Friday, April 3, 2009

No Title :o)

Ok, i need to blog, right?

I keep thinking i need to write, but really nothing to exciting to write about. The past 2 days i have been sick to my stomach. Which has left me with little motivation. Ethan's 1st t-ball game is saturday. He is in a parade before the games. He is really excited. Ethan's spring break started today. Grammy and Nanni are headed this way now to be here for all the excitement tomorrow. Then they are taking Brooke home with them. :o) We are super excited about a mini vacation from Brooke, sounds bad i know. But we will hopefully get some sleep and have a quite house. Ethan has never been loud. always fairly quite in play. Dont get me wrong.....we love Brooke to pieces! I am however really looking forward to the alone time with Ethan. 5 days a week i get alone time with Brooke where we shop, clean, and watch TV on the couch. We don't get much alone time with Ethan. He is excited too. On our list for Monday is FUNOPOLIS! Go karts....putt putt, arcade games!! Tons of fun!

Hopefully i will be back in the blogging mood in a few days. For now....i think i need some coffee to make it through the day. We just got home from shopping and the bag the milk was in ripped, the milk jug fell to the driveway and the milk is now rolling down the driveway for the dogs and cats to enjoy!

have a great weekend!