Thursday, July 30, 2009

new blogs???

I need some new blogs to read. Anyone have any to suggest. i love to read about peoples day to day lives. That...or someone start one and let me read it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's been going on

Only a few more days and my little man Ethan will be 5! I am kinda excited. He has gotten to be so big and starting to get more in the independent foot. Not needing mommy for as much. Which i kinda like. The past 2 weekends the kids have been split up. My parents took each and left one with us. So they got spoiled at my parents and the one who was left here, well they got spoiled by us! So, they had 2 weekends of being spoiled. On Ethan's weekend here we took him to see transformers 2. He loved loved loved it! I have had several comments about how i could have taken him to a PG13 movie. Stuff about the language and so on. That movie was so action packed....he didn't even notice the bad words. Transformers 2 is non stop transformer action...which is just what he was wanting. We enjoyed it. It was a long movie. Over 2 hours and Ethan did fantastic for it. Near the end he got a little restless, but so was i. On Brooke's weekend with us, we really didn't know what to do with her. She is too little for a lot of places, so we decided to take her shopping! We took her to walmart to get a new toy. She had a whole list of what she wanted:

  • a stuffed monkey
  • a baby doll
  • little pet shop
  • polly pocket
  • tinkerbell
And she loaded the whole cart with them. She thought she was going to get it all, but we only ended up with another new baby doll (like she doesn't already have 8 at home!) this new baby though is her KK's baby that she has been taking care of. However, this baby is a girl and her name is DeeDee. She has played with that baby non stop. it goes potty with her, she has to feed it. She loves it. I think she is ready for her new cousins!

We are getting ready for school to start on the 7th of August. Open house is the 6th and Ethan's 5 yr check up. Then his birthday this sunday. I am ready for school to start again! I know Ethan is too. He is getting so bored here. We have had a wonderful summer, but starting to run out of ideas. I guess mommy gets pretty boring after awhile.

I have been doing a lot of work though getting Ethan ready for school. We have been doing sight words. He has most of his pre-k words down now and we are working on kindergarden words now. We have been working on counting to 100. Brooke is starting to write her name. Or trying. We have been working on recognizing the letters a-f right now. She is now counting to 10.

So, that's whats been going on!

Friday, July 24, 2009


I have been watching the TODAY show in the mornings lately. I have been getting up around 7:30 while the kids are still sleeping and enjoying TV and facebook with no kids. Anyway, they had an intresting topic on there today, Kids and being naked. I have always been that mama who could care less. If we are at home and they feel like being in there underwear, i don't care. I don't let my kids be completly naked, minus while they potty train. But i have never had a problem with them running around in just there underwear or diapers when they were in diapers. The Today show asked the question of when is a child too old to do this. They said on average around 3 or 4. Which i agreed on. Ethan is almost 5, and it is really kinda awkward now when he runs out of his room naked. Or even when he is in just his underwear. We usually ask him to put on shorts or a shirt. I feel like with Brooke we are making the transition sooner to clothes with her. She still has lots of time in her underwear only, but i guess she is learning the differances between her and Ethan faster since she has someone else to look at. I think we have some cute butt shots from each kid to remember those days, but they are getting bigger now. So i guess the days of naked Wolfe Kids is coming to an end in our house. Luckily...we still have just a little longer with Brooke.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More good news!

So i realized i didn't announce that Ethan and Brooke are having another cousin! Alex's brother Thomas and wife Jess are pregnant too! They have there first ultrasound this thursday coming up so i will try to get a photo from them to put up on here. They are due right now to there calculating around February 24th! Its so exciting to see the family growing.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ethan is so OCD

Ethan is so OCD! He asked for 5 cookies so i gave him 6 to see what he would do. He brought me the 6th cookie back and said it was not a funny joke. I can't help but laugh me big a$$ off about that!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation: Part 3: Pennsylvania

(i am slowly getting all the photos put up on picassa, will send a link out when i do)

we headed to PA to visit with Alex's dad for a few days. One of my favorite parts about this part of the trip was since i had already been gone over a week from home, his dad has an apartment attatched to the house that we stayed in. So, i enjoyed being able to send the kids over with them and sit and relax for a bit without anyone bothering me. We had a lot of fun. There was a neat park right by the house we walked to. We went to the Crayola Factory one day. The kids loved that. Markers, crayons and paint were everyone for kids to enjoy to the fullest. The place was so colorful. After visiting that area we went upstairs and they had a neat little place where the kids got to play with some boats in water and learn some sort of lesson. We paid no attention to the lesson. We just enjoyed playing with the boats.

Vacation: Part 2: New York

Saturday the 4th we headed out in the morning for New York. The beginning of the drive was pretty neat. We went out the Chesapeake Bridge. It was a 24 mile bridge over the water with i think 2 tunnels under the water! It was pretty neat! We had hoped to arrive to New York in time to see fireworks, but this drive lasted over 12 hours! It was suppose to be a 9 hour drive. We had some crazy stuff on that drive, from a dog with the runs, to the kids having to stop to poop. Either way, the kids were once again wonderful in the car! We spent Sunday in New York. We had a graduation party for Alex's cousin Amanda. The food was awesome there like usual! I probably put on 5 pounds from all the food. Good thing the beach was before this party. Brooke got to play with her cousins Carly and Lily. They were each born around the same time as her. Brooke was December, Lily February and Carly was March. Ethan spend all his time hanging out the the teenagers! He thinks he is much older then he is. Its cute though watching Ethan running around with them. We also had slip and slide and water balloon fights. In the evening we got to see a small firework show. A day late but we did get to see some. We had a great visit though. I wish it could have been more then a day, but we were on a tight schedule, lol.

Vacation: Part 1: VA Beach

The kids and I's first part of vacation started with a visit to my mother in laws house. We got to spend a few days relaxing down there before getting ready for our journey to Virginia beach. That was Saturday-Tuesday. Wednesday morning we loaded in the car, a Grammy, Mommy, Nanni, Ethan, Brooklynn, and 2 chihuhuas! Alex was meeting us the next day when he got off work. The drive was roughly 8 hours. Everyone was great in the car. Alex's sister Karen just bought a house at VA beach. So, we all loaded in to her house for a few days to spend with her and to of coarse go to the beach. The beach was beautiful!
Brooklynn loved the sand and didn't really care for the water too much. The few days we were there the water was a little rough. It was full of wave after wave. Ethan was nervous at first but then he loved it of coarse. He loved one of us holding him and letting the waves smack into him. Brooklynn covered herself in sand from head to toe. She even mad sand angels while her body was wet from the water. We enjoyed our visit with the beach and Karen. I wish it could have been longer. We would have loved to stay there and see fire works on the 4th on the beach. That would have been great. Karen's belly is growing too. When we were there she was roughly 25 weeks and had just had some 4D pictures done. He is already a cute little bugger!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We are home!

We had a wonderful 2 week vacation and i will post an updated blog soon. I actually have a ton to write about! Come back soon to see what us Wolfe's did on vacation!