Friday, March 25, 2011

Its been 2 weeks!

Its been two weeks today since Cocoa came home. It has been an action packed two weeks! She keeps us on out toes and busy. She is a very well mannered dog though. She learns fast. She is house broken for the most part. We have about one accident a day and its usually later in the day when I am busy with dinner or getting the kids in bed. She whines usually when she needs to go out. She listens pretty well to her commands. We were having an issue with lots of biting, but invested in a few squirt bottles and that has seemed to have calmed her down with that. This past Monday she went to the vet for her 9 wk shots. She was 12.8 pounds. She is due back to the vet in April for her 12 wk shots.

The kids are really enjoying her. They play a lot together outside and she gets us all outdoors and active more. We just started walking and she is finally getting the hang of it. Its nice she doesn't have to stop and pee on each mailbox like male dogs, lol. I can actually get a work out in.

The cats are starting to accept her. Valerie did from the beginning. Valerie loved going outside with Odie in the mornings and they would walk around and do whatever they did. While Cocoa can't just go out like Odie did, Valerie still follows us on our walks. Mama Kitty has smacked this dog across the nose so many times that I am surprised Cocoa still wants to be her friend. Cocoa still tries though, I suppose she thinks she can win Mama Kitty over.

So, we have made it through two weeks with the puppy and lets hope we make it through a third. Things are getting easier in most ways. She doesn't cry in the crate at night anymore. However she loves to grab and run now and have me chase her from here to there as she carries a bottle of nail polish. So, we will check back in at 3 weeks and hope we are still surviving!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One of the major differences in my kids, is how they view and friend other children. Ethan loves everyone. He doesn't see the flaws in people. Honestly, I don't think he realized the different colors in people. He just loves kids and playing with them. He always fits in easy and tries to friend most anyone. Maybe this is him, or maybe its because he is a boy. I don't know. I will often ask him if there is anyone in his class he doesn't like, just to see what he says. He always says he likes everyone except one girl because she always tries to kiss him. That one makes me giggle. ;)  Then we turn to Brooke. She is shy and nervous by other people whether they are adults or children. She really gets a long with children younger then her better and I wonder if its because she doesn't feel intimidated by them. What shocks me the most though, is how judgemental Brooke can be at 4. She often tells me she doesn't play with a certain girl at school because of her clothes. It shocked me the first time she said it. I have sense asked other moms about this and they said their daughters were the same way. Brooklynn takes her time in the mornings getting ready for school. Her hair has to be a certain way, her clothes and so on. Such as this morning she stood in front of the mirror looked at her shirt and skirt, tucked it in and decided it looked better that way. She is going to be one heck of a teenager. Do I have any takers out there who might want her for a few years?  Ethan has just started taking notice of his appearance. He wants to make sure his hair isn't sticking up, and that's about it.

Obviously each child in this world is unique. I love each of mine more then anything. Its just interesting to take a step back sometimes and look at how they deal with life. Hopefully Ethan keeps his happy go lucky view on life and hopefully Brooke isn't one of those snobby teens and we raise her well enough that she likes everyone too, no matter what they wear. :)

Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ethan learns that promises can be broken.

About two weeks ago we took Ethan to get his reward for stopping thumb sucking. This has been a battle and he has finally quit! Yay Ethan! So on the Monday after getting his reward which happend to be a Star Wars lego ship, who would have guessed, he decided to take his new lego people to school without telling me. When he got off the bus Monday afternoon he told me that he took his new lego people to school and a little boy wanted to borrow them. I got mad at first, but then took a step back. I sat down and asked him who the little boy was. It was someone he knew from pre-k. He isn't in a class with this boy and only sees him upon getting on the bus in the afternoon (they ride seperate buses). He said the child promised to give the people back the next day. I explained to Ethan that there was a chance he wouldn't be getting his toys back. I was upset that he took them to school without asking and from now on he needed to ask. I told him also he was going to learn a lesson from this. I told him I hoped more then anything that the little boy brings back his people but just because someone made a promise doesn't mean they will stick to it. So, two weeks later now, Ethan still has not gotten his people back. He knows now that he isn't getting them back. He is upset about it, but he understands now that sometimes kids/people will say whatever they have to in order to get something they want.

You might be thinking, why don't I step in and help him get his toys back. Well sorry, I am not that kinda Mom. He chose to take them to school without asking and he made the deal with the kid. I don't know the kid or the other mom. The school would careless about two missing lego people and well, when you let someone borrow something, you always take the risk they might not give it back. Ethan understands there is nothing I can do about it and that this was something he has to deal with. I told him to keep asking the little boy about it and you never know, he might show up one day and give them back.

