Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hair Cut Time!

Brooklynn turned 4 in December. She was blessed to be born with hair and it has been growing for year. Despite what many people thought when they saw her length, we have been cutting it since she turned one. Every 3-4 months I would cut an inch off. She also had been to the hairdresser and had layers put in it. However, her hair finally hit her butt! Yes, her butt! So, It was time for more then an inch to leave. We asked Brooke is she wanted it cut and she jumped at the chance. That ment she no longer had to get those massive rat nests in her hair. Some of them were bad and would take 45 minutes to get out. She was tired of it! She jumped at the chance. We asked where she wanted it cut too. She said her chin. However we did not cut it that short. We cut off about 6 inches. Her hair is now nicely in the center of her back. She looks so different. My eyes still have not adjusted to seeing her hair so short. Enjoy the pics.

She is happy, so we are too. Don't worry about the shiner on the middle of her for head. She got that head butting the cat. LOL....I feel more sorry for the cat!