Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday was a big day for Ethan!  He went on his very first field trip! The school loaded all the kids up in a bus (yes the big ones with no seat belts) and took them to the Banks County Primary. Ethan got to tour  his school for next year. He saw the cafeteria, music room, art room, where he will do P.E. and so on.  I don't have any pictures since i didn't go. I know....for once i didn't go. I figured i would let Ethan experiance this on his own and come home to tell me about it. I wanted to go but i have to start to let go some. I mean, come on, he's going to kindergarden!! 

So, what was the best part of the whole trip according to Ethan.... RIDING THE SCHOOL BUS WITH NO SEAT BELTS.  IT WAS JUST SO COOL!