Thursday, April 30, 2009


There is the link to the pictures from Charleston. We had a great time. Alex's sister Karen is in the Navy and the ship was being commissioned. It was a great ceremony and defiently a great experiance. The day before the commisioning we got to tour the ship. Ethan loved it. Brooke loved looking out at the water and seeing the little tug boats out in the water. After the ship commisioning, we went to down town Charleston and did some window shopping. It was a lot of fun to just get away. The kids loved staying in a hotel.   They even got to see ducks there. Brooke and Ethan followed them around quacking at them and the ducks quacked back.

Since returning, i have been worn out. I think its allergies, just effecting me differently then a runny nose and sneezes this year. I have a sinus headache and body aches.  Taking claritin helps.

Ethan had a T-Ball game tuesday and a make-up game this friday. He was enjoying T-ball, but then didn't do it for a few weeks due to weather. Tueday he really wasn't into it. Ethan seemed to enjoy t-ball practice, but the actual games, he isn't really into. Plus, he was confused, at the game he missed this past friday they learned to tag with the ball. So, we are going to work on that when he gets home today so when the coach yells to tag Ethan knows what to do.  He seems excited before games and can't wait to get there. He does good during batting, but when it comes to outfield time he has a very hard time concentrating. The coach in the last game placed him infont of the batter to try to help him concentrate.  I think we are going to try soccer this fall. Its a constant moving sport so it might fit him better.

This week was kindergarden registration. I went to register Ethan, but his shot record i had here was not up to date. So i have to run by his doctors to see if i need an updated one or he needs more shots. I know he had some at 4, so he should be good, but now a days you never know!  Hopefully we can get that taken care of. Also, Banks county does not do pre-k graduation!! they do kindergarden graduation??? I technically find the whole thing silly, but still. pre-k makes a little more sense. Oh well.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Still here

I promise to update soon. I have pics to share from Charleston, SC and the kids new swing set. Its just been crazy. Alex was on vacation all last week which was wonderful so i spent all my free time with him, which was a lot. The day before his vacation began i cleaned the house top to bottom so i had all the time to spend with him. Now however, the house is a wreck. I should be cleaning, but i have been playing this silly game on facebook called FarmTown. The kids are wanting outside too, but it is really kinda HOT today so we might aim for this evening instead of  this afternoon.  Will have pics up soon on picasa and will post a link for all.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Parenting just got harder

Ethan is almost 5 and is getting to understand his actions better. Yesterday he decided to draw on my carpet while i cooked dinner with a black crayon. What made it worse was that the crayons has been sitting in front of the window all day and had melted some from the sun and were defiently ready to write all over my carpet and stain!  Ethan knows better. He is old enough to know while he was doing it that is was wrong.  So, to me this was something he didn't just need time out for and to say sorry for. He is getting to the age where he needs to learn he gets real consequences to his actions. That is just life. If i get pulled over for speeding is the police officer going to tell me as long as i say i am sorry i can go on. Um, NO! He is going to give me a darn ticket!  So, today Ethan was not aloud to watch TV. Only for the day, he is too young still to know past today.  He was defiently upset about it today. He kept asking to watch and i explained each time that he lost TV for coloring all over mommys carpet. By this evening, he understood. 

This is when parenting gets so tough. It means Ethan is growing up. We are teaching him lessons for life. I wish i could just tell the cop sorry who wrote me a ticket and then not have to pay for it, but unfourtanly that is not how things happen. Ethan survived today. He will get to watch TV tomorrow. While he cried about not getting to watch TV, I felt bad too. I hated having to take it away from him and then hearing how upset he was. But, i have to stick to it.

On another note, Ethan's writing is really improving. He is constantly writing. The driveway is full of letters right now. And my living room floor.  Here is where he wrote Ethan W is the best on my driveway. Yes, he is obsessed that when he writes his name is has to be Ethan W. His class there is another Ethan in there, so i think Ethan truly feels like his name is spelled with a w.

