Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you know the Muffin Man?

The muffin man made a trip to our house this morning. He made us 6 blueberry muffins and the kids were so happy. We all heard him this morning when he was here. There was a huge bang in the house. I wish he could have been a little quiter. So, we got to fill our bellies with the muffins.

Note to Muffin Man:
Next time make sure all the blueberries dont go to the bottom. The kids complained they were too gooey there. Other then that, you made some awesome muffins.

Happy Friday! (if youread this, please comment...i have had NO comment love lately. Anyone reading me?)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Me to brooke: "ooo bad cough. where did u get that cough from Brooke?"

Brooke: "at walmart mommy"

i think we might visit there a little too much. :o)

The annoying kid

Thinking about my view on kids before having kids. Babies were always cute and smelled nice most of the time. Just dont spit it me...ick! Toddlers were always fun b/c they wobbled when walking. They were just learning to talk. Then you had ones brooke's age who were always so cute and funny. For the most part, both of these age groups just simply played a little and left you alone. Then there was the annoying kids. They usually started around 5. They were the ones who asked questions all day. Didnt know the word stop when you would play with them. You always waited for mom or dad to call them over to get away from you. The annoying kid was always up in whatever you were doing. Asking questions over and over and over. After awhile you just wanted to tell that kid to hush!

So, it dawned on my the other day. I have an annoying kid!!! Which i mean nothing mean by. I had yet to realize he was now offically in the annoying kid stage. I noticed b/c daddy has hooked a computer up to the TV. This excited Ethan to no end and question after question. Daddy starts getting snappy becuase he is trying to do something, and here is ethan aka annoying kid just sitting there all up in his buisness. Or anytime you do anything online, there is Ethan....wanting to ask 20 million questions. And sometimes when playing you can't get him to realize when enough is enough. Only...i dont have anyone to look around for and ask for HELP! Get the annoying kid away from me!!

However, really he doesn't annoy me. I am sure he could annoy others. But to me, he is in peak curiosity. He wants to know what anything and everything does. He is at a time of his life where his brain is a little sponge and he is learning so much. So when he stands in the kitchen asking questions while i cook such as why did you use that measuring cup and not that one? Why does this goes in the oven and that goes on the stove? I answer and hope it sinks in so tomorrow i dont have to asnwer the same question.

So, to those who kids i found annoying, sorry! But they were annoying, but now i understand why. :o)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet Ms. Spider

Meet ms. spider. She has become ethan and brookes newest friend. Every morning before school starts the kids take a moment to visit with her and see what bugs she has caught in her web. We have even been lucky enough to see her snacking on her buggy dinners.

However long Ms. Spider stays...the kids are enjoying there friendship with her.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There he is, my handsome soccer man. Monday night was the first soccer practice. the only pictures i got are these of him on his break taking a drink.

Note to self: buy chairs to sit in during practice. And...bring the real camera! The kids are so far away even with the zoom on my camera phone. Not getting anything but what looks like little ants dressed up in clothes.

So he loved it. Hoping he continues to love it. Brooke loved the dirt! Of coarse. it had been her favroite part of tball. I was glad to have a friend there whose little girl is playing too. watching kids run around with a ball is just as boring as sitting there watching kids hit a ball with a bat. I am not a sports mama. But thats ok. Brooke says she wants to play soccer too. too bad she has to wait to be 5. I think she'd have fun out there too.
So, we will see how soccer goes. Maybe he has found his sport or maybe not. The kids on his t-ball team from spring are all playing flag football. Ethan first didn't want to play football but now that his tball team is on there he does. We told him next year. one sport at a time. the crazy kid who is so short for his age wants to do basketball during that season. If its offered for his age, we will let him. atleast thats inside! No cold or heat! He is back to wanting to do tball again. After tball he was not wanting to do it again. But, i guess his friends at school talked him into it. And the peer pressure begins...and mommy and daddys checking account gets lowers. LOL

the clothed ants, he is the one in the gray shirt going with the ball through the cones.

Hanging on the sidelines :o)

Monday, August 17, 2009

The first cold on the school year & weekend

Brooke got the first cold. No symptoms...just a fever. She has been awfully cranky. Ethan is a healthy little bugger like usual.

What was fun this weekend?

  • destroying the playroom with barbies and cars!
  • Star Wars Lego Wii game!
  • Watching mommy place the ice age wii game and continously fall off the moutain!
  • Daddys not home for pancakes for dinner! Though...daddy would have enjoyed pancake night too :o)
  • It was a pajama all day weekend!
So, that was fun. We had a nice relaxing weekend. Mostly just played!
Tonight is Ethan's first soccer permitting.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The School Agenda

I have been meaning to write this blog all week, but i have been cleaning out like crazy. Anyway, Ethan has a school agenda book he brings home everyday. Inside she tells how is has done that day with a smiley face or a letter. Letters are bad. There will be a picture below of the letter scale. I am happy i took this picture on tuesday...he has had letters everyday but monday. Tuesday he had a smiley but it got crossed out. Yesterday he had been acting up so bad the teacher brought him out to the car. I guess i have a little trouble maker this year. Of coarse...that also means he hasn't had any video games this week.
After seeing the letter scale i highly doubt Ethan will get smiley faces everyday. I would like it, but kindergarten has changed. The teacher had a meeting last night with the parents. They have worked this week on getting behavior in order. Ethan will be reading by christmas! She said the only playtime is recess!!! So, while this is an adjustment and is probably a reason ethan has been getting in trouble. But, its still not an excuse...especially when she said Ethan is getting 3 warnings before he gets his letter. I think he is testing the waters to see what he can get away with. Other then the agenda with the letters, in class they are getting rewarded for good behavior too. They get a check chart then keep at there seat. The teacher will come around and when she see you doing what your suppose to, you get a check mark. There are 4 rows of 5 squares. Luckily Ethan has 2 and a half rows filled up. So he is being good too. Once they fill up a row they get a piece of candy.

