Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Day Of Winter Break!

We have made it through. There were a few days I was slightly worried; especially with one particular child of mine. We made it though. So, we should knock this day out with a bang, right?! Chuck. E. Cheese here we come. Yes, I  must be crazy to go there. For some reason that is the one kids place that I just dislike! Sad, I know. Maybe it was because I always went to this one wild and crazy one near my parents where the kids and parents were all plain out rude. We aren't going to that one. We are going to one that at least the few times  have been there, it has been pretty quiet. Hope it is today. I think kids running everywhere and trying to keep up with mine is what stresses me out. Hopefully it won't be too stressful since the kids in that area returned to school today.

We had some great moments and a lot of family time over the holidays. Here are what the kids said their favorite moments were.

Ethan: Playing wii.

Brooklynn: Getting presents.

Wow, they sure were talkative.  I guess that's what I get asking an impromptu question at 9:00 am.

Oh well, off to get stuff done before heading to that crazy place. Tomorrow morning will be a little more normal. Ethan will hop on the bus to head to his school and Brooke will ride in the car to school (just one day this week!) to her morning preschool. At least I will get 4 hours of quiet time...maybe the hubby will be home!


Barb said...

Hi Rebecca!
I'm following you here also! I'm mom to a 7 year old spoiled princess :) I can totally relate to your comments about Chuck E Cheese. I hate the place, the parents are rude, the kids are uncontrolled and it is massively expensive and the food is bad.....so Grandma goes in and I sit in the parking lot, or the coffee shop and read a book :)