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break is over/ new family member

Today spring break ended for Ethan and he headed back to school. We had a great week, even though we didn't get to some of the things we planned on doing. Playdates and so on. We didn't even have 1! We had a day or 2 to relax but mostly just had a blast with family. Brooke spent her few days down at her grammy's by herself. She did great. She had a blast and they had a blast with her too. Friday we had some pretty nasty storms. After it settled down Aunt KK came. the kids were surprised and really excited. Karen stayed until Easter morning. After she left we went to my parents for the day on Easter. The kids had lots of fun. Monday was Ethan's last day home and since it rained the kids just played all day while i did some cleaning. I am now looking forward to summer when we get to sleep in again! It was so nice getting up at roughly 8. Instead of 6:30!

Here is Ethan and Brooke's newest cousin! I was amazed at a 12 wk ultrasound! Brooke's 1st was at 8 weeks and she litterally looked like a bean! I couldn't believe there little cousin already has little arms and legs! Brooke loves looking at the U/S pics and saying "Baby!!!" We look forward to meeting the newest baby in October! Both kids say that it is a boy. Ethan wants it to be a boy. He says girls cry to much.

Have a happy week!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ethan's 1st T-Ball game

I am a little late posting, but that's ok. Banks County makes a huge deal over there T-Ball and it was great to be involved!!! One of the great things with a small town. So, opening day which was saturday april 4, there was a mini parade! Then all teams played mini games on saturday. They had a food stand, face painting, snowcones and baseball. It was a lot of fun. Ethan really enjoyed his first game. We look forward to seeing him play some more.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Life with 1 kid

Today might be a double post day so i can write and post pics for Ethan's t-ball game saturday.

Since around 5:30 saturday we have only had Ethan. Brooke went home with her Grammy and Nanni to spend a few days with them. It has given us a chance to have some nice to with just Ethan. So, yesterday Ethan and I decided would be the best day to go to Funopolis after looking at the weather. He had a blast! We played putt putt, rode go karts, did arcade games and then at the end we rode the bumper boats! We avoided getting drenched since we were going to walmart after. Then at walmart Ethan got a new toy and we got Brooke a bathing suit since we will be headed to Charleston in a few weeks and seeing the beach! It was a lot of fun having some time though with just Ethan. Its not over yet. We head down to Augusta on Tuesday to get her and will come home wednesday. It has been fun having Ethan, but i am defiantly thankful for having at least 2 kids! Before having Brooke Ethan would play by himself like Brooke does now while Ethan is at school. After having Brooke he kinda migrated to wherever me and baby were. He got out of the habit to just go to his room and play. So, with Brooke gone and she is his play buddy, its all mommy. Mommy play cars, Mommy play basketball, and so on. Its like, ok Brooke come home and play with Ethan.

I did make the joke yesterday morning to Alex at around 10 if he could notice a difference in out sunday morning from others. He said what. There were no toys out. Ethan has never really dragged stuff out. Brooke, loves it. That is why i finally gave up my fight to a clean house 24/7. I would clean and do nothing else with her. I guess she just loves to keep mama busy.

So, its been fun spending some days with Ethan. And he has defiantly loved all the attention on him. We go to bed late and sleep in. that is really nice. But, it is far to quite here. No one talking and talking b/c Brooke talks constantly. Even in her sleep. And i think Alex purposely made a mess before work so i would have something to clean. So, we will be happy to see our Brooklynn tomorrow.

Friday, April 3, 2009

No Title :o)

Ok, i need to blog, right?

I keep thinking i need to write, but really nothing to exciting to write about. The past 2 days i have been sick to my stomach. Which has left me with little motivation. Ethan's 1st t-ball game is saturday. He is in a parade before the games. He is really excited. Ethan's spring break started today. Grammy and Nanni are headed this way now to be here for all the excitement tomorrow. Then they are taking Brooke home with them. :o) We are super excited about a mini vacation from Brooke, sounds bad i know. But we will hopefully get some sleep and have a quite house. Ethan has never been loud. always fairly quite in play. Dont get me wrong.....we love Brooke to pieces! I am however really looking forward to the alone time with Ethan. 5 days a week i get alone time with Brooke where we shop, clean, and watch TV on the couch. We don't get much alone time with Ethan. He is excited too. On our list for Monday is FUNOPOLIS! Go karts....putt putt, arcade games!! Tons of fun!

Hopefully i will be back in the blogging mood in a few days. For now....i think i need some coffee to make it through the day. We just got home from shopping and the bag the milk was in ripped, the milk jug fell to the driveway and the milk is now rolling down the driveway for the dogs and cats to enjoy!

have a great weekend!