Monday, December 22, 2008

Stay behind the cart

With being 4, there comes the need for even more independance then before. The "do i do what mommy want? or do what i feel like i am ready to do?" However, sometimes mommy still knows best, even at 4.

We ventured out to the grocery store today. We went up to another town to avoid the traffic in ours. When we arrived, they had no neat carts for the kids. Just plain ol grcery shopping carts. The aisles were smaller and VERY crowded. With that, i asked Ethan who was walking to stay behind the cart. If i could put a dollar in the jar each time i had to say it, i might have $50 bucks right now. There were losts of people just not paying attention. Ethan was almost wacked a nuber of times. He was hit once. Each time he stepped out infront of people, i had to tell him once again to stay behind the cart. Finally i put him under the cart. There was enough room for him to sit. It then was probably about 25 times i had to tell him to pick his feet up as i would jerk to a stop and almost get rearended by a cart.

It was an adventure. All the while Brooklynn sat in the cart whinning b/c she wanted to be home watching blues clues. She didn't want to be out today.

today just reminded me why i go shopping when Alex is home to stay home with Brooke while Ethan is at school. However, we accomplished one good thing. The older man whose wife sent him to the mad house grocery store to get sugar. not just any sugar but confetti sugar. Poor guy had no idea there were so many types of sugar. He was asking every woman he saw for help. Finally i was able to help him. Note to self: never send alex out when i know it will be a mad house. Only gives him an excuse to talk to young pretty girls. LOL.

Have a great christmas!


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