Monday, January 17, 2011

Allowance and Chores

We recently started giving the kids an allowance. They have a chore list that is just for them to do. I thought this was be good for them. They will learn to save for things, understand when you don't have enough money for something and so on. The kids have been doing well. Brooklynn had one week where she didn't get her full allowance since she would not clean her room on Saturday. So, she understood she was losing some of her allowance.

So Saturday while out and about, the family stopped at Wal-mart. I asked both kids if they wanted to spend their allowance. Brooke jumped at it and picked out a mermaid barbie that was on sale. Ethan had to think for a little while. Finally after a little more walking around, he said he wanted to look at the nerf guns. So we went over there. He found a gun he wanted but he was $1 short.  Yes, we could have been those parents that spotted him the money, but we didn't. I explained that he didn't have enough money and next week he would. He stalled a few minutes, hoping maybe we would change our mind. I explained that you save to get things you wants and you don't always have the money. He was satisfied. So we moved on.

Before leaving the store, Ethan turns to us and says, "Will I have enough money next week to get my gun and a coke?"

Alex looks at me and says, "Do we deprive our kids of soda that much that they want to spend their allowance on it?"

Have a great Monday!