Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Poor Ethan :(

Ethan has had a very rough summer and fall. There was a lot of loss in his life. In June he lost is Grandpa. In july i lost my grandfather and i told Ethan about it when i had explained to him why i was crying. August we lost Tigger.....who in October came back. We had though she had died, but she hadn't. Then in August he also lost his great-grandfather...aka Pop Pops. Both his Grandpa and Pop Pops were very much in his life, and he still talks about then all the time. Shortly after his Pop Pops died, Fred his first fish died. We got a new one, but we didn't want to upset him so we said he got to big and went to swim with the the dolphines.

Yesterday Carl, his hermit crab he has had for a year and a half died. I debated telling him, but i had to clean out the cage and so on. So, i knew i would have to. Honestly, i expected to him to really care less. We don't have too much to do with the crab anymore. I was wrong. I think it hit his poor breaking point. I told him and he cried so hard and was so upset. I cried with him. I took him to where i had barried carl while he was at school, and we said a prayer and a good bye to Carl. I let Ethan know he was right under his window, keeping anything mean from coming in. It just broke my heart to see him so upset. He wants another, but i am hoping that mood passes before long. No more small pets that might die for awhile. I don't think Ethan could handle it right now. So, for now we are going to stick with our 6 cats, 1 dog and 1 fish.


Grammie said...

My poor little man, grammie is sad too