Man at his sleepover

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Know your a Mom

I am linking up with this new Mom Blogger.

With this i share events from the week that show i am a mom and post pictures. However, this week i will be picture free!

You know your a mom when you are sitting on the potty having a conversation with your child about what they want for a snack.

You know your a mom when the biggest event to talk about for the week is that you had to ground your 5 year old. And that is all you can talk about.

Hopefully next weeks will be more intresting!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post it note Tuesday

Its tuesday, which means i get to post on entry on these neat little notes. Hey, its the little things that amuse me :o)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

The weekend

So, i took last week off from blogging, my intention was to get more cleaning done. I did tackle the kitchen drawers and cabinets. And i filled 2 garbage bags! geez! I guess that is what happens when you take a year off. Last year i skipped the big clean. Yesterday we did a really good clutter clean since book club was  hosted at my house. So today...i could either tackle my room (Its a danger zone in there) or relax. Not sure yet...i am a little pooped from yesterday. 6 women and 10 kids! It was a blast though.

So, what have we been up to? Probably the same ol as always. E-man only had one game last week and he hit great again. He likes to switch the side he hits on each inning. So far he can hit right or left handed. So, that's good. I am going to look into tennis for him this summer. He is really intrested. Hopefully the county will offer a camp or the lessons won't be too expensive. I am thinking of putting Dumpling in something this summer. I know she feels left out. When she is 4 she will start dance. Its a Reeve girl tradition (and she is half Reeve). We start it and see how we like it. I did it until high school. I am thinking maybe this summer i might put her in gymnastics for a month to get her active in something. It might help her not be so clumsy.

Saturday was our kitty Valerie's one year birthday! We were crazy people and decided to have a small party. I will try to post some pics soon. We had cheesecake and the kitty loved it. The kids were so excited to celebrate. Now, many people will think we are nuts...but we never claimed to be normal.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post it notes

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Google Reader Help

I have been using google reader now to read my blogs. Pretty much b/c it can link up to my phone and i can still read blogs away from home.

Anyway, my question is, do i have to go to the persons page to leave a blog comment or is there a way to do it from google reader?

Thanks for any help!

Friday, April 16, 2010


We are doing sleepovers this weekend. Kind of exciting! E-Man is going to his friends house to sleep and Dumpling is having the little sister who is her age come here.  This is not E-Man’s first sleep over at a friends. He has had one or two others i think. This will be Dumpling’s first time having a friend spend the night.

So saturday night, the Hubs and I will have not one 3 year old girl but two! This should be quite the adventure.

So now i wonder, what will these girls do? Play dress up, play kitchen, talk laugh and giggle their hearts out. I think its gonna be fun, but i guess i will let ya know that on Sunday!

(incase your wondering why the name change in the kids, read a couple entries down)

Letters of Intent...a buttload of letters


Its Friday! Which means...its letter time!

Dear Read it Forward Winner,
Its Heather at Ssssssh Mommy's hiding!  I will email you soon for your info :o)


Dear Cats,
This week we have had 5 mice since last friday. Thanks....really thanks. Not sure what else to say. And then this morning, you didn't bring me a mouse. Instead you brought me a bird and defeathered in my house. Thanks.....really thanks. It has been a gift giving week, and i think i am happy and don't need any more gifts. Tonight, the garage door will be closed...i will remember and you will no longer have access outside during the night.

Your Mama


Dear kids and their common sense,
Yes i love you and i always will. But when does common sense come? Sometimes i just wonder....why do you do those things. Such as this morning, bird feathers everywhere, and Dumpling decides she needs to pick them up. My common sense thought, those feathers are nasty and hers said...this looks like something to play with. Then to E-Man, while putting on his hoodie before school, instead on sliding it on. He set it on his head and repeated "on" over and over. Did he think it would magically go on itself?

Your Mama


Dear Patience,
I am not feeling you today. I had a good nights sleep. Maybe i should have taken more time for me yesterday while the Hubs was home. I didn't though. Today i am feeling rather short on patience. So, hopefully while cleaning up this house....AGAIN....i will find some.

Signed....lack of patience


Dear whoever wrote the game times for BBall,
Why do the older kids play earlier game? Why do they gets 6:00 games? Why does my 5 year old get 7:00 games that don't get  us home until almost 9 at night? Not only do i drag my sleepy 5 year old in the door, but i have to drag in my 3 year old who after 1 inning is bored and then gets cranky.

the mom in the stands who has the cranky 3 year old.

