Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowed In & New Pet

Well the big snow did come and it hit Georgia. We had about 6 inches here and more in some spots. That was late Sunday into Monday morning. It is now Friday and in some spots we still have 4 inches. My yard is a sheet of ice now and my driveway is still unusable. Thankfully our neighbors yard is flat and abandoned! So if we have needed out, we drove through the back yard and down the driveway next door. If you want to see photos of our snow there are HERE on my FB. The kids loved the fact that you could not see our driveway. I thought it was pretty cool too. This is a lot of snow for us; 5 days later and its still here! There has also been no school. I do still currently have my hair, however we are about out of wine!

So, I am going to leave you with picture of our new pet. We got him from my friend. His name is Puff and we are enjoying him. He fits in well since we love long haired animals and who knew you could get a hamster with long hair!

Have a great weekend!