Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Christmas Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we went to Commerce in the morning and had breakfast with Santa. Luckily i am such an early bird, that we got there before santa. He came in shortly after us, ho ho hoing and gave the kids a candy cane. After that he was seated for pictures and that was all he did. My kids will not sit in his lap. they enjoyed eating there donuts and watching other kids sit on his lap, but neither of them are going to get into touching range of him. LOL. The saturday ethan and i headed to corneila to finish christmas shopping. Kmart had some great deals!

Yesterday we wrote Santa a letter. My parents always had Eddie and I write a letter and put it in the window. LOL. they then said that Santa's elves would come pick it up and deliver it to santa. We used to get to excited when Santa's elves came. So, i thought it would be fun to do it with Ethan and Brooke. So, I asked Ethan to tell me what he wanted and what Brooke wanted. We put it in an envelope and put it in the window seal. Ethan also drew santa 2 pictures. I called my mom and told her about it yesterday, she reminded me not to forget to get them out. I almost did and that would have been bad. But, i have them hidden away. I think they will be cute to keep at this young age and show them when they are older. In the letter i wrote just what Ethan said. It will be cute to read later on. So, when Ethan got up this morning, he was so happy to see the letter and pictures were gone! He got out of the car this morning telling the car line lady that the elves got his letter for santa and now santa knew he wanted a rocket!

Friday is Brooklynn's 2nd birthday! I can't belive it will be 2 years already. She is a little attitude girl. And the newest thing is the word "MINE". Ugh......! Ethan never went through that stage. I think this stage is going to be my breaking point. She will get so mad if she think something is hers. She tackled Ethan down one day b/c she wanted what he had. I can't even fold clothes without her saying, mine over and over. She wants to take them and not let me fold them. It is funny. Girls are so much more emotional at this age then boys. Not sure if i will ever be ready for the teenage years.

Well, hope everyone is having a happy monday. I am cleaning out! And doing some cleaning. I have 4 kids tomorrow, a hubby home wednesday who always makes a mess, and 4 kids thursday and friday. Saturday my parents come up, hoping house is still somewhat


Emily said...

Carly thinks everything is hers too. I hear MINE all day long....