Hopefully out of all of this, he will think before he lets someone borrow something. Lesson learned....I hope.

Monday, March 14, 2011

And we have a puppy!

Cocoa came home Friday evening. She was very calm that evening since she had just been spayed, and by Saturday morning she was full speed ready to be a puppy again. We have been having a blast with her. It really is like have a baby and one year old combined. She's mobile and into everything, yet she cries alllllll night. I made the mistake on the first night and let her sleep with me since she had just left all her siblings and had been spayed. She cried all night in my bed from pain and missing her siblings. I don't think that night I got a solid hour of sleep. Then she was up at 5:30 because she heard Ethan get up to potty. Saturday was the longest day to get through. We had fun though. Saturday night she was in her crate and cried for almost 2 hours. It was tough. She does really well during her crate training sessions during the day, but hates it at night. She had her first time alone yesterday when I had book club. I think she did ok. She wasn't crying when I returned home. Last night she cried most of the night. It was a tough night. The kids are exhausted. We are hoping this crying period ends soon. I had to move her out of my room last night to get any sleep because she just wouldn't stop. It makes it tough to stay strong and keep her in there, but I know in the long run it will be for the best.

Other then sleep being non existent right now, the kids are loving her. She seems to fit right in and its nice having her here. She gets the kids outside and active. I am outside all the time too. Oh and my living room has stayed toy free since Brooke knows she can't bring her toys out without the puppy chewing on them! Hopefully by next week we will all be less cranky and getting all the sleep we need.....and maybe not! I can definitely see now why people get a puppy before having a kid, it can really get you ready for a baby.

Now since she is passed out on the couch, I need to creep quietly to my room to get dressed and hope she doesn't wake up. Really...its like a 9 month old. Once you leave, they cry from the separation anxiety. Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Preparing For Puppy

We are getting a puppy! This pretty girl pictured is going to be our new puppy. Currently her name is Cocoa that her foster mom named her. I think we are going to keep this name. The top of her head has a brown patch so I think this will fit her well. We went last week on my birthday to look at the 7 puppies who were needing homes. We had a tough decision but finally felt like she was the right one. I learned the other day that she was born the day before Odie passed away. I thought that was kind of interesting.

So, we have been busy here reading and getting ready for the puppy. I have been reading training articles, how to help the puppy sleep through the night and so on. I am thankful I have had a week to get ready for her. I am borrowing a crate from a friend so she can sleep in there at night for now. I am sleeping as much as I can since as soon as she gets here late Friday, no more sleeping through the night for me. I am hoping she catches on quickly what night means. We shall see. I am really not sure what to expect.

We are excited though and nervous. Hopefully the kitties aren't too mad at us! This little on might be a little more of a bother then Odie ever was to them. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Out of the mouth of Brooklynn

Brooklynn is very verbal, as most of us know. She has a very active imagination and is one of those children where you often wonder, "where did that come from?!"

So, now I must tell you about a conversation we had the other night. I am slightly worried, lol. Enjoy and hopefully we can all pray for her (and Jess too!)

Brooke: I am the devil's child. He came one night and took me, he put a hole in my belly with his wand. I am so bad that he gave me to God. Then God gave me to you mommy. Only I am too bad for you so you gave me to Nana, then to Grammy. I was still too bad so I went to Nani, then Aunt KK. Aunt KK gave me to Aunt Jess. I am still there. She can handle me even though I am still  bad. She needs me there. She makes me change those dirty baby diapers. They are so stinky. I have to stay and play with that baby too.

Me: Ok. So are you still at Aunt Jess's?

Brooke: Yes.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brooklynn got in trouble at school!

This morning I was taking care of a few of my duties at Brooklynn's school when her teacher came to me and told me that Brooklynn is finally coming out of her shell. For those that didn't know and as shocking as this is to those that know Brooke, she didn't talk at school. She didn't talk to the teacher or other kids. She had one friend that she would only play with. She was getting hit some at school and she wouldn't tell anyone. So, I have been working with her about talking to the other kids and the teacher. Brooke always said she felt a lump in her throat when she wanted to talk. So, we worked on it. Her teacher said this week Brooklynn has really come out of her shell which made me feel good. We have been talking about this for awhile so I am glad that she is finally feeling confidant enough to start talking. The teacher then told me that she even had to get onto Brooklynn once for being too loud. I began laughing and told her she didn't know how good that made me feel. Which I know for anyone who knows her, we know just how loud she is. The teacher said she had told other teachers that her class had been so wild she even had to get onto Brooke and the other teachers couldn't believe this little mute kid of mine got into trouble. So, February 8th 2011 will have to be a day to remember, Brooklynn got into trouble at school. I think somewhere I have Ethan's first bad note home from his first school, who would have known it would have been one of many! LOL. :o)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Was Dentist Week!

