Sunday, December 28, 2008

Its my day off

Its not often a mommy gets a day off. This day should go down in my life's history. The kids left saturday to go to my moms and will come home monday afternoon. Alex is working today and its his night to also go to my parents. So, at 10:00 this morning i was offically off. I am off until time to get the kiddos tomorrow. I don't think it happens to often that i actually get to do what i want. Then again, i think i have been asking for a day off for 4 1/2 years. Normally i get out of being a mommy every now and then, but usually alex is here with me. While i do enjoy alex and I's "our" time with no kids, this is great too having "my" time. I can play my music, watch what i want, walk around naked if i wanted, lol. Its kinda nice. a little lonely, but none the less, i am enjoying it. I am going to dinner with a friend tonight, and other then that, i haven't really done too much. I downloaded the Taylor Swift album and have listened to it, folded some laundry, cleaned up a little, so atleast i can enjoy a clean house too.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was wonderful to the Wolfe Kids. Ethan and Brooke have had a blast with all there new stuff. Alex and I are still trying to rest. Alex with a tooth ache and I with a sinus infection/cold. No fun!

Either way, we hope everyone had a great and merry christmas. Thanks to all the gifts the kids and we got. I am loving my new MP3. Took a nap with it today while Ethan played a video game.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tonight is the night of all nights :)

Christmas Eve is here. Santa is already on his sleigh visiting the children in other countries and rewarding them for being good this year. We are watching him as always on google earth. You can got to to track and/or download the google earth attatchment to watch him. Ethan has been checking back about ever 5 minutes. He has gotten a real kick out of google earth. it is constantly moving. But, the kids can't see the magic of santa going into the houses. Santa has to keep some secrets. Both kids are very convinced they are getting what they asked santa for. Ethan a iron rocket and Brooke a baby. You never know, Santa might get them mixed up.

Today we will spend the day talking about the magic of Santa, the birth of Jesus, and getting ready for tomorrow. I have of coarse come down with the sickness the kids were passing around. My nose is running, my throat hurts, and my body aches like someone beat me up with a baseball bat. However, as a mommy i don't get to call in sick and take the day off.

Hope everyone has a magical christmas and holidays :) Leaving you with a few funny adult humor comics :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

look a like meters

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Stay behind the cart

With being 4, there comes the need for even more independance then before. The "do i do what mommy want? or do what i feel like i am ready to do?" However, sometimes mommy still knows best, even at 4.

We ventured out to the grocery store today. We went up to another town to avoid the traffic in ours. When we arrived, they had no neat carts for the kids. Just plain ol grcery shopping carts. The aisles were smaller and VERY crowded. With that, i asked Ethan who was walking to stay behind the cart. If i could put a dollar in the jar each time i had to say it, i might have $50 bucks right now. There were losts of people just not paying attention. Ethan was almost wacked a nuber of times. He was hit once. Each time he stepped out infront of people, i had to tell him once again to stay behind the cart. Finally i put him under the cart. There was enough room for him to sit. It then was probably about 25 times i had to tell him to pick his feet up as i would jerk to a stop and almost get rearended by a cart.

It was an adventure. All the while Brooklynn sat in the cart whinning b/c she wanted to be home watching blues clues. She didn't want to be out today.

today just reminded me why i go shopping when Alex is home to stay home with Brooke while Ethan is at school. However, we accomplished one good thing. The older man whose wife sent him to the mad house grocery store to get sugar. not just any sugar but confetti sugar. Poor guy had no idea there were so many types of sugar. He was asking every woman he saw for help. Finally i was able to help him. Note to self: never send alex out when i know it will be a mad house. Only gives him an excuse to talk to young pretty girls. LOL.

Have a great christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Various Crafts

We have been doing different crafts this holiday season. We will probably do some more since Ethan is out of school now. Just wanted to share some pics.

Paper Chains. Ethan cut the green ones and helped tape it together

My friend Eilene came over and we made cookie's for the kids class.

The kids helped with the stockings

Before they dried, the kids had finger prints in the cookies LOL

Our gingerbread house. We followed directions. Next time however, we will decorate it before putting it together. Since it was impossible with the icing to do anything once put together.

