Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1st parent/teacher conferance

Today was kinda exciting! We got to do Ethan's 1st parent/teacher conferance. And it was wonderful to hear that he is a easy going and great kid. They said they really had no problems with him. It was nice to hear. Last year in his 3 yr old class he was kinda a hitter. So, obviously the lessons we have been teaching have been working. They talked about how smart he was, how his cutting was pretty much more advanced then a lot of kids. I am glad to know he is such a great kid at school.

We are decorating for christmas some today and will probably finish tomorrow night with the kids. We had to buy another box of lights for the tree. It is so funny that every year we have to buy another box and we have had this tree now for the 5th christmas. For some reason Alex always runs out. This is the last year with this tree though. We are going to invest in a pre lit for next year. time to retire our free tree we got from when a Shoney's shutdown and the tree had never been used.

Back off for family time!


Libby said...

yay Ethan! But wait....didn't some teacher say something about his motor skills? Do these teachers not talk?!?