Thursday, August 6, 2009

'twas the day before kindergarden

Tomorrow is the big day....Kindergarden! By all means i am so excited. 1 kid to have in the house sounds great. But i am also excited for Ethan. He loves to socialize. Its his nature. He loves kids. He will play with anyone and loves everyone. We had a few playdates this summer with friends. But nothing is like school when he gets to be around those his age. He loves to be center of attention. He is a Leo after all. School is the perfect opportunity. From what we think, Ethan is a leader, not a follower. He loves to instigate and get others to do the things he wants done but hopes not to get into trouble for. It will be intresting to see how all this plays out as he gets older.

So, am i starting to get sappy about him starting Pre-k. Ugh....hating to admit it but yes. I dont think i will cry. But now that it is the day before i am starting to get a little sad. Not like when he started Pre-k and was gone all day, but just that he is growing up. Its still shocking that i have a 5 year old! So, hopefully if tears are shed tomorrow it will be just a few. But only after he is gone.

Tonight we meet his new teacher. We recieved a call from her, so that was pretty neat.

So, the agenda today is
  • Drs. apt at 10 (5 yr check up)
  • Ethan desperatly needs a hair cut
  • meeting ethan's teacher!
Be sure to come back tomorrow for that picture of him before school!