Friday, February 27, 2009

Family Pets

One of our kitties has been having blood in her urine. After having several vet visits we have now learned she has a bladderstone. They want to do surgery and it is going to cost $603. Unfourtantly, that is just too much for us. She is going to be 10 this year and really could go down hill anytime. I don't want to put it on credit card b/c its just not a good idea. So i have been researching other things. I found a food that is suppose to help so i am going to call out kittys vet and talk with her about it and see if this is a better option. We want to help her, but that is quite a lot of money.

So, with this, Alex made a good point. Why do animals have to cost so much when it comes to medical things. There is no pet insurance that his work offers. When you go to the vet the charge for so much. Nail clipping, $12! Its kinda rediculous. The vets start this to help animals, but they know how precious they are to us. They are part of your family. So, then suddenly it is like they can charge whatever. The average person does not look around for pet insurance. I know they offer it, but the average pet goes to the vet once a year for shots. To me, it just seems silly. And with that, the vet wants there money up front. Like i can just pull 600 dollars out my back pocket. Odie has cataracs (the dog) and they wanted to fix it. She said $1500 an eye! So it would be $3000. We love our animals a ton and hate seeing them suffer, but seriously, prices could be lower.

Its $40 to get a male cat fixed and over a $100 for a female. Anytime i have our females fixed they are always in heat, or so the vet claims and they charge you for it. Cats go into heat so much when they aren't fixed. I think a cat can have up to 4 litters a year. Thats a ton of kittens a year. We had a cat once who had 7 kittens! They should really make it more affordable if they want to help control the population.

Ok, that is my rant!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How do you read all the time?

I get that question all the time. I have friends who say it takes them weeks to finish 1 book while i average about 3 a week. No, i don't just let me kids run wild. I have this cage.....and i lock them there. Just kidding!! We don't pay for TV, so we only use an antenna. I dont really watch TV. So, while the kids are watching a movie or playing, i normally have a book in my hand. I spend my mornings cleaning and doing laundry. Then by the time i pick Ethan up at 2:30 we come home and have some time together. In the evenings, Alex usually watches something on TV and i have a book in hand. I admit, that if i am really into a book i might neglect my housework for a little while and just read. I guess the easiest way to explain it is, when someone else is normally watching TV on there down time, i am reading.

So, that really wasn't that complicated. It also helps that i am one of those readers that can block out noise. I don't need a quite room to concentrate. The only thing that might interfere with my concentration is if the TV is too loud. Ok, so for those who wanted to know, now you know. And if you didn't you know now anyway :o)

5 more days until my birthday ;o)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Thanks to my mother in law putting the idea of lysol in my mind, i have been lysoling (word?) The fever is still here in Brooke and it is ridiculous! We are so ready to be back to life and this pesky fever will not go away. I lysoled beds, anything hard, couches, everything! Toilets and showers and anything we own. LOL I am guessing the virus is just incubating in our house and is thriving in here since Brooke is still sick and i am a little. I am still waking with a fever. Once it breaks, its gone. I am turning the heat way down so it gets chilly in here. Today is a week and i am so ready for things to be normal again. To get up and feel like cleaning and doing things. Instead of doing something, then needing to rest, and so on. Please Lysol, kill the flu and get it out of here :o)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Goofy Kids Pic Entry

I thought i would try to start posting a goofy pic entry every now and then. So here are 2 from this weekend.

Here i have decided that Ethan is inventing a new technique to eating apples. Probably so he can play his monster truck wii game and eat an apple. Then again, if you have a roaster, he looks ready to go in and be baked!

Ok, so what do we say for this one. She has style, lol. She is getting down the flirting technique of twirling her hair. She also looks like she smelled something yucky!

So, Have a great monday! Come back soon for more goofy Wolfe kids pics......then again, how many serious do we ever take???

Friday, February 13, 2009


What a beautiful week we have had. This weather has been wonderful and so fun. The kids have been outside almost non stop. I am so ready to start grilling out again. I love all the different grill mate marinades for chicken, pork, steak, yummy! Salads are so good and corn on the cob! Spring is my favorite time. Even though it isn't officially here, it sure does feel like it! With any luck though, next week will probably be freezing. I haven't looked at the weather report.

Today was Ethan's valentines day party. I went for a little while. They did some different activities. They even had a dance in the school gym. They did the limbo, the macareana and the hockey pockey. I had to leave though before they got there valentines day boxes. Of coarse though they couldn't have a real party. Ethan's principal is against sugar so all the cupcakes and so on will be coming home with him. Don't get me started about the principal! Anway, Brooke came too and she had fun being with her Bubba and his friends.

