Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm free and I gotta pee!

Ethan has been riding the bus for some time now. I started out being too protective of coarse and was at the road when he got home, then I slowly stood at the top of the driveway. Ethan argued that I needed to stay inside. "No other mom's are out there mom!" he would argue. So, now I open the front door, pop out and wave to the bus driver, watch him get off the bus then go inside. I suppose this is a compromise. He's happy that he gets to walk up the driveway all by himself and I guess I am satisfied. So last week I noticed it was taking him longer to get up the driveway. I wondered what he was doing.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so Brooklynn and I waited outside for him. She colored with chalk and I took advantage of the nice weather to lounge and drink some tea. The bus comes and Ethan hops off. He doesn't come right up, so I wonder what he's doing. Then I hear:

"Mom, go inside!"

"No E, we are playing. Come on up here."

"I gotta pee mom!"

"Don't pee down there, someone will see you."

"I always pee here when I get off the bus."

So, now we know. He apparently hops off the bus and pees down near the road. **head shake**, I had to explain to at least get up the driveway and near the house before you relieve yourself.