Monday, August 10, 2009

"Because your the Mama!"

A phrase i hear so often in my household "because your the mama!" It seems like every little thing in here runs around me. No decision is made without my approval. If anything is lost in the house, i am always suppose to know where it is. Oh...and of coarse everything is my fault. Its even funny when someone discovers it was they who were in fault, but they always still decide it was mine. Mommy seems to keep the house together. Hence the phrase, 'If Mama ain't happy, aint't nobody happy.'

Many days i love my job. I vacuum up the food dropped on the floor by the kids. Clean the coffee table that always has yogurt crusted on it. Sweep the kitchen floor of cat food. Clean up all the stuff my husband seems to drag out in the few hours he is home in the evening. Scrub the white counters and curse at the builders that put them in. Seriously....what were they thinking putting white counter tops in a kitchen. Then again...according to the family...i am the mama who liked this house. LOL. I referee fights over cars and my little ponies. I cook a dinner only to hear that someone always doesn't like something i cooked or that i gave them the wrong color plate. The laundry is never ending, especaily with Brooke always decided to change her clothes. And Ethan...where did all his underwear go??? seriously kid...where is it?

While the paragraph above may sound like hell to some people. Its my life. And i love it. The day is going to come when the two kids will move out. I will then take on some new form as a Mama to them. The day will come when Brooke calls me and says she is so stressed and how does she handle all these demands made by everyone. And i will tell her, "You will figure it out, because your the mama."