Back to reality. I finished my days of volunteering and functioning too early in the morning. I ended up not volunteering on Tuesday; kids had a 10am dentist appointment. I think the three of us worked well in the morning as far as getting out the door on time. Monday however I forgot my breakfast and left my coffee. So apparently I can survive without morning coffee, however I never want to do it again.

Tuesday was the dentist.The kids did great. They were in adjoining rooms together. I gave Brooke a kiss and said I would see her when she was done. She has always been great at it. She has been doing the "big kid" fluoride treatments with the foam cups in her mouth since she was 2. She gets her x-rays; no problems with her. She just smiles. I went into the next room with Ethan. He hates the dentist. We had one small melt down right before she went to brush/clean his teeth. We were able to talk him down fairly quickly and after that, it went like a breeze. Thankfully he did x-rays last time. He finally did the "big kid" fluoride. He usually still had it painted on and that is where it tasted nasty. He said the big kid cups tasted much better and was easier. So, hopefully in August things will go smoothly. I am just glad he has graduated from the "room" they used to take him in. For those that don't know, Ethan used to have to go into a room in the very back of the building with a closed door. There was then a door at the end of that hallway, and yet another before the waiting room, and yes you could hear him scream while in the waiting room. I would sit there in panic wanting to go to him, but knowing it would make it worse if I went in there. Thankfully, we have finally moved past this.  So, happy to report no cavities. Ethan's teeth are wiggly. No 6 yr molars yet. We can see Brooke's molars in the x-rays already. Ethan has got to stop sucking his thumb by 7 or else he is going to have to have a mouth piece installed. His plate has really moved in the past 6 months.  He is doing better, so we just have to keep doing better.

So, that's been our week. So glad its Thursday. I plan to stay in my PJ's all day and go no where. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"My" Pets

I have yet to blog about either of these events, but last November I lost Lacey, my cat of 10 years. I raised her from a week old. She was a spoiled rotten cat, who I don't think ever figured out she was a cat. In most ways it was a shock in November when I took her to the vet for a routine check up and she died during it.I like to think it was unexpected, but looking back now, I think we knew she was sick, however Lacey did her best to hide it from us. I had no idea she was suffocating from a tumor in her throat until that day when I picked her up and knew she couldn't breath. I remember thinking, I will get her to the vet and she will be ok. Of coarse that wasn't true. It turned out Lacey had been suffering for quite some time from this tumor and cancer. It was a shock to knew my cat had cancer and we never knew. The vet was amazed Lacey was still alive and I know she loved all of us that much that she just didn't want to leave us. She suffered through it. There will never be another like Lacey.

This Saturday will be 3weeks, since we lost Odie who was 14 yrs old. We didn't have him his entire life, he lived with my mother in law. We had him for 2 1/2 years. We finally had to make the decision to put him down. He had no bowel control any longer and I knew he wasn't happy. He had to be bathed all the time from the loss of his bowels and he would just cry. He no longer loved taking a bath, which was something he always loved. It was a tough, very tough decision, even now I doubt it, but in the end I know it was right to have him put down. He is no longer suffering, but man do I miss that guy. I must admit, I really had not looked at his pictures or even Lacey's since they have passed. However, facebook popped up a picture of Odie today,  I had a short cry, but I know it will be ok. I never knew I would love and miss him the way I do, especially being a cat person. I don't think I am going to run out and get a new dog anytime soon. But, I think one day, in the far future, a dog will once again warm my heart in this house.

Lacey and Odie, "my" pets, we all miss you both very much. Tigger, you too! The three of you were awesome pets. See ya in the future.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

That was an adventure!

My hubby bought a car a few weeks ago. He bought a 1977 Datsun 280z. This has been his joy lately. We have not seen him since he has been so busy at my parents trying to get this thing running so he can get it home. Finally, yesterday was the day. We spent the day at my parents. The car was finally ready. The excitement begins that the car will finally get home. We hope all is well. Time check, 5:45 we are pulling out of the driveway.  Time to hit the interstate and make the journey home. Please note, I want to get home and get changed and go out to dinner.

