Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post 100

Wow, we have made it to 100 posts on here. Is anyone still reading? Have i bored everyone to tears yet that your begging for me to get off the internet all together?  So, post 100 is going to be pictures. Lots of of them so get your clicker finger ready if you going to copy all my pics!

even though he is too big to be sucking his thumb he looks so handsome here

Little homie Brooke

Climbing up the net at McDonalds (no socks on Brooke)

The behavior chart

Ethan's baseball pic, yes its from his plaque, lol

Monkey Ethan

Brooke on her bike or whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

So 100 posts! Congradulations! Haha! I'm def not tired of seeing them because I can access them at work. It makes it easier to see what's going on and when you add in stuff about me it helps everyone else that reads it to get updated as well. Kind of funny! Glad that you found this and will probably end up getting one of my own for my little one. The big appointment is tuesday! So get ready to make another post! Haha! Love and miss you guys! ~kk

Abby said...

I still read- maybe just once every week or two when I can- but I still read! Great pics!!!