Friday, July 24, 2009


I have been watching the TODAY show in the mornings lately. I have been getting up around 7:30 while the kids are still sleeping and enjoying TV and facebook with no kids. Anyway, they had an intresting topic on there today, Kids and being naked. I have always been that mama who could care less. If we are at home and they feel like being in there underwear, i don't care. I don't let my kids be completly naked, minus while they potty train. But i have never had a problem with them running around in just there underwear or diapers when they were in diapers. The Today show asked the question of when is a child too old to do this. They said on average around 3 or 4. Which i agreed on. Ethan is almost 5, and it is really kinda awkward now when he runs out of his room naked. Or even when he is in just his underwear. We usually ask him to put on shorts or a shirt. I feel like with Brooke we are making the transition sooner to clothes with her. She still has lots of time in her underwear only, but i guess she is learning the differances between her and Ethan faster since she has someone else to look at. I think we have some cute butt shots from each kid to remember those days, but they are getting bigger now. So i guess the days of naked Wolfe Kids is coming to an end in our house. Luckily...we still have just a little longer with Brooke.