So, if you have letters to write, click the picture above and head over and link up your letters with Foursons.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BBall Video

Last night was E-Man's second baseball game! He did great last night. At his age, they play 3 innings. It went from 7-8:30! We were wipped out when getting home. E-man is lucky that he is a left and right handed batter. He bats much better left handed. He usually hits the second throw to him. This video is hitting right handed and he still did it! He was so proud of himself last night. I could tell he was proud of all the work he has been doing at home. Last year he really didn't enjoy t-ball too much. But this year he is having a blast!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

change in names

My blog is getting more public, so in light of that I am going to start using my  kids nicknames instead of their real names.


As usual, the hubbys is usually "The Hubs" and i "Mama"


Read it Forward

These two great bloggers i read started a really cool thing called Read It Forward.

To sum it up, basically its like a giveaway. I am going to put a book on here and link up with their Read it Forward pages. Then you get to leave me comments and then Friday i am going to use to pick the lucky winner of this book. You would then read the book, review the book and on the inside cover write your name and blog. You would then when you have finished the book, list it on your blog to pass it on. If your lucky, not only will you pass a good read on, you will also get a book.  So, Please click on the link about (Read It Forward) for all the details.

So, now finally, the book i have decided to part with that has been sitting on my book shelf. Its called The Secret Lives of The Fortunate HouseWives by Sarah Strohmeyer.

(text taken from
Perfectly timed to ride the wave of Desperate Housewives-mania comes a sharply sardonic tale of suburban sex-capades, social snobbery, and stock swindles from the author of the effervescent Bubbles mystery series. In the tony Cleveland suburb of Hunting Hills, where absurdly wealthy executives ensconce their couturier-clad wives in opulent McMansions and supply them with platinum AmEx cards, there are rules for wifely behavior that have nothing on the Ten Commandments. Trophy wives happily commit adultery and covet their neighbors with style and aplomb. As queen of this realm of riches, Marti Denton reigns supreme. Only one thing eludes her--the oh-so-sexy John Harding--and Marti isn't about to let a little thing like John's recent marriage to the mousy Claire or her own rocky marital state stand in the way. The mordantly observant Strohmeyer skewers the lifestyles of the rich and fatuous with spot-on irony, painting her pretentious socialites with broad, sarcastic strokes in an uproarious, upscale, tongue-in-cheek tour de force.

How to enter: Just leave me a comment! make sure to include your email so i can contact you if your the winner. If you have a book you also want to enter use the links about that say read it forward and submit your book :o)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh My Monday!

Its Monday again! That is defiently an Oh my moment! I didn't want to get out of bed!

So....the Oh My moments this weekend were......

  • the mouse saga continues.....the cat who left the dead mouse in bed was VALERIE! And saturday she brought a live mouse in the house and left it to run around and play and be found by my 5 year old son, who screamed and cried his head off when finding this live mouse running at him. Then mommy continued to see what was going on and screamed also jumping high in the air like a crazy person onto her sons bed. Yes...i reacted like the typical female. OH MY!!!!!!
  • This morning.....another dead mouse. That's right the count goes up of more mice. This one was left on my bedroom floor. And since i didn't get the dead mouse up the second i woke up, little miss Valerie has taken it under the bed. OH MY!!!!!!!
  • And finally, b/c life just seems to stay intresting, with my dryer being broken, everything has to go outside. After bathing saturday morning, i grabbed my clean towel that was line dried. Started to run my body and got stung on the boob by a WASP!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breath in and out and count to 10!

Today was a day to remind myself to breath in and out slowly. It was one of those days where to kids are going to push every button they can. Whew! And they were in bed at 6:45 tonight too! This Mama had had enough!

Tomorrow they are on restrictions. I think it will do them good. in the long run, they are upset that there will be no TV or video games tomorrow or until they prove they can function in society better. Heck...what am i getting myself into. The TV is the best babysitter, does this mean i have to entertain them? Darn! Then again, Ethan may have looked at me like he cared less since he goes to school. Its Brooke who is really in for it. Or maybe its me, b/c she is the whiner. Oh well, that's what those two bottles of wine are for, right? To help mommy take the edge off in the evenings.

Other then today, the weekend was well. The kids stayed with my parents friday night. So the hibs and I got some alone time. Much much needed time. We had a great saturday. We vegged around in the morning and then had a nice lunch together at sonic before getting the kids. After that, we went into a town near us, ate again, lol. I got my phones software updated and it works much better now.

Today was beautiful weather and would have been a great day to just play with the kids. Yet, they fought with each other and me all day. Probably coming off grandparent withdraws. Oh well!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Letters of Intent...Dear CATS


I am linking up again with Foursons for Letters of Intent. 

