Thursday, January 27, 2011

The week is coming to an end.

This week is almost over and nothing really exciting has happened. The kids have been good for the most part, they have done some funny stuff, but my mind just isn't functioning right now to even think about it. Alex has been away all week and I am worn out! I am ready for a good nights sleep and a day off. Hoping that gets here soon. Ethan's school has book fair next week and I am working it Mon-Wed. This is going to be interesting. 3 days in a row I will have to shower, dress, get kids on bus/school and be at the fair by 8:00 and work until 11:30. It will be interesting to say the least. I can't remember the last time I showered 3 days in a row or even got dressed all three days. It will get me ready for next year or it just might motivate my butt enough to finish the edits on my book and start getting it published so I never have to leave this house again.

On another note, the kids are fighting (as usual) only this time its slightly amusing. Ethan wants to watch Rainbow Brite and Brooke is wanting Johnny Test. Apparently my children  have switched genders for the time being. However, Ethan won this fight, I am sick of Johnny Test after a week long marathon of it when we were snowed it.

I am off, once my brain returns to functioning correctly and the funny stuff comes back, I will be back. Until then, I am happy that coffee was invented.