Speed: 45 mph....blah. Its going to take a little while. We pull off once to check battery since headlights are fairly dim and it is dark out. Back on the road.

We make it off the interstate and are on back roads now. Its dark. I am watching Alex behind me. Crap....where did he go?

Time check: 6:45.

Turn around and find him. In a small church parking lot. Ran out of gas he thinks. So I head home (we are 7 miles from home at this time).  I get gas can, get it filled up. Head back to him.

Time check: 7:30. Ok, all good. Let's go. We pull out and start heading back. I check my review mirror again. Where the heck did he go?

Turn around...He is on the side of road. Battery is now dead.  Pull over, try to charge battery. Nothing happening. Twiddle our thumbs on what to do. Should we attempt to get a little ways or what. Finally, pull out the phone and do a google search for a tow truck company. 

Its about a 30 minute wait for the tow truck. 

9:00 I pull into my driveway with the tow truck right behind me.

We are home and it looks like its corndogs for dinner. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My son and poop

I guess Ethan's at the age where everything needs to be shared and is hilarious. I have heard variations of these stories for about 2 weeks now. Everything from its size to its smell. Here is tonight's:

E: Oh this is so funny. When I went poop it was really tough and I had to do my face like this (imagine a squishy face). Then I was really pushing and I burped two times. The first time was really loud. Yeah, it was pretty funny.

M: Thanks. Hope you washed your hands.

E: I did. (As he does a little dance)

Boys. **shakes head**

The week is coming to an end.

This week is almost over and nothing really exciting has happened. The kids have been good for the most part, they have done some funny stuff, but my mind just isn't functioning right now to even think about it. Alex has been away all week and I am worn out! I am ready for a good nights sleep and a day off. Hoping that gets here soon. Ethan's school has book fair next week and I am working it Mon-Wed. This is going to be interesting. 3 days in a row I will have to shower, dress, get kids on bus/school and be at the fair by 8:00 and work until 11:30. It will be interesting to say the least. I can't remember the last time I showered 3 days in a row or even got dressed all three days. It will get me ready for next year or it just might motivate my butt enough to finish the edits on my book and start getting it published so I never have to leave this house again.

On another note, the kids are fighting (as usual) only this time its slightly amusing. Ethan wants to watch Rainbow Brite and Brooke is wanting Johnny Test. Apparently my children  have switched genders for the time being. However, Ethan won this fight, I am sick of Johnny Test after a week long marathon of it when we were snowed it.

I am off, once my brain returns to functioning correctly and the funny stuff comes back, I will be back. Until then, I am happy that coffee was invented.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm free and I gotta pee!

Ethan has been riding the bus for some time now. I started out being too protective of coarse and was at the road when he got home, then I slowly stood at the top of the driveway. Ethan argued that I needed to stay inside. "No other mom's are out there mom!" he would argue. So, now I open the front door, pop out and wave to the bus driver, watch him get off the bus then go inside. I suppose this is a compromise. He's happy that he gets to walk up the driveway all by himself and I guess I am satisfied. So last week I noticed it was taking him longer to get up the driveway. I wondered what he was doing.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so Brooklynn and I waited outside for him. She colored with chalk and I took advantage of the nice weather to lounge and drink some tea. The bus comes and Ethan hops off. He doesn't come right up, so I wonder what he's doing. Then I hear:

"Mom, go inside!"

"No E, we are playing. Come on up here."

"I gotta pee mom!"

"Don't pee down there, someone will see you."

"I always pee here when I get off the bus."

So, now we know. He apparently hops off the bus and pees down near the road. **head shake**, I had to explain to at least get up the driveway and near the house before you relieve yourself.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Allowance and Chores

We recently started giving the kids an allowance. They have a chore list that is just for them to do. I thought this was be good for them. They will learn to save for things, understand when you don't have enough money for something and so on. The kids have been doing well. Brooklynn had one week where she didn't get her full allowance since she would not clean her room on Saturday. So, she understood she was losing some of her allowance.

So Saturday while out and about, the family stopped at Wal-mart. I asked both kids if they wanted to spend their allowance. Brooke jumped at it and picked out a mermaid barbie that was on sale. Ethan had to think for a little while. Finally after a little more walking around, he said he wanted to look at the nerf guns. So we went over there. He found a gun he wanted but he was $1 short.  Yes, we could have been those parents that spotted him the money, but we didn't. I explained that he didn't have enough money and next week he would. He stalled a few minutes, hoping maybe we would change our mind. I explained that you save to get things you wants and you don't always have the money. He was satisfied. So we moved on.

