Friday, December 19, 2008

Various Crafts

We have been doing different crafts this holiday season. We will probably do some more since Ethan is out of school now. Just wanted to share some pics.

Paper Chains. Ethan cut the green ones and helped tape it together

My friend Eilene came over and we made cookie's for the kids class.

The kids helped with the stockings

Before they dried, the kids had finger prints in the cookies LOL

Our gingerbread house. We followed directions. Next time however, we will decorate it before putting it together. Since it was impossible with the icing to do anything once put together.

That's all! Happy Holidays! 6 more days until Santa comes!


RodriguezBunch said...

Thanks so much for all the prayers. Hope yall have a great christmas ! Your cookies are too cute.. your so crafty :)