Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank You Very Much

today i am linking up with Thursdays Thank you very much sponsered by The Daily Dribbles

Thank you very much is pretty much a free therapy session :o)

--To the parents out there who seems to get it right with your kids...quit judging me. Yeah, that's right, i am not a perfect parent. I have two kids with mouths and yes they sure do enjoy talking back. No, i didn't get those kids who i can tell to go to time out and they just go! I get smack back. I get talked back too. Sure, its probably something i did wrong in my parenting, but in the long run as my little guy is yelling and screaming and justifing his actions as i argue back to just get into time out...he is only using his right to free speech. Watch our whoever decides to piss him off!

--To Brooke...use your words. I am tired of crying.

--To this pollen. I know soon your going to have me sick. I am allerigic to you and i know soon i will feel so weak and miserable i won't want out of bed.

--To my allergy medicine...WHERE THE HECK DID YOU GO?! It just disappered. Like it is working with the pollen to make me miserable.

--Also...why does everyone assume because i read twilight that i only read vampire stuff?! Geez...a good vamp novel is good every now and then. But i mostly read chick lit. Stuff about boring housewifes and the fantasy world we all wish we could live in :o)

Yeah so, its been a good week. Not a whole lot making me mad right now. Anyway, click the photo above and link with and so your own Thank You Very Much. Its fun and hey it helps get more followers :o)


Kmama said...

My oldest talks back all the time! It's really, really frustrating. There's nothing you can really do about it. i've talked to him calmly, I've ranted, I've threatened, and I've cried. Nothing changes. THey are just stubborn and will someday make great leaders.

Thanks for linking up!

Michelle Pixie said...

*sigh* My kiddos talk back too! You mean there are models that don't?! Wow! Who knew?!

I hate the allergies but right now I am so ready for some warm weather instead of this stupid winter weather we are getting I will pop an allergy pill and deal with the itchy throat for a little sunshine. ;-)

Adrienne said...

Buggy will do the talk back just long enough for me to get out what he calls the mad Kids ugh they really test the momma waters sometimes