Friday, February 13, 2009


What a beautiful week we have had. This weather has been wonderful and so fun. The kids have been outside almost non stop. I am so ready to start grilling out again. I love all the different grill mate marinades for chicken, pork, steak, yummy! Salads are so good and corn on the cob! Spring is my favorite time. Even though it isn't officially here, it sure does feel like it! With any luck though, next week will probably be freezing. I haven't looked at the weather report.

Today was Ethan's valentines day party. I went for a little while. They did some different activities. They even had a dance in the school gym. They did the limbo, the macareana and the hockey pockey. I had to leave though before they got there valentines day boxes. Of coarse though they couldn't have a real party. Ethan's principal is against sugar so all the cupcakes and so on will be coming home with him. Don't get me started about the principal! Anway, Brooke came too and she had fun being with her Bubba and his friends.

I just finished a really good book. Sail by James Patterson. It is about a family who is trying to find togetherness. the daughter is bulemic, middle son is a dope head and youngest son is a smart kid. There dad died a few years ago. the mom is remarried but the stepfather doesn't go on the trip. This book is a page turner. The chapters are short. 3-4 pages at max so good if you have kids to tend to. There was so much unexpected stuff in this book! I defiently recommend it.

Tomorrow we are planning on spending a day in Athens. I need to pic up pictures. Hoping to get lunch with an old friend. And if weather is premitting we are going to find a park in athens so kids can play. then sunday ethan wants to have a party. So grammy is coming up to eat cakes and cookies and so on.

Have a great weekend!


Libby said...

I know, I love this weather too! I think its going to rain tomorrow :(

DK n Luke said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I love your blog - you might should think of doing this for a living. Anyway, we were talking about you today: Bandon is STILL playing with the train you got him for his 2nd Bday. I think that might have been the best kid purchase in the history of man. Anyway, we love you and miss you terribly. I really with you were not so far away. Love love love love to you and the family.
XOXOXO - DK, Luke, Nyah, and Bandon!