I just finished a really good book. Sail by James Patterson. It is about a family who is trying to find togetherness. the daughter is bulemic, middle son is a dope head and youngest son is a smart kid. There dad died a few years ago. the mom is remarried but the stepfather doesn't go on the trip. This book is a page turner. The chapters are short. 3-4 pages at max so good if you have kids to tend to. There was so much unexpected stuff in this book! I defiently recommend it.

Tomorrow we are planning on spending a day in Athens. I need to pic up pictures. Hoping to get lunch with an old friend. And if weather is premitting we are going to find a park in athens so kids can play. then sunday ethan wants to have a party. So grammy is coming up to eat cakes and cookies and so on.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Run For Your Life!!!!

What a beautiful weekend we had. Well minus me being so sick i could barely see through the water in my eyes. The kids loved being able to play outside. I normally relax with a book outside while they play. This weekend though, they were so entertaining outside playing, i didn't need a book. Ethan was so comical this weekend. He engaged in some of the funniest little imaginative games outside. He saved the world this weekend, ran for his life from the giant ants, and then we had a peaceful picnic of fruit snacks. Brooke was right behind Ethan all weekend mimicking everything he said. They played so well together outside, minus one stick fight where Brooke obviously lost and came crying to me. While they played, Odie and I layed on a big comforter in the yard watching them. Hopefully this nice weather sticks around for awhile. The weather over the weekend was the perfect weather. Warm with a cool breeze. Jeans and a cute t-shirt type of weather!

On another note, i started to read a new book last night after the kids went to bed. I have never read Danielle Steel, so i thought what the heck, lets give her a try. She is famous and has a million books. So, i bought a book called Toxic Bachelors. Thought it sounded like a good name for a book. Starting to wonder if i am too young for her. I get lost in books where there isn't a lot of conversation. Where the author is always describing things constantly and going back in tales about things. I will finish the book either way. It was starting to get good last night. I have been reading a lot of historical romance books lately. I am so inlove with those books. I recommend Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught. Wonderful book!

Have a great Monday!

Friday, February 6, 2009

What a week!

I can defiently say TGIF!!!!! This has been a crazy and hectic week. This week i was set to babysit all 5 days. I even got some wine coolers for those rough hectic days i needed to be able to take the edge off before getting to bed. No, no drinking with kids around. Wednesday i had to cancel babysitting. Brooklynn woke up with a 103.7 fever! She was dehydrated and we were of coarse so worried. I had to get her to the doctor and get her taken care of. After returning home, her and i napped on and off until having to pick up Ethan. We then just vegged out and watched TV all afternoon. Thursday i had to rush Alex's cat Tigger to the vet. She had blood in her urine. So, we had to get that taken care of. One more thing happend, but my lips are sealed.

Now after the hectic week, i am defiently ready to go to bed! And now i have a snotty nose, sneezing, coughing, and head filled with congestion. The joys of being a mommy. I took care of the sick kiddos and now i have it. Can my mommy come up and take care of me? My hopes are got a very nice and restful weekend! But, we never know what tomorrow will bring :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

pics and update

Last saturday we had pictures taken. We have not had them done in way too long. The last pic we have of Brooke is when she was 9 months and Ethan 3. So, thought i would post a few. Things are going pretty good here. Brooklynn is running a fever the last few days. She says her ear hurts so i have been putting in numbing drop. Giving her until tomorrow to feel better before calling in the doctors. She gets little spurts of energy here and there and then crashes for a bit. She is talking up a storm! She loves to say now "All right" and "I do" Its cute. Her little sentences consist of what she wants and then the word me. Such as "Mama, hot chocolate, me" It is so funny. I love that she is beginning to be able to communicate better with us. Even though she is less of a baby that way, things really do get much easier when they start talking to you. Ethan is doing good too. It is so nice hearing from his teachers all the time how he is such a good boy. It really does warm your heart knowing how good your child is being for someone else. He is such a big helper here at home too. I have to get onto him sometimes because he likes to clean up Brooke's mess too. I try to explain he needs to let her so she can learn, but he always just wants it cleaned up. Usually that means they are getting to do something else and he is ready to see what it is. He is also doing wonderful with breaking his thumb sucking habit. We have a coffee can and are putting fake money in it. $1 if he does good all day and 50 cents if he did ok. But he is doing great with it.

We are other then a little sickness all doing great. Alex returned to work today after a mini vacation. It was nice to have him home a few days. We worked on organizing the closets better. I am guilty of wanting the house to look spotless but the closets are a MESS. However, 4 kids has been getting the best of my clean house. I have started to give up. It is impossible i think. The days i don't have them i don't want to clean b/c i am tired! LOL. It probably didn't help in the month of January i read 10 books! 1 so far for February. Guess i need to work on house a little more then reading books.

Well, i need to get off here and get ready. Meeting a friend at Dennys for there free breakfast this morning. I will leave ya with a few more pics though :) Have a great week!