That's all! Happy Holidays! 6 more days until Santa comes!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hectic week so far

What day is it? Tuesday...that's all????? It feels so much longer!
Friday Ethan started with a cough. Got him home robitussin on saturday and have been treating the cough. This weekend was filled with family and celebrating Brooklynn's birthday. Which i need to post about, have not had time. I kept Ethan home Monday to kinda let him rest. He had a slight fever of like 99.2. He could have gone to school, but i kept him home. He was fine all day. Energy there and so on. I got up this morning to get him ready and he was super warm on the neck. Checked temperature, 100.5. Brooklynn has her 2 yr check up today so i decided to bring him along. He still had all his energy. Doctor checked him for Strep and he is just getting it. So, he has a cold which is where most likely the cough came from since cough and strep dont go together and now he is getting strep. Both kids are getting treated for it. It just feel like it should be thursday!
Brooklynn is 27 pounds and 34 inches tall. Ethan was 33 pounds today. LOL. He is so tiny. Nurse put the thingy on 50 and i laughed at her. I told her to put it there when he was 15.
Brooke had a great birthday. LOVED the doll house we got her. My parents were up saturday and got her a My little pony dollhouse too. she is loving it all. my brother got her some new crayons and coloring book. She has colored most of it. Sunday alex's mom and grandma came up. Brought a train for around our christmas tree. A toddler bed. She is still sleeping in the futon. She tried the toddler bed the first night and when i got up in the morning she had moved tot he futon. LOL. i like that the toddler bed is moble, so when people come they can take Brooke's room and we can put the toddler bed in Ethan's room.
The kids and i made a ginger bread house saturday. will have to post pics. If Ethan ever get up from his now going on 3 hour nap, we are going to make paper chains to decorate the house with. Might be tomorrow when we do it since it is going on 5 now.
Hope this week speeds up. I am ready for chritstmas, minus needing to wrap!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooklynn McKenzie!

Wow, it has been 2 years!!! I can't belive it. 2 years now has Brooklynn joined our family and helped make us all whole. brooklynn is a sweet loving little sister to Ethan, defiently has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, and is working on me, LOL. Some pictures to watche her grow. Warning....she was kinda scary looking as a baby, LOL





18 M

18-24 M

almost 2

Today with mommy

Today, flapping her arms

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Poor Ethan :(

Ethan has had a very rough summer and fall. There was a lot of loss in his life. In June he lost is Grandpa. In july i lost my grandfather and i told Ethan about it when i had explained to him why i was crying. August we lost Tigger.....who in October came back. We had though she had died, but she hadn't. Then in August he also lost his great-grandfather...aka Pop Pops. Both his Grandpa and Pop Pops were very much in his life, and he still talks about then all the time. Shortly after his Pop Pops died, Fred his first fish died. We got a new one, but we didn't want to upset him so we said he got to big and went to swim with the the dolphines.

Yesterday Carl, his hermit crab he has had for a year and a half died. I debated telling him, but i had to clean out the cage and so on. So, i knew i would have to. Honestly, i expected to him to really care less. We don't have too much to do with the crab anymore. I was wrong. I think it hit his poor breaking point. I told him and he cried so hard and was so upset. I cried with him. I took him to where i had barried carl while he was at school, and we said a prayer and a good bye to Carl. I let Ethan know he was right under his window, keeping anything mean from coming in. It just broke my heart to see him so upset. He wants another, but i am hoping that mood passes before long. No more small pets that might die for awhile. I don't think Ethan could handle it right now. So, for now we are going to stick with our 6 cats, 1 dog and 1 fish.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Christmas Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we went to Commerce in the morning and had breakfast with Santa. Luckily i am such an early bird, that we got there before santa. He came in shortly after us, ho ho hoing and gave the kids a candy cane. After that he was seated for pictures and that was all he did. My kids will not sit in his lap. they enjoyed eating there donuts and watching other kids sit on his lap, but neither of them are going to get into touching range of him. LOL. The saturday ethan and i headed to corneila to finish christmas shopping. Kmart had some great deals!

Yesterday we wrote Santa a letter. My parents always had Eddie and I write a letter and put it in the window. LOL. they then said that Santa's elves would come pick it up and deliver it to santa. We used to get to excited when Santa's elves came. So, i thought it would be fun to do it with Ethan and Brooke. So, I asked Ethan to tell me what he wanted and what Brooke wanted. We put it in an envelope and put it in the window seal. Ethan also drew santa 2 pictures. I called my mom and told her about it yesterday, she reminded me not to forget to get them out. I almost did and that would have been bad. But, i have them hidden away. I think they will be cute to keep at this young age and show them when they are older. In the letter i wrote just what Ethan said. It will be cute to read later on. So, when Ethan got up this morning, he was so happy to see the letter and pictures were gone! He got out of the car this morning telling the car line lady that the elves got his letter for santa and now santa knew he wanted a rocket!

