Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation: Part 2: New York

Saturday the 4th we headed out in the morning for New York. The beginning of the drive was pretty neat. We went out the Chesapeake Bridge. It was a 24 mile bridge over the water with i think 2 tunnels under the water! It was pretty neat! We had hoped to arrive to New York in time to see fireworks, but this drive lasted over 12 hours! It was suppose to be a 9 hour drive. We had some crazy stuff on that drive, from a dog with the runs, to the kids having to stop to poop. Either way, the kids were once again wonderful in the car! We spent Sunday in New York. We had a graduation party for Alex's cousin Amanda. The food was awesome there like usual! I probably put on 5 pounds from all the food. Good thing the beach was before this party. Brooke got to play with her cousins Carly and Lily. They were each born around the same time as her. Brooke was December, Lily February and Carly was March. Ethan spend all his time hanging out the the teenagers! He thinks he is much older then he is. Its cute though watching Ethan running around with them. We also had slip and slide and water balloon fights. In the evening we got to see a small firework show. A day late but we did get to see some. We had a great visit though. I wish it could have been more then a day, but we were on a tight schedule, lol.