Thursday, May 14, 2009

little update

Tongiht ends the t-ball season...maybe. its raining. it could mean the game is moved. i am so over t-ball season. lol. i am not a sports mama. Never been intrested in them. Ethan wants to play soccer in the fall. I am going to look and see if i can find anywhere with tennis lessons. He wants to play tennis. He enjoys it on the wii, but that doesn't mean he will actually like it.

i love my wii fit. i can really feel my muscles building. i have only been using it since saturday, but i really can tell a differance. Maybe not with less fat in my fat areas, but i can feel muscles. Which is the 1st step, next will be to burn off this fat! lol. i feel better and really look forward to getting on it.  The kids are pretty good during my workout time to leave me alone. Or they stand on each side of me doing the exercises with me.

Ethan's last day of school is the 29th. I am ready for summer vacation.

The kids have been great the last few days. Brooke went on a playdate in Athens with a bunch of 2 year olds. Once again all boys minus the 1 yr old girl. She must have been born the year of boys. LOL. She broke away from me for a little. but for the most part like usual she stayed glued to me. She has been doing great in her wednesday class at the library. It has not been going for the past 2 wednesday but will start up again this upcoming week. She will now sing and dance in there and feels comfotable.  I still want to look into putting her into a 2 day morning program. She is so smart. She know some upper and lower case letters, her colors, numbers and so on. I am really impressed with her.

Yesterday was Ethan's  end of the year conferance. He is doing great. His teacher said with him being the youngest he is also one of the smartest. Which is great to know. His maturaty is behind the others, but atleast he's smart :o)  We have been working with Ethan about the crying all the time and so on. We have been working on building his confidence in himself. I think he will do great in kindergarden.

Kids grow up too fast!