Friday is Brooklynn's 2nd birthday! I can't belive it will be 2 years already. She is a little attitude girl. And the newest thing is the word "MINE". Ugh......! Ethan never went through that stage. I think this stage is going to be my breaking point. She will get so mad if she think something is hers. She tackled Ethan down one day b/c she wanted what he had. I can't even fold clothes without her saying, mine over and over. She wants to take them and not let me fold them. It is funny. Girls are so much more emotional at this age then boys. Not sure if i will ever be ready for the teenage years.

Well, hope everyone is having a happy monday. I am cleaning out! And doing some cleaning. I have 4 kids tomorrow, a hubby home wednesday who always makes a mess, and 4 kids thursday and friday. Saturday my parents come up, hoping house is still somewhat

Friday, December 5, 2008

Picture Galore!

i am going to post some pics for weekend enjoyment. i am beat! after having 4 kids, i am so tired. i am keeping 2 extra kids on tuesday, thursday, and friday. I am so tired! Enjoy!

blue candy canes

Such cuties!

I told ethan to make a scary face and he did!

After his haircut, he looks so much like his daddy

Brooke playing on a slide

Christmas tree

Stockings....i need 2 do pics of village next, but have not gotten it up yet.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1st parent/teacher conferance

Today was kinda exciting! We got to do Ethan's 1st parent/teacher conferance. And it was wonderful to hear that he is a easy going and great kid. They said they really had no problems with him. It was nice to hear. Last year in his 3 yr old class he was kinda a hitter. So, obviously the lessons we have been teaching have been working. They talked about how smart he was, how his cutting was pretty much more advanced then a lot of kids. I am glad to know he is such a great kid at school.

We are decorating for christmas some today and will probably finish tomorrow night with the kids. We had to buy another box of lights for the tree. It is so funny that every year we have to buy another box and we have had this tree now for the 5th christmas. For some reason Alex always runs out. This is the last year with this tree though. We are going to invest in a pre lit for next year. time to retire our free tree we got from when a Shoney's shutdown and the tree had never been used.

Back off for family time!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting into the christmas spirit

I did my online shopping this morning. i waited too long to do it and had to order from all over. a week ago i could have gotten everything off with the free shipping. But, i guess when you wait that is what happens! Up first is Ethan's gift from Santa. He wanted a rocket. I found this online at walmart. Ethan and i watched the video and he thought it was just awesome. He had orginally wanted a cheap one that cost $1. We have bought them before and they tore up quickly. Maybe i should have bought that again, but this one is plastic and i am hoping it works good. especially since it was $32. A little over budget, but oh well. Christmas only comes once a year. And, Alex and i are only buying on christmas and birthdays from now on. or maybe a special occasion since poor brookes birthday and christmas is december. This doll by fisher price is so cute. Brooke picked it out and wanted Santa to get it for her. If you put her hands to her nose or other body parts she tells you the parts! And she sings the ABC's. And for the price of $24, it was hard to pass up. I thought it would have been more for all that it does. For once fisher price was actaully pricing the doll at a good price. Not like there potty doll that they want $60 for! That is crazy. So, i am hoping she will be excited for this. This dollhouse is her birthday present. We kinda skipped a party so we could buy it. It is for a 2 year old. I never buy things for there age, but the next size up doll house seemed like way to much for her. And way to many things to get lost or dragged around my house. This was on walmart forever. it was where i had discovered it. Go figure it was gone. I had to pay more then the walmart price too. I was a little upset. But, Brooke knew what she was getting. We showed it to her several time. And when we asked her she said doll. I am assuming is short for doll house. But, it will be here like the day before her birthday, but that is ok. We are pretty much done, minus my dad and then there cousins blake and jackson. It feels good to be december 1st and pretty much done. Alex and i are going to buy our own gift and then give it to the other to wrap. So, i guess i am still needed to buy my own and he buy his.

Oh well! Hope you have a great week. So far this week is starting out good :)