School is going well though. He is learning so much and having fun. He loves getting to go to PE, computer lab and all those places. He thinks he is hot stuff getting to walk through the school by himself and the bathroom. At lunch he said he has milk choices this year, white, chocolate, and strawberry.

So, he's surviving.

This is the letter chart.
We have been getting T's because he is learning personal boundaries. However, yesterday he thought it would be more fun to throw his pencils and make them fly. LOL. I know its not funny, but i can just see Ethan sitting there making his pencils fly.
Then H. He has been screaming for fun in the bathrooms. He likes the way it echos he says.
But, as you can see, Ethan would have to be an absolute perfect angel to NOT get a letter. They are pretty strict.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Because your the Mama!"

A phrase i hear so often in my household "because your the mama!" It seems like every little thing in here runs around me. No decision is made without my approval. If anything is lost in the house, i am always suppose to know where it is. Oh...and of coarse everything is my fault. Its even funny when someone discovers it was they who were in fault, but they always still decide it was mine. Mommy seems to keep the house together. Hence the phrase, 'If Mama ain't happy, aint't nobody happy.'

Many days i love my job. I vacuum up the food dropped on the floor by the kids. Clean the coffee table that always has yogurt crusted on it. Sweep the kitchen floor of cat food. Clean up all the stuff my husband seems to drag out in the few hours he is home in the evening. Scrub the white counters and curse at the builders that put them in. Seriously....what were they thinking putting white counter tops in a kitchen. Then again...according to the family...i am the mama who liked this house. LOL. I referee fights over cars and my little ponies. I cook a dinner only to hear that someone always doesn't like something i cooked or that i gave them the wrong color plate. The laundry is never ending, especaily with Brooke always decided to change her clothes. And Ethan...where did all his underwear go??? seriously kid...where is it?

While the paragraph above may sound like hell to some people. Its my life. And i love it. The day is going to come when the two kids will move out. I will then take on some new form as a Mama to them. The day will come when Brooke calls me and says she is so stressed and how does she handle all these demands made by everyone. And i will tell her, "You will figure it out, because your the mama."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

this baby is ready to go. Bottle, camera, phone, and glasses. Defiently a Diva in the making

Friday, August 7, 2009

Its official....

My little man headed off to school this morning. Yesterday he met his teacher. She seems really nice. His classroom had a great set up. He loved it there. We stayed awhile so he could play with some of the toys. He got upset when it was time to go. He was hoping to stay. So he was ready to go back this morning. Drop off went well. I had him lead us to the classroom since he will be on his own to find his way to the class after i drop him off. there are lots of turns and hallways, but he did pretty good. When getting to class he sat in his seat and got to color. He said bye to us. He was fine...which i figured. Brooke was a little upset about leaving him. She saw he was getting to color and she too wanted too. So she came home and painted 2 pictures of bunnies and 3 pictures of flowers. So, its official....Ethan is a kindergartener! Now i had hoped for a nice quite day, but i forgot Brooke was here. She is the noise maker! Atleast i shouldn't have to hear fighting until after 3:00.

Off to do house chores. Blah!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

'twas the day before kindergarden

Tomorrow is the big day....Kindergarden! By all means i am so excited. 1 kid to have in the house sounds great. But i am also excited for Ethan. He loves to socialize. Its his nature. He loves kids. He will play with anyone and loves everyone. We had a few playdates this summer with friends. But nothing is like school when he gets to be around those his age. He loves to be center of attention. He is a Leo after all. School is the perfect opportunity. From what we think, Ethan is a leader, not a follower. He loves to instigate and get others to do the things he wants done but hopes not to get into trouble for. It will be intresting to see how all this plays out as he gets older.

So, am i starting to get sappy about him starting Pre-k. Ugh....hating to admit it but yes. I dont think i will cry. But now that it is the day before i am starting to get a little sad. Not like when he started Pre-k and was gone all day, but just that he is growing up. Its still shocking that i have a 5 year old! So, hopefully if tears are shed tomorrow it will be just a few. But only after he is gone.

Tonight we meet his new teacher. We recieved a call from her, so that was pretty neat.

So, the agenda today is
  • Drs. apt at 10 (5 yr check up)
  • Ethan desperatly needs a hair cut
  • meeting ethan's teacher!
Be sure to come back tomorrow for that picture of him before school!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

May the Force be with you!

So, Ethan is 5! YAY! it like a little milestone. He's 5! This year we skipped the party. Ethan was ok with it. We went to spend a day at Funopolis! Go Karts, bumper boats, arcade, putt putt! Duh...that is so much more fun then a birthday party. We thought about letting him invite a friend to go, but with Brooke it might have been a little much. There wasn't a whole lot there for her to do. She enjoyed the bowling though. Grammy was able to make it up. Which worked out really good, 3 adults and 2 kids. I feel like we were prepared to take on the place. So after a few hours of fun there we headed through the Mcdonalds drive thru for some dinner. We then headed home to eat and then present time!!! We kinda got a theme this wars! Then Ethan got his first legos! And he loved them. So send all the legos this way....ok. :o) We got him the Star wars wii game and light sabers. then a small jeep lego. Grammy got him MEGATRON! (transformer) and a puzzle. Nana and Papa got him the Ice Age Wii game. Uncle Tom and Aunt Jess got him a green lego car. Ethan is a happy camper right about now. So now... we are on the count down to Kindergarden! Woooo hooo! I can't wait. He can't wait.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan! My little man is now 5! Pictures soon of a look back in his 4th year.