Monday, August 24, 2009

The annoying kid

Thinking about my view on kids before having kids. Babies were always cute and smelled nice most of the time. Just dont spit it me...ick! Toddlers were always fun b/c they wobbled when walking. They were just learning to talk. Then you had ones brooke's age who were always so cute and funny. For the most part, both of these age groups just simply played a little and left you alone. Then there was the annoying kids. They usually started around 5. They were the ones who asked questions all day. Didnt know the word stop when you would play with them. You always waited for mom or dad to call them over to get away from you. The annoying kid was always up in whatever you were doing. Asking questions over and over and over. After awhile you just wanted to tell that kid to hush!

So, it dawned on my the other day. I have an annoying kid!!! Which i mean nothing mean by. I had yet to realize he was now offically in the annoying kid stage. I noticed b/c daddy has hooked a computer up to the TV. This excited Ethan to no end and question after question. Daddy starts getting snappy becuase he is trying to do something, and here is ethan aka annoying kid just sitting there all up in his buisness. Or anytime you do anything online, there is Ethan....wanting to ask 20 million questions. And sometimes when playing you can't get him to realize when enough is enough. Only...i dont have anyone to look around for and ask for HELP! Get the annoying kid away from me!!

However, really he doesn't annoy me. I am sure he could annoy others. But to me, he is in peak curiosity. He wants to know what anything and everything does. He is at a time of his life where his brain is a little sponge and he is learning so much. So when he stands in the kitchen asking questions while i cook such as why did you use that measuring cup and not that one? Why does this goes in the oven and that goes on the stove? I answer and hope it sinks in so tomorrow i dont have to asnwer the same question.

So, to those who kids i found annoying, sorry! But they were annoying, but now i understand why. :o)