Thursday, May 21, 2009

PJ, KK, Justin oh my!

We have a visitor for the next week. PJ the chihuahua! Grammy is headed to Illinois and PJ decided he wanted to hang with Brooke and Ethan for the next week. This should be fun. :o)

5 days left of school for Ethan. He is so excited for Kindergarden, as we are too.  I am not emotional about it like some moms. I guess b/c he did pre-k at public school i don't see the big deal.

This weekend should be fun. Friday is Alex and I's wedding anniversary. So saturday we are having a date night. Aunt KK is coming to town tomorrow and she is bringing Ethan's best friend with her, Justin! Ethan is so excited Justin is coming. Sorry KK, you have been bumped down. All Ethan can talk about is Justin is coming! Hopefully Justin is ready. However, Brooke is more excited her KK is coming, unless Justin gives her a penny she said. Brooke actually cried when i told her Justin was coming with her KK. For some reason she think she wants to take her winnie the pooh ride on toy. Who knows.  

Tomorrow is Field day at Ethan's school. I am so excited to go. I love going on days like this when i get to watch Ethan smile all day and have a blast with his friends. Brooke loves going too. Ethan defiantly has his daddy's luck though. We had to bring in a white t-shirt to be tye dyed. The lady who did them, did it with boiling water. Everyones shirts turned out great. BUT, Ethan's shirt is the only shirt that shrunk!!!! It will barely cover his belly button. ha ha ha! blackmail time. J/K. Luckily he has some of my luck too and his teacher Ms. Stephanie has an extra shirt for him.

Our week has been pretty good minus our whole yard is blooming at killing me! Have a great weekend!