Thursday, April 30, 2009


There is the link to the pictures from Charleston. We had a great time. Alex's sister Karen is in the Navy and the ship was being commissioned. It was a great ceremony and defiently a great experiance. The day before the commisioning we got to tour the ship. Ethan loved it. Brooke loved looking out at the water and seeing the little tug boats out in the water. After the ship commisioning, we went to down town Charleston and did some window shopping. It was a lot of fun to just get away. The kids loved staying in a hotel.   They even got to see ducks there. Brooke and Ethan followed them around quacking at them and the ducks quacked back.

Since returning, i have been worn out. I think its allergies, just effecting me differently then a runny nose and sneezes this year. I have a sinus headache and body aches.  Taking claritin helps.

Ethan had a T-Ball game tuesday and a make-up game this friday. He was enjoying T-ball, but then didn't do it for a few weeks due to weather. Tueday he really wasn't into it. Ethan seemed to enjoy t-ball practice, but the actual games, he isn't really into. Plus, he was confused, at the game he missed this past friday they learned to tag with the ball. So, we are going to work on that when he gets home today so when the coach yells to tag Ethan knows what to do.  He seems excited before games and can't wait to get there. He does good during batting, but when it comes to outfield time he has a very hard time concentrating. The coach in the last game placed him infont of the batter to try to help him concentrate.  I think we are going to try soccer this fall. Its a constant moving sport so it might fit him better.

This week was kindergarden registration. I went to register Ethan, but his shot record i had here was not up to date. So i have to run by his doctors to see if i need an updated one or he needs more shots. I know he had some at 4, so he should be good, but now a days you never know!  Hopefully we can get that taken care of. Also, Banks county does not do pre-k graduation!! they do kindergarden graduation??? I technically find the whole thing silly, but still. pre-k makes a little more sense. Oh well.

Have a great day!