Dear Cats,
   Yes you furry little creatures that i usually love so much. However as grateful as i should be that you decided that i was worthy of that gift...i am finding it hard to be grateful. What gift you ask? A dead mouse in my bed!!! Yes that's right, you left a dead mouse in my bed for me. Can i just tell you that leaving it next to the bed or even by the back door would have been a better idea. Now i have to clean my sheets and lets not dryer is STILL BROKEN! now it will be those funky colored green sheets i got for sale on my bed. At least its just the hubs and i who see it. Anyway, this act has me rethinking the car door and especially has me rethinking letting you freely come in and out at night. Out of my wonderful 6 spayed and neutered cats, i have narrowed it down to 2 of you. Those 2 are Valerie and Callie. Please feel free to fess up.

Your loving Mommy Human,

P.S. Thanks however for giving me something to blog about :o)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Tiger Woods Commercial

Wow....have you seen this yet? I have been hearing about it all day. I kept thinking, how bad could the commerical be. What are these people talking about. I see now. Nike...this ad was horrible. Sorry, thats my opinon. That fact that Tiger even did this video makes me lose more respect for him then what he did to his wife. I actually had hopes for his marriage before this. I in no way agreed with what he did, but he seemed to come across as sincerly sorry for his actions. This commercial looks like he is using his misery and what he did to get ratings. Sorry...Nike and Tiger....your lame!

Thank You Very Much

today i am linking up with Thursdays Thank you very much sponsered by The Daily Dribbles

Thank you very much is pretty much a free therapy session :o)

--To the parents out there who seems to get it right with your kids...quit judging me. Yeah, that's right, i am not a perfect parent. I have two kids with mouths and yes they sure do enjoy talking back. No, i didn't get those kids who i can tell to go to time out and they just go! I get smack back. I get talked back too. Sure, its probably something i did wrong in my parenting, but in the long run as my little guy is yelling and screaming and justifing his actions as i argue back to just get into time out...he is only using his right to free speech. Watch our whoever decides to piss him off!

--To Brooke...use your words. I am tired of crying.

--To this pollen. I know soon your going to have me sick. I am allerigic to you and i know soon i will feel so weak and miserable i won't want out of bed.

--To my allergy medicine...WHERE THE HECK DID YOU GO?! It just disappered. Like it is working with the pollen to make me miserable.

--Also...why does everyone assume because i read twilight that i only read vampire stuff?! Geez...a good vamp novel is good every now and then. But i mostly read chick lit. Stuff about boring housewifes and the fantasy world we all wish we could live in :o)

Yeah so, its been a good week. Not a whole lot making me mad right now. Anyway, click the photo above and link with and so your own Thank You Very Much. Its fun and hey it helps get more followers :o)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break is OVER

  Its done and over with! Ethan was in the carpool lane and in the building all by 7:40! The house is quiet with Brooke watching blue clues. The washing machine is on (hey...gotta get it going early since the dryer is still broken!). Its a peace that i like. However, don't get me wrong, i loved having Ethan home for all those days. I loved not hearing that darn alarm clock buzz. Especially this morning when one of my kitties was snuggled so tightly next to me and i had already hit snooze 5 i knew i had to get up.

So, what did we do. We had fun! I had planned on doing some school work over the week but then decided, nah! Lets just have some fun! So, Saturday we went to Alex's mom's house to visit. All the grandkids were there which made the house shrink fast and get loud fast. But it was a lot of fun. So, i am gonna lets the pictures share our story! Sit back and enjoy :o)

Four cousins! We can tell they are all related!

Brooklynn got her hands around Kainan and wasn't letting go!

Such a handsome boy!

Ethan and his gameboy

Ethan pushing Kainan around his house.

The beach...FINALLY

Brooke playing in the sand....Ethan taking off for the water that was really cold!

This girl loved her pringles!

And finally a little egg coloring and decorating.

Whew! It was an awesome week! We had a blast and we did so much more, but i just didn't get out the camera. Hope you enjoyed the pictures because we enjoyed every moment!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pictures of these crazy kids

Oh My Monday!

So, as my long time readers can tell, i am trying to get this blog out there more. So i am linking up this monday with a new blogger i have been following. Click here to check her out.

So, what is making me say Oh My for this monday? It goes all to my hubby.

While away on spring break the hubby wasn't able to go. The night before i came home he went to home depot to get the color paint i loved on his sisters walls. And he painted the whole living room by himself.  Moved all the furniture himself. What a sweet guy! Don't mind the mess on the floor...its the dogs area, lol. So for those who haven't seen it before. It was a medium to dark brown. Big differance now. The room is much brighter and while it already is a big living room. It feels even bigger.

So, that is my Oh My Moment :o)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Thursday, April 1, 2010 followers

hi new followers, welcome to my little space on the internet to share my little life experiances. I promise to be back soon. Its spring break here for this crazy pack. Time for my feet up and relaxing!