Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation: Part 3: Pennsylvania

(i am slowly getting all the photos put up on picassa, will send a link out when i do)

we headed to PA to visit with Alex's dad for a few days. One of my favorite parts about this part of the trip was since i had already been gone over a week from home, his dad has an apartment attatched to the house that we stayed in. So, i enjoyed being able to send the kids over with them and sit and relax for a bit without anyone bothering me. We had a lot of fun. There was a neat park right by the house we walked to. We went to the Crayola Factory one day. The kids loved that. Markers, crayons and paint were everyone for kids to enjoy to the fullest. The place was so colorful. After visiting that area we went upstairs and they had a neat little place where the kids got to play with some boats in water and learn some sort of lesson. We paid no attention to the lesson. We just enjoyed playing with the boats.