Before leaving the store, Ethan turns to us and says, "Will I have enough money next week to get my gun and a coke?"

Alex looks at me and says, "Do we deprive our kids of soda that much that they want to spend their allowance on it?"

Have a great Monday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowed In & New Pet

Well the big snow did come and it hit Georgia. We had about 6 inches here and more in some spots. That was late Sunday into Monday morning. It is now Friday and in some spots we still have 4 inches. My yard is a sheet of ice now and my driveway is still unusable. Thankfully our neighbors yard is flat and abandoned! So if we have needed out, we drove through the back yard and down the driveway next door. If you want to see photos of our snow there are HERE on my FB. The kids loved the fact that you could not see our driveway. I thought it was pretty cool too. This is a lot of snow for us; 5 days later and its still here! There has also been no school. I do still currently have my hair, however we are about out of wine!

So, I am going to leave you with picture of our new pet. We got him from my friend. His name is Puff and we are enjoying him. He fits in well since we love long haired animals and who knew you could get a hamster with long hair!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hair Cut Time!

Brooklynn turned 4 in December. She was blessed to be born with hair and it has been growing for year. Despite what many people thought when they saw her length, we have been cutting it since she turned one. Every 3-4 months I would cut an inch off. She also had been to the hairdresser and had layers put in it. However, her hair finally hit her butt! Yes, her butt! So, It was time for more then an inch to leave. We asked Brooke is she wanted it cut and she jumped at the chance. That ment she no longer had to get those massive rat nests in her hair. Some of them were bad and would take 45 minutes to get out. She was tired of it! She jumped at the chance. We asked where she wanted it cut too. She said her chin. However we did not cut it that short. We cut off about 6 inches. Her hair is now nicely in the center of her back. She looks so different. My eyes still have not adjusted to seeing her hair so short. Enjoy the pics.

She is happy, so we are too. Don't worry about the shiner on the middle of her for head. She got that head butting the cat. LOL....I feel more sorry for the cat!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Day Of Winter Break!

We have made it through. There were a few days I was slightly worried; especially with one particular child of mine. We made it though. So, we should knock this day out with a bang, right?! Chuck. E. Cheese here we come. Yes, I  must be crazy to go there. For some reason that is the one kids place that I just dislike! Sad, I know. Maybe it was because I always went to this one wild and crazy one near my parents where the kids and parents were all plain out rude. We aren't going to that one. We are going to one that at least the few times  have been there, it has been pretty quiet. Hope it is today. I think kids running everywhere and trying to keep up with mine is what stresses me out. Hopefully it won't be too stressful since the kids in that area returned to school today.

We had some great moments and a lot of family time over the holidays. Here are what the kids said their favorite moments were.

Ethan: Playing wii.

Brooklynn: Getting presents.

Wow, they sure were talkative.  I guess that's what I get asking an impromptu question at 9:00 am.

Oh well, off to get stuff done before heading to that crazy place. Tomorrow morning will be a little more normal. Ethan will hop on the bus to head to his school and Brooke will ride in the car to school (just one day this week!) to her morning preschool. At least I will get 4 hours of quiet time...maybe the hubby will be home!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Its 2011, can you believe it?! 2010 was an excellent year for us. I don't think we really have too many complaints. Oh wait, I didn't blog as much as I had in the past. However, that's what the new year is for right, to make resolutions. This year I am not really making any resolutions. Just going to try to stay positive and look on the bright side of everything. The only goal I have this year is to take care of the one goal I had last year, and I didn't accomplish it. Yes, I am hanging my head in shame. I didn't get my kids christened. I had a whole year, I know, and it didn't happen. Ugh! So, this year, it is going to happen. In fact, I have shortened it to it has got to be done before July! Ethan is now 6 and Brooklynn is now 4. Geez, when did this happen?! In fact, my nephews are huge now too. Kainan is 14 months! Grayson is almost 11 months.

So, I am not going to write every day. Maybe a few times a week. I can't make too many promises. My book blog still takes up a lot of time. However, I am happy to report it is a success, or at least in my eyes. I get tons of free books on the mail all the time and tons of free e-books to review for my e-reader. I really don't know the last time that I bought a book. I have discovered some great authors that I might never have found otherwise.

Happy New Year to you! Here is to hopefully a year of more family blogging!