Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's been going on

Only a few more days and my little man Ethan will be 5! I am kinda excited. He has gotten to be so big and starting to get more in the independent foot. Not needing mommy for as much. Which i kinda like. The past 2 weekends the kids have been split up. My parents took each and left one with us. So they got spoiled at my parents and the one who was left here, well they got spoiled by us! So, they had 2 weekends of being spoiled. On Ethan's weekend here we took him to see transformers 2. He loved loved loved it! I have had several comments about how i could have taken him to a PG13 movie. Stuff about the language and so on. That movie was so action packed....he didn't even notice the bad words. Transformers 2 is non stop transformer action...which is just what he was wanting. We enjoyed it. It was a long movie. Over 2 hours and Ethan did fantastic for it. Near the end he got a little restless, but so was i. On Brooke's weekend with us, we really didn't know what to do with her. She is too little for a lot of places, so we decided to take her shopping! We took her to walmart to get a new toy. She had a whole list of what she wanted:

  • a stuffed monkey
  • a baby doll
  • little pet shop
  • polly pocket
  • tinkerbell
And she loaded the whole cart with them. She thought she was going to get it all, but we only ended up with another new baby doll (like she doesn't already have 8 at home!) this new baby though is her KK's baby that she has been taking care of. However, this baby is a girl and her name is DeeDee. She has played with that baby non stop. it goes potty with her, she has to feed it. She loves it. I think she is ready for her new cousins!

We are getting ready for school to start on the 7th of August. Open house is the 6th and Ethan's 5 yr check up. Then his birthday this sunday. I am ready for school to start again! I know Ethan is too. He is getting so bored here. We have had a wonderful summer, but starting to run out of ideas. I guess mommy gets pretty boring after awhile.

I have been doing a lot of work though getting Ethan ready for school. We have been doing sight words. He has most of his pre-k words down now and we are working on kindergarden words now. We have been working on counting to 100. Brooke is starting to write her name. Or trying. We have been working on recognizing the letters a-f right now. She is now counting to 10.

So, that's whats been going on!